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Beolit 15 Review | Speaker Authority

Beolit 15 Review | Speaker Authority
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Beolit 15 Review

The Beolit fifteen by Bang and Olufsen is one the highest quality Bluetooth speakers available to consumers. Throughout our Beolit 15 review, we discovered why users were willing to pay the large price tag for this incredible Bluetooth speaker. With incredible sound quality and volume output for such a small speaker, we are not surprised consumers are raving about this device.


Price Level: High End – Check Current Price Here


Three Hundred Sixty Degree Sound – With multiple tweeters built into this speaker in both the front and back end, it is able to project sound evenly in all directions.

Portability Strap – This speaker comes with a high-quality leather strap which increases the portability of this speaker.

Two hundred Forty Watts of Power – This speaker has an incredible power of 240 watts. For reference other top selling Bluetooth speakers like the Anker Soundcore have 6 watts of power.

24 Battery Life – The Bluetooth speaker comes with a rechargeable built in battery that can last for up to twenty four hours on a single charge.

2 Year Warranty  – This speaker comes with a limited two-year warranty if purchased from an authorized seller such as Amazon.

Multiple Device Bluetooth Connection – This speaker can remember up to 8 Bluetooth devices as well as simultaneously connect to two at a time so users can easily switch between DJ’ing duties.

Power Bank – The Beolit 15 can also be used as a power bank as it contains a USB charging part which can be used to charge your devices such as phones or tablets while still playing music.

Stereo Pairing – These speakers offer a stereo pairing feature which allows users to play music through multiple Beolit 15 speakers simultaneously.

Beolit 15 wireless speaker review

Beolit 15 Specs

  • Power amplifiers: 2 x 35 watts Class D for bass and treble
  • Driver units: 1 x 5.5″ Long-Stroke Full Range Driver; 2 x 4″ Passive Bass Radiators; 3 x 1.5″ Mid-Tweeters
  • Cabinet principle: Balanced Passive Bass Radiators
  • 240 watts peak power


Public Opinion

In this section of the review we look to consumers to see what they have to say about the product. We believe that by looking into consumer reviews we will get a better understanding of the products quality. Who better to help us review this speaker than the end consumers themselves. To do this we read through hundreds of consumer reviews from all over the web and summarize their thoughts. Here is what the consumer Beolit 15 reviews had to say.


The Good


  • Many consumer reviews commented on the incredible bass that these speakers offered. This speaker is able to produce some quality bass due to the passive radiators built into the speaker.

Sound Output

  • Users were incredibly impressed with the volume levels this tiny speaker could reach. Traditionally Bluetooth speakers struggled to reach volume outputs that were even close to that of wired speakers. Now, they still aren’t there yet but every day the gap gets smaller as technology advance and the Beolit 15 is a great example of this. Users also went on to say that these speakers did not distort even at their highest max volume.

Quality Build

  • Consumer reviews often mentioned the quality feel this speaker had to it. Built with an aluminum grill, non-slip tray on the top and bottom of the speaker and a leather strap for portability. Users were quite pleased that high quality of this speaker was seen not just with the sound quality but in the physical quality of the speaker as well.

Visual Aspect

  • Users also stated they loved the visual appeal of this speaker. With a sleek minimalist design users stated this speaker could fit into just about any room. It is also offered in five colors which can be seen here.

User Interface

  • Consumers seemed to enjoy the simplicity of using this speaker. With the only buttons on this speaker being power, volume up, volume down, and Bluetooth it virtually Grandma-proof.

Bluetooth Connection

  • Users stated that not only was the initial connection of Bluetooth easy but that the speakers Bluetooth signal remained strong throughout use. Connectivity issues are often seen with wireless speakers but this was not the case with the Beolit 15.


  • With the included leather strap and weighing under 8 pounds, users were quite impressed with the portability of this speaker.

Sound Quality

  • The by far most common positive comment we saw through our review analysis was sound quality. Even at its price users were not expecting this sound quality from a Bluetooth speaker of this size. Bluetooth speakers have historically been subpar in terms of sound quality and now they are finally beginning to turn the corner. The consumers repeatedly stated that this speaker was the highest quality of sound out of any Bluetooth speaker they had tested.

The Bad


  • The only negative comment we saw throughout our consumer review analysis was the price of this speaker. This speaker is priced quite high, something that some consumers found to a deal breaker. Though, with that being said the users that did go through with the purchase stated that they found this speaker to be easily worth its high price tag.


In conclusion, we found the consumer reviews of this speaker to be incredibly positive. Users were incredibly impressed that a speaker of this size was able to offer the sound quality and output that the Beolit 15 Bluetooth speaker does. The high-quality build of this speaker was also appreciated by consumers as users found the device had a high quality feel to it. Nearly every Beolit 15 review we came across had nothing but praise for this device. Consumers reviews of this speaker were quick to recommend it to anyone looking for the highest quality portable Bluetooth speaker available.

Beolit 15 portable speaker review

Bang For Your Buck

Though this speaker is priced quite high we still believe it is a value good value purchase. At this high price point, we would suggest that for it to have good value it would need to be one of the highest quality Bluetooth speakers available. Luckily that is exactly what the Beolit 15 is. With incredibly high quality from the build of the speaker to the sound output, users cannot go wrong with this speaker. If you are looking for the highest quality portable speaker, then we believe that you will be quite happy with the value received from purchasing a Beolit 15 from Bang and Olufsen.


Beolit 15 FAQ’s

Can this speaker be used outside?

Yes, this speaker is great for outdoor use, just make sure it doesn’t rain!

Can I connect this to my TV to use as a portable soundbar?

If your TV has Bluetooth technology then yes you can.


The Verdict

In conclusion, we have found the Beolit 15 to be one of the highest quality Bluetooth speakers available to consumers. Though users may be sheepish on spending this much on a Bluetooth speaker we believe it is well worth the money. The quality offered by the Beolit15 is consistent with the great quality that is offered with all Bang and Olufsen products. This speaker can offer its users incredible sound while still maintaining portable and wireless. If you want quality sound and portability look no further than the Beolit 15 portable speaker.


Beolit 15 review

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