Axess SPBT1031-RD Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review | Speaker Authority

Axess SPBT1031-RD Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review | Speaker Authority

Axess SPBT1031-RD Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review | Speaker Authority
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Axess SPBT1031-RD Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Axess is another great option to look into for those searching for an inexpensive portable Bluetooth speaker as this model is quite cheap. This speaker is packed with features and is able to produce some quality sound for its small size. It’s durability and rugged design make this speaker a good choice for those looking for an inexpensive outdoor speaker.

Price Level: Inexpensive – Check current price here


  • Bluetooth compatible – This device can connect to any Bluetooth device and play audio wirelessly
  • 3.5mm Auxiliary input – Devices without Bluetooth technology can still connect to this speaker through an auxiliary cord
  • SD card slot – Users can pre-load SD cards with their music files and input the card into the speaker
  • USB Port- Users can also create playlists and put them on USB sticks and plug them into this speaker
  • FM Radio – This device has a built-in radio antenna which allows users to listen to radio through the speaker
  • Carrying strap – This speaker comes with a carrying strap for increased portability

Axess portable Bluetooth Speaker review

Public Opinion

This section of our review focuses on the consumer opinion of the product. In order to get the best understanding of the product, we look to consumer reviews to see what the users really think. To do this we read hundreds of reviews from all over the web to get a better understanding of the best and the worst this product has to offer. This is what users had to say.


The Good

Sound and Range

  • Users often commented on the surprising range they were able to get with this speaker. Often stating it was loud enough for outdoor use and could be heard from a fair distance away. Users also tended to remark on the clear sound this speaker produced at all volume levels.

Good Value

  • The most common comment we saw in our analysis of reviews was the good value of this speaker. Users buying this speaker were aware that at this price range they would not be getting a high quality product and were quite impressed with what this speaker had to offer.


  • Reviewers often commented on the surprisingly loud bass of this Bluetooth speaker especially for its small size and cheap price.


  • Another comment we often saw in our analysis of customer reviews were on the Axess Bluetooth speaker’s durability. Its design allows for easy portability and heavy usage in potentially damaging environments, but as we saw through consumer reviews it held up to the test.


The Bad

Doesn’t play while charging

  • Though this is more of a minor inconvenience than an actual issue with the product we thought we should still include it. Some users wrote in their reviews that they were displeased that this speaker could not be used while charging the battery.

Large size

  • Some reviewers were upset with the large size of the speaker stating a small speaker would be much more portable.


Overall consumer seemed to be pleased with the Axess portable Bluetooth speaker. With the vast majority of users giving the product great reviews, we are confident in the ability of this Bluetooth speaker. Users tended to be most impressed with the sound quality and volume levels this speaker could produce for its small price. There were no major complaints about the speaker just some minor issues and suggestions of how they could improve some features, namely the large size of the speaker.

Axess Bluetooth speaker review

Bang for your Buck

This part of our review is where we believe the Axess SPBT1031-RD Bluetooth Speaker really excels. As we saw in our user reviews the most common compliment given to this speaker was its capabilities in reference to its inexpensive price. Though there are many better sounding and more durable speakers out there they will often come at a much higher price. This device has some great value for its extremely low price tag.  For a small price tag users will receive a decent  Bluetooth speaker with good durability and an above average amount of features.


Axess SPBT1031-RD Bluetooth Speaker FAQ’s


Does it come with a memory card or do I have to purchase one separately?

  • This speaker does not come with an SD card.

Could I use this speaker for a backyard BBQ?

  • Yes, this speaker is loud enough for a backyard BBQ and would be easy to transport to and from the BBQ.

How large of an SD card can I use with this speaker?

  • Your SD card can be as large as 32GB


The Verdict

In conclusion, of our Axess SPBT1031-RD Bluetooth Speaker review we have given this speaker a rating of four out of five stars. This speaker received a large portion of its rating due to its inexpensive price. The music quality and output on this speaker aren’t phenomenal but are a great value for how much this device costs. The portability and durability of this speaker were also large factors in this devices rating. It carrying handle and rugged design allow for this speaker to be used both indoor and outdoor with little worries of causing damage. All in all, if the speaker you are looking for is durable, loud, and inexpensive than the Axess SPBT1031-RD Bluetooth Speaker is a good choice for you.


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