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Beoplay H8 review | Speaker Authority

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Beoplay H8 review

Throughout our Beoplay H8 review, we have found these headphones by Bang & Olufsen to be the highest quality Bluetooth headphones available to consumers. A quality build, noise canceling features and above all incredible sound quality we found these speakers to be absolutely incredible.


Price Level: High-End – Check Current Price Here


Noise cancellation – These headphones feature active noise cancellation technology so users can listen to music without their sound being distorted.

14 Hour Battery Life – These headphones can last up to fourteen hours with both Bluetooth and noise cancellation turned on.

Light Weight – These speakers are incredibly light weighing only 255 grams making them one of the lightest noise canceling headphones available to consumers.

Auxiliary port – These headphones have an auxiliary port so users can connect their non-Bluetooth devices such as old iPods if necessary.

2 Year Warranty – These speakers come with a limited 2 year warranty if purchased from an authorized dealer such as amazon.

Aluminum touch interface  – The aluminum interface located on the outside of these headphones allows users to change tracks, volume levels and manage the noise cancellation feature. This reduces the hassle of taking out your phone each time you would like to adjust the music settings.


Beoplay H8 Bluetooth Headphones review

Build and Fit

These headphones have an on the ear fit and sit atop the users head. Built with aluminum, leather, and reinforced composite materials in order to create a comfortable fit. There is a layer of firm padding on the headphones that rest on the user’s head while being worn for increased comfortability. They have a slight toggle option which allows users to adjust the headphones to fit on multiple head types. Overall we found these headphones to be quite comfortable.


Public Opinion

In this portion of our review, we look to consumer reviews to get a better understanding of the product. By analyzing the thoughts of the final users we believe we gain a better understanding of the products quality. To do this we read over hundred of consumer reviews both good and bad in order to get a true understanding of the consumer reviews of the product.


The Good

Incredible Sound Quality

  • The first and most important portion of the consumer reviews we would like to touch on is the sound quality. We have never come across a higher praised sound quality in any of our previous headphone reviews. Users consistently raved about the incredible quality these headphones offered. Traditionally Bluetooth headphones have trouble matching the sound quality offered by wired headphones. This is not the case with the Beoplay H8 review throughout all our reviews we saw nothing but praise for these headphones ability to produce quality sound. With clear highs and warm lows users were extremely high on these speakers. One review from a sound engineer stuck out in particular when he stated “These are about as flawless a sound as I’ve had the pleasure of hearing”.


  • Another common theme we saw in many reviews were the users approval of the visual aspects of these headphones. With a sleek and modern design, these headphones look great around your head or neck. They are also offered in several different colors which can be seen here.

Intuitively Designed

  • These headphones are incredibly simple to use and this was reflected in the consumer reviews. Many reviews stated that the use of these was easy to figure out without any use of the manual.

Noise Cancellation

  • Reviewers were also quite pleased with the Beoplay H8’s ability to filter out noise. The sound isolation was quite positively received especially for on-ear headphones. Some user reviews stated that they could not even hear themselves talk while wearing the headphones.

Bang & Olufsen Brand

  • Many consumers had previously purchased products from this brand and were quick to comment on their consistency. Bang and Olufsen always provide their users with high-quality products and offer great customer service to those looking for help.

The Bad

No real concerns

  • Throughout our review analysis, we were surprised to find that there were issues or flaws we saw consistently brought up in the consumers reviews.


In conclusion, the consumer reviews of this product were incredibly positive. Though the users were pleased with many of the features offered by the Beoplay H8 headphones the most praise came from the sound quality. Users were quick to suggest these headphones to any audiophile looking for the highest quality of sound in a Bluetooth headphone, or any headphone for that matter.
Beoplay H8 review

Bang For Your Buck

This section of the review focuses on the value you are getting on your dollar when purchasing this speaker. Though the Beoplay H8 headphones are priced quite high we do believe it is still a great value purchase. For this price, we would suggest that it is not great value if you were getting anything but the best. Fortunately, in Beoplay H8’s case the best is exactly what you are getting. If you are looking to spend money to get the highest quality of headphones then these Beoplay H8 are a great value purchase.


Beoplay H8 FAQ’s

How do these compare to the Bose Quiet Comfort 15’s?

In noise cancellation, these products are roughly equal as they are both of quite high quality. In terms of sound quality, the Beoplay H8 blows the Bose of the water, offering a significantly better sound.


Are these comfortable to be wearing for long periods of time?

Yes, the design of these speakers allows for extended usage for long periods of time.

The Verdict

If you can not tell already we are quite high on the Beoplay H8 headphones. These speakers, though expensive, offer a quality of sound that is not seen in their competitors. With a quality build and great battery life, this pair of headphones is a great option for anyone looking for Bluetooth speakers. The sound quality that is offered with these Beoplay H8 headphones is something that has never been done with Bluetooth headphones and clearly separates them from the rest of the competition. If you are looking for the highest quality of sound in your headphones then we highly suggest the Beoplay H8 by Bang and Olufson.

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