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Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers | Speaker Authority

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Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

With tons of new Bluetooth speakers entering the market every year it can become impossible to keep track of which models and brands are worth your hard earned money. That’s why we here at Speaker Authority have taken the liberty to put together a list of the best outdoor Bluetooth speakers for sale. We have decided to split this list into three major categories Outdoor party speakers, Casual outdoor speakers, and Durable outdoor speakers. The party speakers section is for hosting gatherings and events in which you need an outdoor speaker loud enough to be heard by a crowd. Casual outdoor speakers tend to have the highest quality sound but are for smaller groups and should not be permanently kept outside. Finally, the Durable outdoor speakers are the ones that users can leave poolside or out in the rain and not have to worry, these speakers can survive anything. Now, lets get to it!


Best Outdoor Party Speakers

If you’re looking for an outdoor Bluetooth speaker that can make some serious noise then this is the category you should look into. The speakers in this section are great for BBQ’s and parties and are sure to wake up your neighbours.


Best outdoor Bluetooth speakers

Big Blue Party Outdoor Speaker 

This speaker is a great option for anyone looking to bring some big noise outside. This Bluetooth speaker’s unique design allows for a 360 degree sound. It comes equipped with an easy carrying handle to be moved around your yard with ease. This speakers size allows for it to contain four full-range speaker drivers. Its splash-proof feature and 4.5 hour wireless battery make it a great option for any pool party or day at the beach.

Best outdoor Wireless Speakers

Ion Block Rocker

The Ion Block Rocker is the loudest outdoor speaker on this list with 50 watts of power coming through this beast. There are a few interesting features this speaker has which separates it from the rest of the list.  Firstly this speaker has wheels and a collapsing handle which allows for easy portability of the device. It also includes a microphone which can be used to talk through the speaker while simultaneously playing music. This feature is perfect for karaoke night as well as making announcements throughout the party or gathering. This speaker is also quite sturdy and reliable so wear and tear is not much of an issue. To find a outdoor Bluetooth speaker louder Ion Block Rocker your going to have to dish out at least another hundred dollars which is why we think the Ion Block Rocker is a great value purchase. This speaker also contains an auxiliary port meaning that even if your devices don’t have Bluetooth technology they can be connected. This speaker also receives FM and AM radio signals which allows users to listen to the radio through their speaker.  But that is not all, there is also a USB charging port on this unit so users can charge their phones or iPads through the speaker. If the speaker you looking for needs to be long lasting, loud and portable than this Ion Block Rocker is a great option.

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Best Casual Outdoor Speakers

These are speakers that users will use for small gatherings or solo use, they offer the best quality sound but are not as durable as the other speakers. Though they are portable and built for indoor/outdoor use they aren’t water proof so be sure to not leave them out in the rain.


Aiwa Exos 9 Bluetooth Speaker

The Aiwa Exos-9

This speaker is a phenomenal piece of equipment and the highest rated speaker we have ever reviewed here at speaker Authority. It offers incredible sound quality and can play at a surprisingly large volume for its size. This speaker also has a few interesting features including its linking feature. This allows two Aiwa Exos-9’s to be paired up and music played through simultaneously which results in an incredible listening experience.  It has a battery life of 8 hours and a Bluetooth range of up to fifty feet.  If you want an outdoor portable speaker that is sure to impress your guests then look no further than the Aiwa Exos-9.

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I Venstar Bluetooth Speaker Review

I-Venstar Taco 

This little speaker is a great option for users looking to find an inexpensive option for an outdoor Bluetooth speaker. This device puts out some quality sound for its small size and its inexpensive price This is arguably the best Bluetooth speaker available for under fifty dollars and is perfect for casual outdoor use. Though it is not waterproof this speaker is durable enough to be used outside as well as brought along on trips as a portable speaker. This speaker has an 8 hour battery life which is quite long for a speaker of its size and its also features a built in microphone for hands free calling. Users of this speaker were quite pleased with these speakers with the majority of consumers commenting on the surprisingly good sound quality. The I-Venstar Taco speaker also features an auxiliary input which allows users to connect non-Bluetooth devices if necessary. If what your looking for in your outdoor Bluetooth is something inexpensive that can get the job than the I-Venstar Taco is a great option.


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Best Durable Outdoor Speakers

The speakers featured in this section are pretty tough to break, shock-proof, dust- proof, water-proof you name it these speakers can survive it. If you plan on bringing these along on hiking or camping trips or even just want to have a pool speaker and not be worried about getting splashed these durable speakers will be your best bet.

JBL Charge 2 +

JBL Charge 2 Plus

This speaker adds another level to durability and quality, the previous JBL charge was highly regarded as a high quality Bluetooth speaker and now JBL has improved it with this splash proof model. This speaker’s sound quality is incredible and was something we saw reflected in many customer reviews as the best part of this device. It boasts a 12 hour battery life and also an interesting multiple device pairing feature. This allows multiple phones to connect to this speaker at once allowing for an easy transition of DJ’ing duties and access to all three devices music libraries. Though this speaker is not meant to be fully submerged it can withstand any rain or splash damage and can ever be washed under the tap for easy cleaning. This device like others on the list includes an auxiliary input and a USB charging station. This speaker is a great choice, as one consumer review stated “when buying the JBL Charge 2 Plus your buying it to last and that’s exactly what it will do”.

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Best outdoor portable speaker

UE Boom

This is our most durable speaker on the list as it can withstand any sort water damage including being fully submerged. This is one of the best outdoor Bluetooth speakers as it is extremely portable, durable and produces quality sound. This speaker has a fifteen-hour battery life which comes in handy on long hiking or camping trips. This speaker is also great for backyard use as it is loud enough to use for a small gathering and you will never have to worry about it breaking down. This speaker’s unique design allows for 360 degree sound and also has the pairing feature that was previously mentioned with the Awia Exos speakers. This means you could set up a few UE Booms across your backyard for a surround sound feel. The price of this speaker is great value for this speaker as like the JBL speaker you will not need to worry about purchasing a replacement.

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This concludes our list of the best outdoor Bluetooth speakers as we have covered casual, party, and durable speakers. Each speaker on this list could be your best bet depending on your preference. If you are searching purely for sound quality the best outdoor Bluetooth speaker would be the Awia Exos 9. For ultimate durability we suggest our users look into the UE Boom, if you’re looking for an inexpensive option that will get the job done we suggest you check out the  I-Venstar Taco. Finally, if you are looking for the loudest outdoor party speaker we suggest we get Ion Block RockerIf you have any questions regarding these speakers be sure to comment and let us know as we would be happy to help.

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