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Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 50 Dollars | Speaker Authority

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Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 50 Dollars

Throughout our reviews here at Speaker Authority, we have covered the loudest, most durable, and most popular Bluetooth speakers available to consumers. Bluetooth speakers are advancing everyday, with some companies going as far as to put them in motorcycle helmets or creating levitating speakers. This increase in Bluetooth speakers has driven the price down making some quality devices available for inexpensive prices. We have now decided that we should make a list for our readers on a budget and are looking to find the best Bluetooth speakers under 50 dollars.  Now let’s get this started!


Dknight Magic box

Best Portable Bluetooth speakers under $50

This compact Bluetooth speaker is a great choice for anyone looking for a quality and inexpensive wireless speaker.  This is one of the top selling Bluetooth speakers of all time and it isn’t without good reason. It offers a 10-hour battery life as well as some serious volume for a speaker of its size. This Bluetooth speaker also offers some serious durability through its design. This speaker will not be loud en0ugh to host a large party but is perfect for small gatherings and solo use. If you want one of the most dependable compact Bluetooth speakers for under 50 then the DKnight Magic box is a great option.


Rock Tech Bluetooth Speaker

Best Bluetooth Speakers under 50

This speaker is the ultimate durable Bluetooth speaker for under fifty dollars. Users of this speaker will not have to worry about purchasing another Bluetooth speaker for a long time. The Rocktech speaker is water proof, dust proof, shock proof, and stain resistant and is offered at quite a low price online. If you someone who likes to bring their music everywhere then this speaker is a great option. This speaker also offers some decent sound quality for its cheap price, along with its extended battery life which lasts for up to twelve hours. Along with a built in microphone for hands free calling this speaker has just about every thing you could ask for in a Bluetooth speaker.It comes with a carabiner clip to make for easy attachment to bags making it perfect for travelling and portability. This portable speaker also comes with an auxiliary port so even if you have an old iPod you want to hookup to the speaker the Rock tech makes it possible. Consumer reviews of this product have been very positive as users were quite pleased with this speakers versatility and durability. If what you are looking for in your Bluetooth speaker is durability than the Rocktech is your best option for Bluetooth speakers under 50.


Powker Bluetooth Speaker

Best portable speakers under fifty

This device is the swiss army knife of Bluetooth speakers, you will not find a more versatile speaker for under 50 than the Powker Bluetooth Speaker. To start this speaker has an incredible twenty hour battery life meaning it the perfect option when looking for multiple day use in a speaker. The Powker also features a built in power bank which can be used to charge other devices like phones or tablets really any device capable of being charged through a USB port . The powker is also much like the Rock tech in the sense that it is quite a durable speaker. It’s rugged design and silicon exterior allow for increased durability as it is water proof, dust proof , and shock proof.  As if that wasn’t enough already the Powker also features a built in microphone so users can use this device to complete hands free calls. And last but not least this speaker has a built in flashlight this device can come in handy especially for outdoor or nighttime use. The Powker portable speaker is a phenomenal option for any outdoor lover, with its durability, long lasting battery, and flashlight this speaker is perfect for camping or hiking trips. If you’re looking for versatility the Powker is your best bet for Bluetooth speaker under 50.


Sound Soul Music speakers

Best Portable Bluetooth speaker under 50

This speaker is on namely due to its visually appeal it still is able to put out some quality sound. This speaker which is fairly priced  is easily the most impressive speaker on the list to show off to guests. If you are not familiar with this speaker that went viral over these past few years then you have missed out. The Sound Soul speakers have water streams which respond to the music that is being played through the speaker. We have attached a video below to demonstrate the speaker in action. Though there are better sounding and more durable speakers than the Sound soul this is definitely the most visually pleasing Bluetooth speaker for under 50. If what you are looking for in a Bluetooth speaker is something unique and interesting you can use to impress guests then the Sound Soul speakers are your best option for under fifty dollars.


I-Venstar Taco

Best Bluetooth Speaker under 50

This is another great option for consumers looking for Bluetooth speakers under 50 dollars. The I-venstar taco is a great looking little Bluetooh speaker that weighs only 1.25 pounds and comes with a neat little carrying case for easy portability. This speaker has all the necessary features on would look for in a speaker including a built in microphone and eight hour battery and a carabiner clip for easy attachment to any bag or backpack.  Of all the speakers we have listed here we believe the I- venstar Taco Bluetooth speaker has the best sound quality. If what you are looking for in your Bluetooth speaker under 50 dollars is sound and quality, then look no further than the I-Venstar Taco.


All these speakers listed above are the best available Bluetooth speakers you can buy for under fifty dollars.  Though these products will not be able to produce enough sound to host a large crowd they are still quite serviceable. Some speakers such as the I-venstar taco can produce some great quality sound while still remaining in the under 50 dollar price range . The Sound Soul speakers offer users an extremely visually pleasing speaker that can be used to impress guests. We also found several extremely durable Bluetooth speakers that our readers could buy under the fifty dollar price range. Both the Powker and Rocktech Bluetooth speakers offer their users incredible durability for a speaker priced under fifty dollars. Throughout all our research we have come to the conclusion that if you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker for casual use with a few friends then you should not feel the need to spend more than fifty dollars of all of the options mentioned above are more than adequate.


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