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Best Outdoor Rock Speakers | Speaker Authority

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Best Outdoor Rock Speakers

With technology advancing as quickly as it has consumers not only have the luxury of buying a speaker that could pass as a rock but actually have a large selection of outdoor rock speakers to choose from. Though, with the choice comes research luckily we here at Speaker Authority have decided to conduct that research for you. Throughout our list of the best outdoor rock speakers we will detail the highest quality speaker, the best value speaker, the best budget option and some alternative outdoor speakers that you may not have heard off. Now, let’s get started!


Highest quality Outdoor Rock Speaker

Klipsch AWR-650-SM Speakers – Check Current Price Here


Outdoor rock speaker

We decided to start our list with the highest quality outdoor rock speaker available and throughout our research determined it was the AWR-650 made by Klipsch. This speaker is the most expensive speaker on the list by a fair margin but it is worth every penny. Aside from their convincing aesthetics, these speakers offer incredible sound output.  This speaker is quite large weighing in at 13 pounds and measuring 17 inches tall. The wiring of this speaker is thick and waterproof so users should not worry about outdoor wear and tear. Inside this rock speaker is  a 6.5-inch woofer and dual 0.75-inch tweeters which deliver superior sound quality, with great sounding and smooth lows. The only real knock on this speaker is its higher price point, though it is without a doubt the highest quality outdoor rock speaker available to consumers.


Best Value Outdoor Speaker

Theater Solutions 4R4G speakers – Check Current Price Here

theater solutions outdoor rock speakers

At nearly half the price of a single Klipsch outdoor rock speaker, we found the speakers by theater solutions to be the best value purchase on the market. These speakers come in packs of four so users can place the speakers amongst their garden or patio in order to ensure a surround sound effect. They are roughly eight inches tall and seven inches weighing and in total weigh about fourteen pounds. These speakers will not offer the sound quality seen with the Klipsch speaker, though they are still a great set of speakers and have received numerous positive customer reviews.  The positives of the reviews tended to center around the surprisingly large amount of sound these speakers can output. If you are looking for durability and a good value purchase in your outdoor rock speakers than the theater solutions 4R4G are a great option.


Best Budget Outdoor Rock Speakers

Kid Rock Outdoor Rock Speaker

Kid Rok outdoor rock speaker

The Kid Rok outdoor rock speakers are the perfect option for those looking for an inexpensive outdoor rock speaker that can still get the job done. These speakers which come in a pair sit at a near half of the price of our previously mentioned theater solutions speakers. Though the sound quality isn’t quite as good these speakers can still get the job done. If you find that the Kid Rok speakers aren’t loud enough you can always purchase another pair to up the volume. These speakers sit roughly nine inches tall and nine inches wide which allows for them to fit quite conspicuously into your garden or patio. They are built quite durable and can withstand extreme temperatures both hot and cold. Though the durability isn’t much of a concern with this speakers as they come with a two-year warranty.  If you’re looking for a budget outdoor rock speaker that is still serviceable then the Kid Rok outdoor speakers are a great option for you.


Alternative Outdoor Speakers

We realized there are several other options consumers can look into when purchasing inconspicuous outdoor speakers. We decided to add these speakers to the list as before our research we had not heard of them and thought we would share them with our readers.

Madison Fielding Mini Planter Speaker – Check Current Price

Outdoor garden planter speakers

These speakers are an interesting option for anyone looking for an outdoor speaker. These fully functional planters can hold live or artificial plants and still play music throughout your backyard. These weather, water, and UV resistant speakers are a visually pleasing model that fit seamlessly into a backyard or patio setting. The speaker is kept out of site and offers a lower reflector which gives out an even 360 degree sound. If you are looking to purchase a unique speaker that could pass as just another piece in your garden than the Madison Fielding planters are a great option.


iLive Gnome Speaker – Check Current Price

Bluetooth garden gnome speaker

A new twist on the old classic, this garden gnome Bluetooth speaker allows for wireless connection to Bluetooth compatible devices so users can play their music throughout the backyard. The wireless range of this speaker is up to sixty feet.  It is also quite a durable speaker as it has an ipx4 waterproof rating meaning it can take rain and any sort of splashing without damaging the speaker. This speaker is more of a visual speaker as it’s sounds quality does not even come close to the previously mentioned options especially the rock speakers.


In conclusion, of this article we have found there are several best outdoor rock speakers depending on what you are looking for.  The Klipsch AWR-650-SM speakers are the highest quality outdoor rock speakers on the market. If users are looking for a value purchase then they are best off looking into the Theater Solutions 4R4G as they are our best value choice for outdoor rock speakers. If you are on a tight budget and are looking to buy outdoor rock speakers you best choice would be the Kid Rok speakers as they are inexpensive but serviceable. We also found several other visual options that users can look into when purchasing a garden speaker. If you planned on purchasing a Bluetooth speaker you can read our post on the best outdoor Bluetooth speakers. If you have any questions regarding these outdoor speakers or anything on our site be sure to leave a comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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