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Bem Speaker Review

Throughout our Bem Speaker Review, we found this small speaker is starting to become a major player in the portable speaker industry with numerous speakers on the marketplace. In this review we will be focusing on the Bem HL2022GC Mobile Bluetooth Speaker which if the least expensive of the Bem speakers. This portable little Bluetooth speaker is great for those looking for a serviceable Bluetooth speaker at a cheap price.

Price Level: Inexpensive – Check current price here


  • 6 hour Battery Life – This speaker has a charge that lasts up to six hours of music playtime and only takes about two hours to fully charge.
  • Bluetooth Compatible – This speaker is compatible with all Bluetooth devices, this means it can wirelessly connect and play through the speaker at a range of up to 25 feet.
  • Auxiliary Input – This allows users to connect non-Bluetooth devices to the speaker, if you had an older iPod or laptop that did not have Bluetooth technology, this input would allow you to project the audio through the speaker with an auxiliary cord.
  • Lightweight – This speaker weighs in at 1.05 pounds making it highly portable.
  • Auxiliary Output – If you have a quality speaker that is non-Bluetooth compatible you can use this device as a sort of “middle man” To connect your Bluetooth device to the non Bluetooth speaker via auxiliary cord.
  • Offered in a multitude of colors

Bem Bluetooth speaker review

 Public Opinion: Bem Speaker


In this portion of the review we take into account the consumer thoughts on the product. To get the best understanding of the Bem portable Bluetooth speaker we felt we should see how the real consumers feel about the product. To do this we analyzed hundred of verified purchase consumer reviews to help us understand their thoughts and concerns on this speaker. Here is both the good and bad comments the reviewers had about the Bem Bluetooth speaker.


The Good

Quality sound for size

  • Many reviews commented on the great sound this small speaker could produce. As is often the case with portable Bluetooth speakers consumers do not anticipate the volume and quality of sound these speakers can create. Though the sound quality of this speaker wasn’t received as incredible users seemed quite content with it especially considering the speakers price and size.

Easy to Pair

  • Users often commented on the ease with which they could pair their Bem speaker to their Bluetooth devices.

Good Build

  • Many reviews mentioned the good build of the speaker and its sturdy and quality feel.

Solid Bass

  • A major issue with many Bluetooth speakers is their lack of bass, this seems to have be avoided with the Bem Bluetooth speaker as several of the reviews we came across spoke highly of this speaker’s base capabilities.

Easily portable

  • With is stackable design, small size and light weight users were quite pleased with the portability offered with this speaker.

Customer Service

  • One thing we saw often in the consumer reviews was the positive comments about the Bem customer service. When users had trouble with pairing or setting up their speaker the customer service staff were quick to help lend a hand.

Good Value

  • This was are number one most common pro we came across in our customer review analysis. Though consumers were impressed with other aspects of the speaker it was all relative to this speaker’s low price. With nearly every review commenting on the great value of this speaker we believe is the largest pro consumers saw with this speaker.

The Bad

USB Charging cable

  • Some reviews stated they would have preferred a wall outlet charger and that the speakers USB charging cable was tough to plug in.


Overall through our analysis of customer reviews of the Bem speaker we have concluded that users were quite pleased with the speakers performance. The main aspect of the speaker the users seemed most appreciative of was its great value. Many users expected a cheap plastic speaker that would sound like a tin can. This was not the result of nearly each and every review we came across spoke highly of the speakers sound, build, volume output in terms of its value.

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Bang for your Buck

As you can probably tell from the public opinion section the value of this Bem Bluetooth speaker is where it excels. With a low price tag this speaker does not have to do a ton to exceed expectations. Though its sound quality and output aren’t great  they are more than you should expect from a speaker of this price.  To conclude this speaker is a serviceable option and definitely a great value purchase for its cheap price point.


Bem Speaker FAQ’s


Would I be able to hold this speaker in my hand?

Yes, this speaker is six inches wide and six inches tall so holding in your hand should be no issue.


Would it damage this speaker to bring it around in my backpack?


No, this speaker is designed for portability so placing in your bag for the day should not be an issue.



The Verdict

All in all we have concluded that the Bem Bluetooth speaker is a great option if you are looking for a serviceable discount speaker. This speaker’s sound quality is only serviceable but for the ridiculously low price you cannot be expecting more. Its small size and Bluetooth capabilities makes it great for desk use as it takes up very little room. This speaker is exactly what one would hope for from a cheap Bluetooth speaker. We have decided to give this speaker a rating of 4/5 stars as it is a great value for its price but the lack of overall quality kept us from the perfect rating. If you are looking for a bargain speaker then this is a great choice, if you want something with a higher quality than you will have to pay for a more expensive speaker. If this is the case for you, we suggest looking into Bem’s slightly more expensive speakers which offer a higher level of sound quality and can be seen here.




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