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ATH M40x Review

This ATH M40X review will take an in-depth look at the construction, features, market reaction and complete overview of the Audio-Technica ATH-M40X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones. In the simplest terms, our research determined one thing: these headphones are worth the purchase. In a world of underperforming studio headphones, it is always pleasant to stumble on a quality product at an actual value, and that is precisely how we would describe the ATH-M40X headphones.


Price Level: Mid-Range – Check Current Price Here



High-Quality Headband & Earband Protective Cushioning- While many mid-level headphones struggle to combine sound quality with a comfortable product, these Audio-Technica headphones don’t need to worry about that. This model has definitely improved on the poor, uncomfortable ear pinching design that plagues so many other over-the-ear headphones.

Smooth Swiveling Earcups- The efficient and effective design allows for easy 90-degree swiveling that makes one-eared listening hassle-free. No need to struggle while manually holding them off the ear now!

Innovative Circularly-Contoured Fit- Thanks to a circumaural approach to wrapping the ear, the ATH-M40x headphones provide surprising levels of sound cancellation that allow for music without disturbance.

Durable Copper-Wrapped Wire Construction- In order to ensure a long-lasting product, Audio-Technica decided upon a high-quality, reinforced construction that seems indestructible.

Easily Collapsible for Travel- Despite the sturdy construction, the headphones have a touch of a aerodynamic feel to them and collapse for easy storage or to save space.

ath m40x headphones review


Build and Fit

These Audio-Technica headphones were constructed not only with comfort in mind, but also durability. The majority of the most-ecstatic positive reviews on this particular headphone model directly addressed how perfectly the headphones fit over the ear—not too much pressure, and also ideal for sound isolation. Even better is that owners of these headphones won’t have to handle them gingerly, as despite feeling lightweight, they do not feel cheap, and seem more than capable of withstanding the basic wear of daily use.


Public Opinion

In this section, we turn our attention to the market reaction to the ATH-M40x by delving into user reviews and consumer feedback available through a variety of channels. This process involved the scouring of the internet for any available review and opinion on this particular model. We wanted to have as comprehensive a view of these headphones as possible, so we put in the work! Here is what we found:


The Good

Extremely-Balanced Sound Experience

  • One problem prevalent in middle-tier headphones is an inability to provide a quality sound spectrum across a range of genres—these Audio-Technicas don’t have that problem. The headphones surprise in terms of both bass and flat abilities, and are able to provide that all while canceling the vast majority of outside noise. Despite not being touted as noise-cancelling headphones, the isolation of the music is one of the smoothest of any headphone on the market, regardless of price.

Lightweight and Easy to Wear

  • It is surprising that over-the-ear headphones capable of providing such quality sound would also be so comfortable to wear. The ATH-M40x weighs just 240g—a noticeable difference from many of the other headphones in the same sound-quality range. Those who own these rave about wearing them for 6+ hours and not even noticing them on their ears after a while. No more numb ears!

Agreeable Aesthetic

  • Sound quality? Check. Comfortable on the ear? Check. Look good too? Check. Praise for the ATH-M40x’s matte-black finish is on display in countless reviews, and the fact that they don’t look dumb or heavy while being worn only adds to the allure of these headphones. Audio-Technica realized the classy aspect of a studio headphone and refrained from slapping unnecessarily-brash oversized logos and neon all over them—and for that, the reviewers praise them.

Perfect for One-Eared Listening

  • The swiveling capabilities of these headphones might be their main selling point. Rave(r) reviews highlighting the ability to swivel off one ear (despite only a 90-degree swivel) and just listen through the other while working in the studio are prevalent. It is always a positive to see those the headphones were made for actually using them; in this instance it comes across as another vote of confidence and testament to their quality.

Ideal Price Range

  • In a market where headphones seem to keep getting more expensive without the quality improving simultaneously to back it up, the M40x model slides in right in the mid-range priced tier. At their current price, reviewers have pointed out that purchasing another pair of headphones—in addition to these—isn’t preposterous…until they realize that they don’t even need a backup pair because these are so well-made. Being able to procure sound quality this superb for under $100 is a definite victory for headphone consumers everywhere.


The Bad


Bass Level

  • A small portion of the reviews online stated that bass levels aren’t as impressive as they could be. One such review did apologize in advance and admit that their taste in music was terrible, and that it may have someway impacted their listening experience, but he wasn’t sure.



After our investigative report into the ATH-M40x review database had been completed, it was obvious that this was a very well-received pair of headphones. With more than 90 percent of the user reviews available rating them 4 stars or higher, there is a reason that this particular pair of headphones finds themselves as a consistent top-seller. The combination of a lightweight construction, an enjoyable aesthetic design, near-ideal fit around a diverse range of ear shapes and sizes is all capped off by excellent sound quality and previously-unmentioned sound-cancelling abilities…yeah, the praise-filled reviews make sense.

Audio Technica ath m40x review

Bang For Your Buck

This particular pair of Audio-Technica headphones is a perfect example of hidden value to be found in the moderately-priced bracket. While some consumers will hesitate to spend $100 on a product (and rightfully so in many cases), the ATH-M40x model makes it easy on you by not forcing you to make that decision. While this pair won’t overpower the most-expensive headphones on the market, reviews have proven that this is a purchase that you won’t regret later.


Audio-Technica Headphones FAQs

Are these headphones portable?

Yes, their collapsible design limits space that these headphones will take up in storage or luggage. They are also lightweight enough to carry without strain.

Do these headphones look good on people with big heads?

Reviews of this product showed that big-headed individuals were in joyous agreement about how great they looked—and felt—on their irrationally large heads. These might just be headphones, but they build confidence too it seems. Soft electro and self-esteem, anyone?


The Verdict

The comprehensive examination of the ATH-M40x revealed exorbitant amounts of positive support and reverence online—and understandably so. The headphones represent all the best aspects of quality at an affordable price. After only minimal use it becomes apparent just how comfortable the fit around the ear truly is. From there, one listen to your favorite song might be all it takes to be hooked for life. If you’re in the market for a pair of headphones and are hesitant to spend too much, consider this offering to consumers from Audio-Technica.


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