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Archeer Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review | Speaker Authority

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Archeer Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review


With more portable speakers entering the marketplace every day companies are scrambling to add more features to separate themselves from their competitors. The Acheer portable Bluetooth speaker is a perfect example of this with a multitude of features and capabilities for an affordable price.

Price Level: Inexpensive – Check current price here


  • Splash Proof – This speaker is water resistant meaning it can take water spray from any direction making it perfect for poolsides and showers just be sure to not fully emerge it.


  • Bluetooth Connectivity – Any device with Bluetooth capabilities can wirelessly connect to this the Archeer speaker.


  • 12 Hour Battery life – Battery life long enough to last a half day of music playtime.


  • Auxiliary input – Allows for connectivity to devices without Bluetooth technology through an auxiliary cord.


  • Built in Microphone – This speaker is able to be used for hands-free calling.


  • Flashlight – This speaker also has a flashlight feature installed on the end the speaker making it perfect for camping and night use.


  • Weighs only 1.3 Pounds – This makes this device quite easy to carry around.


  • Carabiner Clip – This speaker comes with a carabiner clip making it easy to attach to your bags for increased portability



Public Opinion

This part of our review focuses on the consumer side of the product. We analyze the thoughts of consumers to get a good understanding of what the consumers think. To do this we read hundreds of reviews both good and bad from all over the web and summarize their thoughts for our review. Here is what the users had to say

The good

Good Bass

  • Many reviews commented on the bass capabilities this speaker offered, especially for its small size.

Solid Sturdy Feel

  • Reviews often commented on the sturdy feel of this Archeer speaker many stating it felt well built and high quality

Clear Sound

  • Reviewers often commented on the clearness of this speaker both at low volumes and high

Easy to connect

  • Many reviewers commented on the ease in which they could connect their Bluetooth devices to the Archeer speaker

The Bad

Bluetooth Disruptions

  • Some users talked about Bluetooth disruptions specifically when trying bringing their phone into another so the signal was forced to go through a wall.


In conclusion, the vast majority of the reviews of this speaker were quite positive. Users seemed to be quite happy with the sound aspect of the speaker especially at its inexpensive price point. Users also seemed quite happy with the durability of the speaker, not only the sturdiness but also the lack of wear and tear the speaker showed through repetitive use. Another aspect often mentioned in the reviews was the use by hikers, many hikers write positive reviews regarding this speaker mainly consisting of its durability and the usefulness of its battery length and flashlight feature.

Archeer speaker review

Bang for your Buck

Throughout our review we found that the Archeer portable Bluetooth speaker to be a great value purchase. With its quality sound and multitude of features, we felt users should be gladly willing to pay at its inexpensive price point. You will be hard pressed to find another speaker that offers this many features and still manages to stay below the fifty dollar price tag. Though the sound is not exceptional on this device it is of good quality for a speaker at this price range and size. To find a speaker with a considerably better sound you will likely be seeing an increase in size as well as a price tag north of one hundred dollars.


Archeer Portable Bluetooth Speaker FAQ’s


Can I use the Archeer Portable Speaker while charging?

Yes, using this speaker while it charges will not cause any damage

Is the Archeer Bluetooth speaker compatible with Androids?

Yes, this speaker is compatible with any device that has Bluetooth capabilities

Can I use this as a Computer Speaker?

Yes, so long as your laptop or computer has Bluetooth you can connect it wirelessly and it will operate as a computer speaker.


The Verdict

This speaker by Archeer is a great option when looking for a durable indoor/outdoor speaker for a low price. The sound offered by this portable speaker is surprisingly large for its small size. Consumers who purchased this product were quick to advocate for this speaker especially its sound quality. It’s splash proof, flashlight, and twelve-hour battery life features make it a great speaker for any day trip or outdoor excursion. This combination of features on this speaker is something you will not find anywhere especially for such a low price. If you’re looking for a durable and versatile speaker for a relatively low price than the Archeer portable Bluetooth speaker is a great choice.


Check it out on Amazon!

Archeer portable Bluetooth speaker review


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