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Beats Tour 2.0 Review| Speaker Authority

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Beats Tour 2.0 Review

Over ear headphones have superior sound quality, but lack the portability and convenience of earbuds. Earbuds are easier to take on the go and are the natural choice for any exercise, but they can’t deliver the same sound quality that over ear headphones can. What would you rather sacrifice – portability or quality? Throughout our Beats Tour 2.0 review we found, you don’t have to forgo either. The Beats Tour earbuds are one of the only earphones that have sound quality that can compare to over ear headphones, and they also have all the portability of standard earbuds. When you’re on the go, on a run, or at the gym, you can pop in Tour2s and experience the full sound range of headphones. And with sweat resistance, attachable wingtips, and multiple ear-tip pairs, the Tour2s are designed to fit each user perfectly and withstand any workout.

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  • Full-range sound profile – The Tour2s provide a listening experience comparable to proper headphones, delivering crisp highs and powerful lows despite their size.



  • Multiple ear-tip sizes – These earbuds come with four different pairs of earbud tips, so you can choose the size that works best for you and your ear. With the right tip, you’ll experience a better fit, better sound, and better noise isolation.



  • Sweat and water resistant – The Tour2s are water and sweat resistant, making them perfect for your next drenching workout.



  • Wingtips for versatile and comfortable fit – The optional wingtip attachments for the Tour2s enable the earbuds to fit more snugly in your ear, preventing slippage during athletic activities. The product comes with 3 different pairs of the wingtips so you can find the ones with the best fit.



  • Tangle-Free Cables – The earbuds are equipped with tangle-free cables, so you’ll never have to worry about taking out your Tour2s and finding them knotted up beyond use. These cords are designed to be ultra-flexible and tangle-free.



  • Built-In Mic – The built in mic makes it easy to switch between music and phone calls, and it can be used to interface with your phone’s voice recognition software.



  • Volume/Music Controls – The earbuds have standard inline volume and music controls attached to the cord, so you’ll never have to reach for your phone to turn up the volume or skip a song.



  • Carry Case – The Tour2s have a soft carrying case that comes with each purchase. The case is perfect for storing the earbuds for travel.


Beats Tour 2.0 Earbud Review

Public Opinion


In this part of the review, we analyzed hundreds of consumer reviews on the Tour2s to get a better understanding of how consumers received the product. Our experience alone can only reveal so much about a speaker, but by reading through hundreds of different reviews, analyzing them for common trends, distilling them, and relating them back to you, we hope to give you a broader sense of what to expect – good and bad – from this product. Here’s what the users had to say.

The Good

No Distortion – Users claimed that no matter how loud they play their Tour2s, the sound and the bass do not distort


Build Quality – Consumers Beats Tour 2.0 reviews agreed that the Tour2s had a very high quality design. All of the components are well made and durable.


Sound Quality – Reviewers praised the sound balance, vocal clarity, bass clarity, and overall sound quality of the earbuds.


Great Fit – Many users had previously experienced earbuds that didn’t fit well or slipped out of their ears while listening. The Tour2s interchangeable ear-tips and wingtips virtually eliminate this problem, ensuring the earbuds stayed in their ears.



The Bad


Too Much Treble – Some users claimed that the treble in the earbuds was overblown.



Poor Fit – Even with the different ear-tips, the Tour2s didn’t fit every user perfectly. Some experienced less bass or an overall lower quality of sound due to the earbuds not fitting perfectly.


In conclusion, this product was extremely well received by reviewers, and very few users had anything negative to say. These are some of the best earbuds on the market, both in terms of sound quality and build quality. They look and sound amazing. The components and materials of the product are well made, and it delivers on the heavy bass that it promises. Though a few users did have problems with the fit of the earbuds, most agreed that the earbuds adjustability made for a perfect, individual fit.

Beats Tour Review

Bang for Your Buck


Priced on the higher end, the Tour2s are one of the more expensive earbuds on the market, and they deliver the quality that their price tag promises. The sound of these earbuds soars far above the sound of the typical earbud. The standard IPhone earbuds or any other similar earbud will sound cheap compared to the Tour2s. In addition, the wingtips and multiple pairs of ear-tips make the earbuds more worth their cost. The Tour2s may be expensive, but if you want the best product money can buy, the Tour2s might be the product for you.



Beats Tour2 Earbuds FAQs


Does the mic work for phone calls work for Android phones as well is iPhones?


  • The call feature should work for both types of phones, granted that whatever phone you own is updated with a software that isn’t more than a few years old.


Are these earbuds waterproof?


  • The earbuds are sweatproof, meaning they can handle moisture in small doses. The earbuds will most likely not survive full submersion in water.



The Beats Tour2 Earbuds give you the quality of over ear headphones with all the convenience of earbuds. They can be carried in your pocket or used during a workout without worry, and at the same time they generate powerful, clear sound that you would never expect to hear from something so small. With the extra accessories – the wingtips, the interchangeable ear-tips, and the carrying case – Beats succeeded in creating a product with maximum convenience for the consumer. we found in our Beats Tour 2.0 review that When you buy yourself a pair of Tour2s, you’re buying the best of both worlds.


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