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Beoplay a9 Review | Speaker Authority

Beoplay a9 Review | Speaker Authority
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Beoplay A9 Review

Throughout our Beoplay A9 review we found this speakers arguably the highest quality wireless speaker available to consumers. This device originally only supported wifi connection but with the newest update is Bluetooth compatible. With an incredibly sleek and modern design the speaker is sure to not only wow your guests with sound quality but with its aesthetics as well. Though the price tag of this speaker is quite high, it is well worth it as you will not have to worry about buying another speaker for a long time.


Price Level: High End – Check Current Price Here


Touch Sensitive Buttons – Users control the volume of the speaker through hand motion sliding their finger across the top of the speaker.

2 Year Warranty – This speaker comes with a two-year warranty when bought from an authorized dealer such as Amazon.

480 Watts of Power – This Bluetooth speaker is incredibly powerful offering its users four hundred and eighty watts of power. For reference, some of the top selling portable Bluetooth speakers like the Anker Soundcore have six watts of power.

Powerbank – This device has a USB input so users are able to charge their devices such as phones, or iPads through the speaker.

Flexible Placement – This speaker can be setup in multiple ways. Either through its three wooden legs, p on the floor or users can buy an optional wall mount which allows users to mount this speaker directly to their wall.

Bluetooth and Airplay Connection – Consumers can wirelessly connect and stream their music through the speaker through the use of Bluetooth or Airplay technology.

Beoplay A9 2nd generation review

Beoplay A9 2nd Gen Specs

Power Amplifiers:

  •  1 x 160 watt class D for bass
  • 2 x 80 watt class D for midrange
  • 2 x 80 watt class D for treble

Driver Units:

  • 1 x 8″ woofer
  • 2 x 3” midrange
  • 2 x ¾” tweeters

Effective Frequency Range:

  • 33.1 – 25, 500 Hz

Public Opinion

In this section of the review, we look to consumer reviews to gain a better understanding of the consumer thoughts of the product. We believe to get the best understanding of how our readers will recive the product we should talk to the end consumers themselves. To do this we analyzed hundreds of consumer reviews both good and bad from all over the web. We then summarize their thoughts for our readers. Here is what the users of the Beoplay A9 had to say.


The Good

Sound output

  • Something we noticed was often mentioned throughout the consumer reviews was this speakers sound output. Many did not expect a speaker of this size to be able to produce such a large amount of sound even for its price. Users stated that this speaker could fill even the largest rooms full of sound and is easily loud enough to host parties. The 480 watts of power offered in this speaker clearly paid off as users were quite impressed with this devices volume output.


  • Users were also incredibly impressed with the visaul aspects of this speaker. Its sleek and elegant design had some users buying this speaker for its looks alone. The neutral colors of this speaker allows it to fit in to just about any room seemlessly. Consumers stated that the design of this speaker often became a talking when they had guests over.

Future Proof

  • An interesting feature that this speaker offered it users was its self named “future proof” software. With its ability to connect to the internet the Beoplay A9 is able to update itself with new software as technology advances. Users were quite pleased with this aspect as many were sheepish to spend a large sum of money on a speaker that would soon be outdated.

No Distortion

  • Reviews often spoke of this speakers ability to stay distortion free. Even at the highest of volumes this speaker managed to remain clean and crisp.

Sound Quality

  • The by far most common positive we saw throughout our consumer reviews was this speakers sound quality. Users tended to describe this speakers sound as deep and rich. Not one of the reviews we came across spoke negatively of this speakers sound quality. Users of this speaker seemed to unanimousley agreed on this d incredible sound quality. More then one review stated that this is the highest quality sound they have ever heard from a wireless speaker.


The Bad


Wifi Connection

  • The only negative comment we noticed throughout our review analysis was the lack of a consistent wifi conneciton of this speaker. Though with the 2nd generation model which has been released offers users the Bluetooth compatibility. This allows users to connect to their speaker without using wifi connection.


Overall, we found the users reviews of this speaker to be overwhelmingly positive. Though this is to be expected with a speaker of this price users we still excited about this speakers sound quality. They consistently raved about this speakers ability to produce high volume and fill any room with sound. The design of this speaker was also a major talking point of users loved the aesthetics of this speaker. The majority of these reviews concluded with the user reccomending this speaker to anyone looking for the highest quaity wireless speaker for their home.

Beoplay A9 2nd gen review

Bang For Your Buck

Though this speaker’s price tag is high, the incredible quality that is offered by the product makes it a good value purchase. If you are looking for the best value purchase in a speaker then this is not the speaker for you. The Beoplay A9 is for consumers looking for the highest quality speaker even if they have to spend a few more dollars to get it. When spending this much on a speaker you expect the best and that is what you will get with the Beoplay A9 Bluetooth speaker.


Beoplay A9 FAQ’s

What colors is this speaker offered in?

This speaker is offered in both black and white though you can purchase different colored covers here.


How much does this speaker weigh?

The total weight of this speaker is 32.6 pounds.


The Verdict

In conclusion, we have found the Beoplay A9 to be a great choice for consumers looking for the highest quality of Bluetooth speakers. This speaker offers a level of sound quality that goes unmatched by any other Bluetooth speaker on the market. The Beoplay A9’s room filling sound and sleek design had consumers of this speaker recommending it to anyone looking for a high quality speaker. The speaker works great for dinner parties, get togethers, or just for casual listening for audiophiles. If you are looking for the highest quality of wireless speakers look no further than the Beoplay A9.

Beoplay A9 review

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