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Best Dj Headphones

There are plenty of different variables that come into play when looking to buy your next pair of Dj headphones. And with tons of new pairs being released every week it can be tough to keep up. We here at Speaker Authority took the liberty of doing all research for you and have created a comprehensive list of the best dj headphones available to consumers. This list was created on the basis of several characteristics. Firstly we wanted the headphones to be of good buld quality. If you’re bringing your headphones with you to your sets, you want to be sure they can handle the wear and tear of travel. Comfort was another major factor we looked into in our research. Comfort included how they sat on both ears, a single ear and neck to ensure the headphones sat comfortably for all your Djing use. We also looked into each headphone’s sound quality and sound isolation. We made sure all headphones on this list were either bass heavy or flat so users could clearly hear snares and highs in order to beat match.


V-Moda M-100

Price Range: Upscale – Check Current Price

These headphones for V-Moda are our number one choice for best Dj headphones of 2016. Firstly these headphones are customizable to users can customize and change the look and design of these headphones. We also found these headphones to be incredibly comfortable. When looking through user reviews of these headphones one of the major themes we saw was the comfort these headphones offered. This comfort was not just for Djing use as some user reviews stated they used these headphones cross country flights and found they did not become uncomfortable over this long period of time. This means these headphones not only offer comfort for DJ use but also for long producing sessions and casual use. These headphones also feature a foldable hinge which can be useful when transporting the headphones to the venue. The construction and materials used to build these headphones is also quite good. Users of these headphones often stated that the V-Moda M-100’s could handle some serious wear and tear. And of course a major reason we choose these headphones as our top pick was due to their sound quality. These headphones offer their users great sound isolation as well as a heavy bass making beat matching incredibly easy. All in all the comfort, quality build and sound quality of these V-Moda headphones are what led us to to choose them as our top pick for Dj’ing headphones.


Sennheiser HD25

Price Level: Mid Range –

These headphones by Sennheiser are one of the most popular Dj headphones of all time. Firstly, these headphones are designed with dj’ing in mind. With each part of the headphones being replaceable you are sure to own these headphones for a long period of time. They are specifically built to be used by DJ’s both during sets and production. This benefits users in several features. One of these being the one ear listening feature. The rotating capsule makes it incredibly easy for users to utilize these headphones for single-ear use. They are also specifically designed for loud environments which allows for DJ’s to clearly hear the music despite the surroundings. The sound of these headphones is also quite high quality as reviews were quick to mentioned the nice mids and clear highs offered in the headphones. The sound is also quite flat making it easy for users to distinguish snares and bass in order to help with beat matching. They are also quite lightweight weighing only 4.9 ounces they are quite portable and can sit on your head quite comfortably. We also found that these Sennheiser headphones were incredibly durable. Users of this device stated that despite carrying these headphones in backpacks to and from their events and everyday use had minimal effects on the headphones functionality. Overall we ranked the Sennheiser HD 25’s as one of our the best DJ headphones because they offered quality sound and a comfortable fit to users all for an affordable price.


Pioneer HDJ C-70

Price Level: Mid Range –

The next pair of headphones on our list is the Pionerr HDJ C-70’s. These headphones made it onto our list of best Dj headphones for a multitude of reasons. Firtsly much like the previously mentioned HD 25’s these headphones were built with DJ’ing in mind. The designers of these headphones wanted to create a pair of headphones that DJ’s could wear comfortably for hours and also produce some quality sound. Luckily for us, the designers were succesful in both these feats. The comfort of these headphones is apparent right when you put them on. The soft fitting over ear pieces fit quite well onto the head and are easily adjustable. The beauty of these headphones is that they fit quite snuggly on your head yet still do not feel tight or uncomfortable. This results in no worries of your headphones slipping while in use and a comfortable wear for long periods of time. Another great feature of these headphones is that all parts are replaceable. These headphones come with a small screwdriver so users can switch out broken parts of the headphones if they happen to break. This results in incredibly long lifetime for these products as the majority can be repaired with quick fix. These headphones also offer their user some serious sound quality. With clear mids and crisp highs users will be able to an incredibly accurate sound through this pair of headphones. The bass on these headphones is quite powerful even more so than the previously mentioned headphones on this list. The strong bass allows users to easily beat match when using these headphones. Overall we found these headphones to be extremely high quality in both build and sound output. If you are looking for a long lasting quality pair of headphones for DJ’ing these headphones are a great option.



This concludes our list of the best Dj headphones. If you have any suggestions to add to this list comment and we will happily review them. Until then we hope this list satisfied your needs as these are some seriously high quality headphones.





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