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Atill Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review | Speaker Authority

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Atill Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Atill wireless speaker is the lightest and smallest Bluetooth device we have ever reviewed here at Speaker Authority. Despite its small size we were pleasantly surprised by the quality and the features offered on this speaker. This is also the cheapest speaker we have ever reviewed but in the case of the Atill, the cheap price does not dictate its quality. For its cheap price users can receive a palm-sized Bluetooth speaker with tons of features and surprisingly decent sound quality.

Price level: Inexpensive – Check current price here


  • 8-hour battery life – This speaker can last a full day of work at your desk and is able to reach a full charge quite quickly.


  • Water Resistant – This speaker is water resistant meaning it’s safe for use by the pool or at the beach with no worries of splashing.


  • Bluetooth connectivity 33-foot range – Devices with Bluetooth technology can wirelessly connect this speaker from up to thirty three feet away.


  • Ultra Portable – This device is very easy to carry weighing only 118 grams and small enough to fit in a shirt pocket


  • 1-year warranty 


  • Radio signal – This speaker has a built in antenna that allows it to access both AM and FM radio


  • Auxiliary Jack – This speaker has 3.5mm auxiliary jack so even non-Bluetooth compatible devices can be played through this speaker with a wired connection.


  • Built in Microphone – This speaker has a built in microphone which can be used to make hands free calls


Atill Wireless Bluetooth Review

Public opinion

In this section of the review were focus on the consumer perception of the product. We believe to get the best understanding of the speaker we should have a general understanding of what consumers really think of the product . To do this we read through hundreds of Atill wireless speaker reviews to get a good understanding of consumer thoughts on the product. Here is what they had to say.


  • Many the reviews we read over were impressed with the volume output this speaker had for its tiny size sttaing it was loud enough to hear from multiple rooms within the house.

Easy to Pair

  • Reviews often commented on the ease with which one could pair their Bluetooth devices with the speaker, they also commented on the added feature that after the initial use, the speaker automatically connects with your Bluetooth devices once in the speakers range.

Shower use

  • Many users took to the reviews to mention the usefulness of this speaker in the shower, with its waterproof feature and compact size it is the perfect Bluetooth shower speaker.

Solid Feel

  • Many users commented on their assumptions that for its cheap price they would receive a cheap plastic speaker, this wasn’t the case as many users commented that the speaker felt sturdy and well made.


The Bad

Battery Length

  • Some users stated that they battery life of the speaker did not last as long as they would have hoped.


Overall the consumer reviews were very positive about the Atill Wireless speaker. They often centered around how impressed they were with the devices quality compared to its cost. With many reviewers expecting a cheap disposable speaker for this price point many were surprised to see its quality and longevity. There were very few negative reviews to be found about this speaker as no major flaws regarding the product seemed to arrive. Most reviewers seemed to get the most use of their speaker as shower buddy or just a handy portable speaker to carry around throughout the day.

Atill Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Bang for your buck

This section of the review is where the Atill wireless speaker separates itself form its competitors. Sure there may be some better sounding speakers but none will come close to its small price tag. The features packed into this tiny speaker are a great value purchase for anyone looking for a inexpensive portable speaker. For a small price you may be expecting that “tin can” sound often present in cheap speakers but we can tell you first hand that just isn’t the case with the Atill wireless Bluetooth Speaker.


Atill portable speaker FAQ’s


Could I use this speaker in my car?

Yes this speaker is great for car use as it is loud enough to fill a car as well as small enough to fit in a cupholder


Can I connect Multiple Bluetooth devices to this speaker?

Yes this speaker allows for the connection of multiple devices to facilitate easy switching.


The Verdict

Throughout our review of this product we have determined this speaker is great option when looking for a handheld portable speaker. This speaker will not output the same sound quality that is offered by the more expensive options of compact and large Bluetooth speakers but for this price the Atill has some great sound quality. Plenty of features, durable and quite inexpensive this speaker has everything one can look for in an ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker. The value of this product is great and you will have trouble finding a similarly priced speaker that will offer as much value as this device. If you want a portable, cheap,  long lasting and water proof speaker then look no further than the Atill wireless portable speaker.


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