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BassBoomz Review

Who ever said bigger was better? The Bassboomz High Performance Bluetooth Speaker is a compact, ultra-portable speaker that fits in the palm of your hand – but don’t let its size fool you. The Bassboomz delivers explosive sound thanks to its innovative Bass Expansion System (BXS), which allows it to output deep, rich bass tones and crisp trebles. The dual connectivity feature enables you to connect two Bassboomz together at once with stereo sound, meaning there’s double the volume and double the enjoyment.  Throughout our BassBoomz Bluetooth speaker Review we will show you there’s no other speaker on the market with this kind of sound in this small of a package.

Price Level: Mid Range – Check Current Price Level Here



  • Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth – Allows for easy, wireless connection with smartphones, tablets, and laptops.



  • BXS for explosive sound quality – The Bassboomz can be expanded to deliver deeper, richer bass. To expand the speaker, simply twist to release – the speaker stretches upward like an accordion. The sound echoes through the expanded chamber and arrives at your ears sounding louder and clearer than before



  • Stereo Dual Connectivity – Two Bassboomz speakers can be connected to one device for twice the power. The dual connectivity feature is in stereo sound, so the left audio comes out the left speaker and the right audio comes out the right speaker. The dual connection cable is sold separately.



  • Built-in rechargeable battery for music playback anywhere – The state of the art Li-ion battery lasts for up to 6 hours at 70% volume.



  • Audio-in for easy connection to almost any electronic device – An easily accessible auxiliary port makes this speaker compatible with almost every device.



  • Maximum Compatibility – Built with Bluetooth v2.1 and EdR, this speaker is compatible with any Bluetooth device. If the device doesn’t have Bluetooth, it can be plugged into the speaker through the auxiliary cable port.


  • Pocket Sized – When not playing music, the Bass Expansion System can be closed and the speaker becomes pocket sized. This ultra-portability means it can be stored in anything and taken anywhere. Throw it in the pouch of your hoodie, in the water-bottle sleeve of your backpack – anywhere, really. If portability is what you’re looking for, then this speaker is hard to beat.


  • Durable Design – The Bassboomz speaker is designed to be durable. The solid aluminum construction can withstand a decent amount of damage, meaning it might not be the end of the world if you drop the thing. It’s also designed for vibration dampening,


Bassboomz Bluetooth speaker review



Public Opinion


In this part of the review, we analyzed hundreds of consumer reviews on the Bassboomz to get a better understanding of how consumers received the product. Our experience alone can only reveal so much about a speaker, but by reading through hundreds of different reviews, analyzing them for common trends, distilling them, and relating them back to you, we hope to give you a broader sense of what to expect – good and bad – from this product. Here’s what the users had to say.

The Good

Sound quality – There is no speaker of comparable size and price on the market that stands up to the sound quality that the Bassboomz delivers. Most users were surprised by how great the Bassboomz sounded.


Design – Users agreed that the speaker is well designed. It looks nice, is durable, and its BXS function works well. It also comes in a wide array of vibrant colors, so you can pick whichever one suits you best.


Size – This is one of the most portable speakers on the market, and users appreciated it. Few speakers that sound this good come in such a small size. In terms of portability, the Bassboomz is unrivaled.


Price – This is one of the cheapest portable speakers on the market. Reviewers applauded the low price point, saying that few speakers matched the Bassboomz in terms of bang for your buck.


The Bad



  • Some users complained that the Bassboomz didn’t produce as much volume as they would have liked. However, many users also said that the Bassboomz is the loudest and best sounding pocket-sized speaker on the market. The complaint seems not to be with the Bassboomz, but with pocket sized speakers in general.


Distortion at high volumes

  • Because the speaker is so small, it can’t go pound for pound when comparing to the volume of larger, more expensive speakers. The Bassboomz actually gets pretty loud, a lot louder than you would expect it to, but many users complained that when it gets to 100% volume it starts to distort.



In conclusion, this product was extremely well received by reviewers, and very few users had anything negative to say. The one thing that reviewers seemed to have a problem with is that the speaker doesn’t handle high volumes very well. But who could expect it to? There is no speaker on the market that is this portable, or this affordable, that produces better sound than the Bassboomz. In fact, most people were pleasantly surprised by the sound quality of the speaker.

BassBoomz wireless speaker review

Bang for Your Buck


There is no speaker on the market that has as much bang for your buck as the Bassboomz. Available for as little as $48.00, this really is one of the cheapest Bluetooth speakers on the market. Fortunately, the cheap price doesn’t mean cheap quality. No speaker that costs this little sounds this good. If you’re looking for a speaker that sounds great and can go anywhere, but won’t break the bank, then the Bassboomz is exactly what you’re looking for.



Bassboomz Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker FAQ’s


How do I use the dual connectivity?


  • The dual connectivity is done by connecting two Bassboomz speakers together using a pairing cable (sold separately). Once the speakers are connected, sync to one of the speakers and start playing.



All things considered, the Bassboomz Bluetooth speaker is one of the best deals on the market. In terms of cost and portability, there’s no other speaker that can compare. And despite its small size, this speaker really does deliver rich bass and crystal clear sound. The Bassboomz was out to prove that bigger isn’t always better, and it succeeded. If you’re looking for a small Bluetooth speaker, this is your best option.


bassBoomz review



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