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Best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet

The main benefit of Bluetooth technology is that you can wirelessly bring your music anywhere. This benefit is especially relevant in the case of Bluetooth motorcycle helmets. Throughout this post we will detail the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet for our readers. We will review several helmets which can all be described as the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet depending on what exactly your looking for in your helmet.


Highest Quality Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet


BILT Techno Bluetooth Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet 

This new Bilt Bluetooth Helmet is a great option for anyone looking for a good quality helmet. Throughout our research, we have found this model to be the highest quality Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. This device is made of a molded polycarbonate shell and exceeds all department of transportation standards. Though, the main reason we have chosen this helmet is due to the mass amounts of Bluetooth capabilities it offers. This helmet can wirelessly connect to any Bluetooth device including your phones, tablets and even other BILT helmets. With this helmet, you can listen to music wirelessly through your phone as well as receive phone calls via the call answer button located on the exterior of the helmet. Users of this helmet often commented on the high quality and clearness of voice calls. Many users stated that those they were communicating with were unable to tell they were riding throughout the duration of the call. The helmet also has volume controls which riders can use to easy manage the volume of their calls and music. Another great feature of this helmet is its GPS capabilities. Users can put GPS coordinates into the phones and once connected with the Bluetooth, will begin to hear the directions within the helmet. Another reason which led to us choosing the BILT Techno as our highest quality helmet would be its intercom feature. With this helmet, riders can communicate rider to rider as well as rider to passenger, this intercom will remain clear from distances up to a half mile. Though in order for this feature to work all parties must be using the BILT Techno helmet. This helmet also comes with a sun visor and comes in a visually pleasing matte black finish.


Best Budget Bluetooth Helmet

Hawk H-500 –

Our choice for the best budget option is the Hawk H-500 Bluetooth Face helmet. Though this speaker isn’t as high quality of the other speakers that will be mentioned on this list, it is capable of getting the job done and is considerably cheaper than the other options. We would also like to state that the lack of quality is not in the safety of this helmet but rather Bluetooth speaker capabilities. This speaker comes equipped with a multi-flow ventilation system as well as a removable and washable inner lining. The visor on this Hawk helmet is Anti- scratch, Anti-fog and has a wide field of clear vision. The Hawk H-500 has an injected molded shell and is department of transportation approved so users should not be concerned with safety. Now to the Bluetooth features. The Hawk H-500 features a lithium battery that lasts for eight hours of talk time and a total of one hundred and ten hours standby. It is equipped with two speakers each located near the riders ear and also features a one-touch control riders can use for redialing, rejecting, and answering calls. Users of this helmet can listen to music via Bluetooth connection with their phone or iPod. This device also features intercom as well as navigation audio. The intercom has a radius of up to one hundred feet for rider to rider connection. The navigation audio is displayed through voice commands from your phone and played through your helmet. Incoming phone calls override the intercom, music, and navigation audio so users are aware of the call coming in. The only negative we saw with this helmet was its sizing. Though the vast majority of user reviews were quite positive in their reviews some stated that the helmet fit smaller than most brands. Be sure to check the sizing chart before purchasing in order to ensure you get the proper size.



Best Value Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet


HJC CL-Max 2 –


This speaker is priced between our to previous options and we believe it is the best value Bluetooth motorcycle helmet on the market. This helmet is made an advanced polycarbonate composed shell which includes an adjustable polycarbonate chin bar making it easy to get some fresh air. The HJC also comes equipped with an ACS advanced channeling ventilation system. This allows riders to get full front to back airflow and flushes heat and humidity out from the interior of the helmet. This speaker does not come with a Bluetooth device but has a built in cavity in which users are meant to place their Bluetooth headset. These Bluetooth headsets can be easily purchased online and can be found here(link). This helmet is also department of transportation approved so users should not be worried about safety when using this equipment. Users of this helmet seemed very approving in the customer reviews of the product. The major benefits we often saw in their remarks were based on the helmets value and wind protection. Time and time again we saw that this helmet held up to the wind at high speeds with many users stating they did not need to use glasses with the chin and glass in the down position. Many reviews touched on the great value of this helmet, at its price point consumers were quite pleased with the quality this speaker had to offer. Much like the Hawk 500 this helmet also fits smaller than average so be sure to check the sizing before purchase.



Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset


Sena SMH 10-10 –

If you already have a motorcycle helmet which has the option to input a Bluetooth headset, then this section of the article is for you.  There a tons of seemingly identical Bluetooth headsets out there for riders to choose but we believe the best option is the Sena SMH 10-10. This headset is built specifically for motorcycling. The intercom and music sharing capabilities of this headset reach a distance of up to nine hundred meters. It features advanced noise control technology which cuts down on background noise for both incoming and outgoing audio. This increases clarity of the intercom as well as the calling features available with this headset. Another advantage of this headset is its compatibility. Unlike some other helmets the Sena SmH10-10 headset is compatible with other brands for intercom use. This device offers a battery life of up to 12 hours of talking time and ten days of stand by time if not in use. This product has received extremely positive reviews from its consumers which mainly focused on this devices crystal clear sound quality. Another factor enjoyed by consumers was the adjustable volume profiles. Users of the SmH10-10 headset can save volume profiles which allows the phone, music, and intercom can all be saved into different volume levels which be activated whenever your Bluetooth device is connected. This device also comes with a hassle free two year warranty so users will not have to worry about causing damage to this speaker. If you are looking for the best Bluetooth Headset for your mototrcycle then the SmH10-10 headset is a great option.


Bluetooth Headset for Half Helmets


SPH10H-Fm –

If you are looking for a Bluetooth headset for your half helmet our suggestion is the Sena SPH10H-Fm. This is the second time that we have chosen a Sena product on this list and it is not a coincidence. The Sena brand consistently builds quality products for their consumers. This device offers everything you could look for in a Bluetooth helmet.  It includes an FM radio so users can listen to local radio while they ride. It offers multiple phone connections so users can have access to multiple music libraries. It also offers users a handsfree music playback from your mobile device as well as hands-free calling. Users of this headset can also receive GPS instructions from their phone through the headset speakers. All of these features are distributed through a crystal clear audio system of the Sena Headset. This device also comes with peace of mind as the Sena SPH10H comes with a two-year warranty. If you are looking for a Bluetooth headset for your half helmet we strongly suggest the Sena SPH10H-FM headset.



This concludes our list of the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. We hope that this article detailed everything our readers are looking for in a motorcycle headset. If you have any questions regarding any of the products we reviewed or about any Bluetooth motorcycle helmet at all be sure to comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible.





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