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Beoplay A1 Review


Fill your life with music wherever you go with the B&O Play A1 portable Bluetooth speaker. The Play A1 brings a whole new meaning to portability. Weighing just over a pound, this is a speaker that can accompany you wherever life takes you. Its smooth, rounded shape and convenient strap make it the optimal travel companion, and its 24-hour battery life ensures that the tunes will never stop. With a durable, rounded aluminum grill, you can be sure that the Play A1 can withstand any damage it might take on your journey. And it might be light on weight, but it’s not light on sound. Armed with an aluminum core subwoofer and capable of delivering 2×140 Watts at peak power, the Play A1 puts more power in the palm of your hand than ever before. Throughout our Beoplay A1 review, we found this speaker to be one of the highest quality handheld speakers on the market.


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  • Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth – Allows for easy, wireless connection with smartphones, tablets, and laptops.


  • Incredibly portable – The Play A1 weighs just 1.3 pounds, and is shaped in a way that makes it easy to slide into a bag. It has a strap that makes it easy to carry or hang, and it’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.


  • Durable Design – This speaker is designed to be durable. With its rounded aluminum grill and its double-molded polymer base, you can rest assured that the Play A1 can withstand damage. You can bring it hiking or biking and never have to worry about it breaking if you drop it.


  • Beoplay App – The companion app for the Play A1 enables you to control the speaker remotely and enhances your listening experience.



  • Stereo dual connectivity – Two speakers can be connected to one device for twice the power. The dual connectivity feature is in stereo sound. Dual connectivity is done wirelessly through the Beoplay app.


  • Power Amplifier – With 2×140 W peak power and 2x30W for the sub-woofer and tweeter, this is a speaker that brings the powerful sound that audiophiles crave.


  • 24-Hour rechargeable battery – The battery on the A1 lasts for almost 24 hours per charge, making it one of the longest lasting speakers on the market.


  • True 360 sound – The A1 plays music in all directions, meaning it sounds great no matter where you’re listening from.



  • Microphone – The built in microphone on the A1 allows you to make crystal clear phone calls using the speaker.



  • Audio-in for easy connection to almost any electronic device – An easily accessible auxiliary port makes this speaker compatible with almost every device.


Public Opinion


In this part of the review, we analyzed hundreds of consumer reviews on the Play A1 to get a better understanding of how consumers received the product. Our experience alone can only reveal so much about a speaker, but by reading through hundreds of different reviews, analyzing them for common trends, distilling them, and relating them back to you, we hope to give you a broader sense of what to expect – good and bad – from this product. Here’s what the users had to say.


The Good

Sound quality – Users applauded the speaker’s sound quality, and a great many of them were surprised that such a small product could sound so good. There is more bass than expected, and the sound stage is clear and balanced.


Design – Reviews said that the Play A1 had a functional and beautiful design. They said it was light, durable, and that its strap was functional.


360 Sound field – While most portable speakers on the market project sound in just one direction, the Play A1 projects sound in every direction. This means it sounds no matter where you are in relation to the speaker.



The Bad


Difficulty connecting – Multiple users reported having problems pairing their devices to the speaker. They could connect their devices, but it connectivity took a while and was inconsistent.


Less than advertised battery life – The Play A1 is advertised to have a 24-hour battery life at moderate volume, but many users found this number to be exaggerated in practice.


In conclusion, this product was extremely well received. A great amount of users noted that they were pleasantly surprised that such a small speaker could deliver such fantastic sound. The minimalist design was also applauded, with users saying that the speaker looked more elegant than other portable speakers. The users who had connectivity issues were usually able to sort them out. In regards to the less than advertised battery life, this was of note only because the Play A1 advertised a battery life that was in a league above most of its competitors. Though the A1 rarely lasts for 24 hours in practice, it still lasts a lot longer than most other portable speakers. All in all, users were blown away by this speaker, and thought it was well worth their purchase.

Bang for Your Buck


At a price of $249.00, the Play A1 is one of the higher end speakers on the market. Though we believ it’s well worth its price, and it has some features that make it more valuable than other speakers of comparable cost. The Bepplay A1 definitely has the sound quality to justify its price point. However, while some speakers in this price range might have sound quality similar to the Play A1’s, none of them can match the Play A1 in terms of portability and design. Most of them are heavy and boxy, and they can only play music in one direction. They aren’t as durable as the A1. With its light weight, its smooth, rounded shape, and its damage-proof frame, it really is the most portable high-end speaker out there. Other speakers can accompany you throughout the house, but the A1 can accompany you through life, and that makes it worth the price.


Beoplay A1 Speaker FAQ’s


Can it provide power to a USB device?


  • The A1 has a port for charging the speaker, but there is no port for charging other devices.



The Beoplay A1 is an astounding product. Audiophiles and casual listeners alike are constantly surprised that a speaker so small can produce such clear, powerful sound. This speaker can go toe to toe with other speakers in its price range in terms of quality, but when it comes to portability, no other speaker can compete. Other top-notch Bluetooth speakers might not have wires, but unlike them, the A1 is a truly portable speaker. It’s light, durable, and easy to carry and store. Plus, with its long battery life, the A1 lasts long enough to fill any journey with music from start to finish. And that’s really what the A1 is for – journeys, hikes, rides…adventures. Wherever life takes you, the Play A1 can follow, and that’s what makes the speaker so incredible.


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