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Best Bluetooth Speakers with Bass | Speaker Authority

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Best Bluetooth Speaker With Bass

Some songs just don’t sound right without deep, rich bass to really bring them to life. Unfortunately, many portable speakers have poor-sounding bass, forcing consumers to sacrifice the sound they crave for the convenience they need. Not so with the following speakers. We here at Speaker Authority have compiled a list of the Bluetooth speakers with the best bass on the market. When it comes to quality bass and portability, these speakers have the best of both worlds.


JBL Flip 2 

Best Bluetooth Speaker With Bass

The first speaker on our list is the award winning Flip 2 from JBL. The Flip 2 is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but don’t let its size fool you – this speaker definitely packs a punch. It comes equipped with two drivers and a built-in bass port, allowing it to deliver powerful bass and crisp vocals at the same time. And the Flip 2 does more than just music. With built-in microphones and patented SoundClear® echo and noise cancellation technology, the speaker also serves as a hands-free speakerphone, making the transition between playing music and answering a phone simple. Wireless, portable, and rechargeable, the Flip 2 is everything you could want from a Bluetooth speaker, all while being competitively priced. It’s a speaker that can go anywhere and do anything.



UE Boom 

Best Bluetooth Speakers With Bass

The next speaker on our list is the Boom by UE. The Boom is a 360-degree speaker that unleashes rich, resonate sound in every direction. With bass this bold, the name “Boom” is well-deserved. Its convenient, eloquent shape makes it easy to bring just about anywhere, and its colorful acoustic skin and a high-tech plasma coating make it water and stain resistant. And this speaker has some range on it, too – users can switch songs, adjust volume, and take phone calls from up to fifty feet away. The battery on the Boom lasts for 15 hours of playback, so the party never has to stop. The most interesting aspect of the Boom, though, is its unique ‘Double Up’ feature. By downloading the UE Boom app, users can wirelessly link two Booms together and stream music to both of them in simultaneous stereo. Double the sound, double the bass, and double the fun. Customers can choose between a multitude of colors and styles, including Camo, Funky Zebra, and Skrillex Edition.



Bose Soundlink Color 

Bluetooth speaker with good bass

That brings us to the third entry on the list: the Bose Soundlink. The Soundlink is best described by one word – “vibrant.” Available in five different bright, lively colors (blue, mint, red, black, and white), it has a compact, rounded body that optimizes both convenience and durability. And its sound is just as vibrant as its look. The Soundlink plays music loud and clear, with crystal-clear highs and deep, reverberating lows. It has a range of 30 feet, and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that plays music for up to 8 hours. Its Auxiliary input makes it compatible with older devices that don’t have Bluetooth capabilities, and it can be charged with just about any USB power source. Two Bluetooth devices can connect with it at the same time, so users can quickly switch between devices by stopping the music on one device and starting it on another. Built in voice prompts make pairing your device to the speaker easier than ever. The Bose Soundlink retails for a fair price and it is worth every penny.


Best wireless speaker with bass

Sony SRS- X33


Like the other entries on this list, the Sony SRS-X33 manages to be both compact and powerful at the same time. Armed with 60 Hz bass response, 20 W audio, and dual passive radiators, you best believe this speaker brings the bass big time. This one has a 12-hour battery, and has the added bonus of plug in USB charging for your phone. It’s designed to be small and simple, and its neutral design makes it visually unobtrusive, meaning it can be placed in any environment without looking out of place. Like the Flip 2, it has a speakerphone for Bluetooth phone calls. Its NFC one-touch streaming connects devices quickly, and its Clear Audio+ technology delivers rich sound. Available in black, blue, red, and white, the Sony SRS-X33is currently available on Amazon.


That wraps up our list of the Best Bass Bluetooth Speakers. Hopefully one of the options we’ve listed will be able to satisfy your needs. Leave a comment if you have any questions, and we’ll answer you as quickly as we can!

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