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August EP650 review | Speaker Authority

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August EP650 review

Our August EP650 review covers one of the best Wireless Bluetooth headphones made by August. This review will go over the features offered in this model as well as provide an overview of the public opinion that will detail the positive and negative points of these headphones. Our research has shown that the August headphones have proven to be an excellent choice for high-quality audio at a mid-range price point.


Price Level: Inexpensive – Check Current Price Here



10 Hour Battery Life – The August headphones have a built-in rechargeable battery that promises up to 10 hours of use per charge. This battery life is considered quite long in the wireless headphone market and even some high-end models cannot last as long as these headphones.

Built-in Microphone – Users of these headphones can make hands-free phone calls by taking advantage of the built-in microphone.

Auxiliary Input – These headphones feature a 3.5mm auxiliary input and accompanying cord. The input and cord can be used to connect the headphones to non-Bluetooth compatible devices as well as allow the user to continue using the headphones if the battery dies while out and about.

Music, Volume and Calls Control Buttons – Users can skip, pause, and play tracks, turn the volume up or down, and answer phone calls all by using the built-in buttons on the side of these headphones.

Multiple Color Options – These headphones are available in several different colors, all of which can be seen here.

 August EP650 headphones review

Build and Fit

The August headphones are a classic over the ear fit with a focus on comfort and stability. We found these headphones to be exceedingly comfortable and this fact is reflected in almost every consumer review we read during our research. These headphones require no breaking in as they’re comfortable straight out of the box.


Public Opinion

In this portion of the review, we take an in-depth look at the consumer views of this product. To get the best understanding of this product it’s important to understand the average consumer’s opinion. We’ve analyzed hundreds of both positive and negative consumer reviews to truly understand the good and bad features of these headphones. We’ve summarized these reviews to focus on the major recurring themes we found in our research. Here are what the consumers had to say about the August EP650  headphones.


The Good

Battery Length

  • The headphones advertise up to 10 hours of battery life and consumers agree that the battery last anywhere from 8.5 hours to the full 10. This is a long battery life for wireless headphones and some users pointed out that the headphone battery often outlasts that of their phone or MP3 device.

High Durability

  • Many users were impressed with the headphones abilities to stay in place during rigorous workout routines and unpleasant weather. The headphones show resistance to rain, snow, and sweat which bodes well for those who like to take their headphones everywhere they go.

Visual Appeal

  • Reviewers were pleased with the sleek, minimalist design of the headphones frame as well as the comfortable leather used for the ear covers themselves. The multiple color choices were a big selling factor as reviewers were quite excited to divulge exactly what color they had purchased.

Audio Quality

  • The excellent sound quality provided by these headphones was one of the most frequently and highly praised features discussed in consumer reviews. Users were impressed with the high quality bass frequencies these headphones manage to produce without sacrificing the higher range in the process. Some reviews called these headphones a preferable alternative to Beats headphones for this reason alone.

Easy Paring Process

  • Users of these headphones found the process of pairing the headphones to a device to be simple and quick to perform.


The Bad

Annoying Connection Light

  • Several users complained of a bright, blue light on the side of the headphones that flashes to let you know it’s connected to a device. There is no way to stop the flashing and the light is excessively bright which can be mildly annoying.

Sound Leakage

  • While the quality of the sound is quite high and the headphones fit comfortably around the ears, some users discovered that their music was being heard clearly by those around them. While this may not deteriorate from one’s listening pleasure it can upset those around you and may be a problem if you’re using headphones to have a sense of privacy.


Overall user reviews of this product were very positive. The high sound quality, long battery life, and immense comfort provided by these headphones were the most highly praised features of these headphones. If you’re in the market for an affordable pair of headphones that last all day, fit like a dream and provide a level of audio quality on par of higher end headphones then you will be more than satisfied with the August EP650 headphones. The headphones do bear some minor flaws in the way of an aggressive connectivity light and some sound leakage, but these flaws can easily be overlooked when assessing the headphones as a whole.

August EP650 wireless headphones review

Bang For Your Buck

These August headphones are a great value purchase as they sit on the lower end of the mid-range priced wireless headphones. The comfort and sound quality offered by these headphones make it more than worth the asking price and the long battery life just sweetens the deal further. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better pair of headphones in the same price bracket. Some high-end models may prove to be better but they’ll also end up costing several hundred dollars more. If you want a high quality product for a bargain price, then you can’t go wrong with the August EP650 headphones.


August Headphones FAQ’s

Do the headphones come with a warranty?

Yes, they’re guaranteed for 12 months after the original purchase

I’m interested in using these at the gym. Are these headphones sweat proof/resistant?

Yes, the headphones are built to withstand getting wet from sweat, rain, or otherwise.


The Verdict

In conclusion, these Bluetooth headphones from August come highly recommended from us. The high quality of comfort, sound, battery and visual appearance all come together in one package at a price that is hard to beat. You can absolutely find a higher quality headphone but you’ll have to spend over 5 times as much as you would on a pair of August EP650s. If comfort and sound quality at a fair price are what you want from your headphones, then you shouldn’t hesitate to make the August EP650 headphones your next pair.

 August EP650 amazon

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