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Best Headphones Under 50 Dollars

With new tech coming out everyday consumers no longer have to spend a lot of money to recieve a good pair of headphones. With hundreds of new headphones coming out every year the supply is driving the price down at an alarming rate. To satisfy our reader’s needs and to help you weed through all the available options we have compiled a list of the best headphones under 50 dollars. This post will be broken up into five separate categories depending on consumer needs. The categories will be as follows: Best in ear headphones under 50, Best over ear headphones under 50, Best Bluetooth headphones under 50, best noise cancelling headphones under 50, and cheapest yet serviceable headphones.


Best Over Ear Headphones Under 50 Dollars

Some users prefer the overall comfort and feel of over ear headphones. Though they tend to be more expensive than earbuds there are still man great options for over ear headphones for inexpensive prices .This section of the review will focus on the best available over ear headphones available to consumers for under fifty dollars.

Audio Technica ATH-M20X – 

These ATH-M20X headphones are another high-quality product from Audio Technica. With many successful audio products to their name this brand is known for creating quality products and these headphones are more of the same. The ATH series has several headphones all offered at different price ranges. These headphones s at the less expensive end of the line have received extremely positive reviews from consumers. Many consumer reviews mentioned the incredible value at this low price with the major theme among the consumer reviews being the incredible sound quality these headphones offered. These Audio Technica ATH-M20X headphones offer consumer some great value and are our choice for the best over ear headphones under fifty dollars.


Best Bluetooth Headphones Under 50

Nothing is more annoying than tangled up headphones cords. We thought we might add the best Bluetooth headphones under fifty dollars. With these wireless headphones, you won’t have to worry about cords and with Bluetooth technology getting better every day the sound quality is quite good.

Creative Sound Blaster Jam –

These headphones are the perfect option for anyone looking for a cheap yet quality pair of Bluetooth headphones. These headphones offer their users a ton of awesome features. Their wireless battery allows for up to 12 hours of music playtime. These headphones also have a unique one-click bass enhancement. Just one click onto the earpiece and the bass in these headphones will significantly increase. The one touch feature can also be used to answer phone calls and immediately pause music. This device’s also features a built in microphone so users can easily make voice calls through the headphones. These headphones are also quite comfortable fitting. The thick foam ear cushions on these headphones make them comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. If you are looking for an inexpensive pair of Bluetooth speakers than the Creative Sound Blaster Jam is a great option.


Best Earbuds Under 50 Dollars

Some users prefer the comfort of the in-ear headphones over their over ear counterparts. Earbuds tend to be a cheaper option than most traditional over ear headphones. This left us with a lot of options for the best earbuds under fifty dollars.

Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbud –

These earbuds are one of the top selling pair of headphones online and it is with good reason. The incredible sound quality offered with this earbuds is worth much more than their small price tag. The silicon casing on these earbuds makes for a comfortable fit and allows users to wear these headphones for long periods of time. The specially designed drivers in these earbuds are built to enhance bass as much as possible so users can jam out to their favourite tunes without missing out on the heavy bass that would usually be experienced with speakers. These earbuds also come with a built in microphone so users can make phone calls while wearing the earbuds. These Sony headphones offer just about everything you could want in a pair of earbuds the only difference being they are incredibly low priced. If you are looking for a quality pair of earbuds that will cost you under fifty dollars then look no further than the Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbuds.


Best Noise Cancelling Headphones under 50 dollars

Many of us work or live in noisy and loud environments and sometimes you just have to drown out the sound. Luckily their are quite a few options for users looking for noise cancelling headphones under fifty dollars. These headphones do a great job blocking out exterior noise and allow users to hear nothing but the music they choose to play. Here is our top pick for best noise cancelling headphones under fifty dollars.


Sony MDRZX110NC Noise Cancelling Headphones –

Our top choice for best noise cancelling headphones under fifty dollars is another sony product. These headphones from sony not only cancel out exterior sound, but also offer the users some great sound quality. Extremely lightweight and foldable these headphones can be brought with you just about anywhere. Their quality build makes them quite a comfortable pair of headphones and users stated that they could wear them for long periods of time with minimal discomfort. These headphones will not be quite as good as the bose QC 15’s but at one tenth of this price we believe these headphones are a great option. If you are looking for a quality pair of noise cancelling headphones for under fifty dollars then check out the Sony MDRZX110NC.


Cheapest Yet Serviceable

Some of us don’t get too caught up in the sound quality of headphones and frankly just want a pair that can get the job done. To satisfy those readers we searched for the least expensive pair of headphones that are readers could still enjoy. Throughout our research there were a lot of options but ultimately we choose a pair of earbuds that will cost you less than ten dollars.


Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbud Headphones –

These earphones are a great option for anyone looking to buy a pair of inexpensive headphones. They offer a greater value for their price than any other pair of headphones on this list. Though they are not quite up to par in terms of quality as the other speakers on this list, they are an absolute steal for their price. The are the top selling piece of audio equipment on amazon and amongst their thirty-two thousand reviews users are extremely impressed with the quality of these headphones. If you are looking for the best value purchase and just want to be able to hear your music clearly than these Panasonic earbuds are the best choice for you.







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