Best Portable Speakers Under 100 Dollars

Best Portable Speakers Under 100 Dollars

Best Portable Speakers Under 100 Dollars
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With the huge amount of Bluetooth speakers hitting the market it can be a trouble to find the right one. There are tons of new innovative speakers being released each day like Bluetooth motorcycle helmets and levitating speakers.We have compiled a list of the best portable speakers under 100 dollars to help our readers find what they actually need. We have chosen three speakers in this list which can all be considered the best depending on your criteria.

Firstly there is the best ultra portable speaker for under $100 this is a speaker that is about the size of your hand. Then you have the compact speakers which are easy to carry around but are slightly larger than the ultra portables. And finally, we have the cheapest portable speaker  that is still serviceable.


Best Portable Speakers Under 100 Dollars

Best Ultra Portable for under $100


UE Roll

best portable speakers under 100

This speaker is the ultimate device for portability and sound. It offers phenomenal sound quality for a speaker this size. It is on the higher end price wise for this list but offers incredible value. With an incredible amount of features this speaker offers a ton to its users. The UE Roll’s unique design offers water proof and dust proof design for some incredible durability. If you are looking for durability and bluetooth speaker under one hundred dollars than the Ue Roll is a great option for you.



  • Waterproof up to one meter
  • 65ft Bluetooth range
  • Marine grade Bungee cord
  • 360 Degree sound
  • 9 hour battery life
  • Pairable with any other UE speaker
  • Alarm clock feature


This speaker’s bungee cord feature allows you to bring it just about anywhere, with the ability to attach to your bike, belt , or backpack you will have music with you everywhere you go.  The Ue Roll offers incredible portability and sound quality making it our top ultra portable Bluetooth speaker for under one hundred dollars. Check out the reviews and current price on Amazon here!


Best Compact for under $100


Anker SoundCore 

Anker soundcore portable speaker

The Anker Soundcore is another great option when looking for a quality cheap speaker. This Bluetooth speaker has great value for its small price tag (Check current price here). This speaker is not quite as portable as the UE Roll but is still only 1.1 pounds and can easily be carried around in a bag throughout the day.



  • Solid Sound Quality
  • 24 Hour Battery
  • 18-month warranty
  • 50 ft Bluetooth Range


The Anker Soundcore is the best option available when shopping for an inexpensive Bluetooth speaker . Speakers around this price tend to have subpar sound quality or some other defect that allows for it to be priced this low. This little speaker has neither, this is displayed by the reviews which have an average of 4.6/5 stars on amazon. All in all the Anker Soundcore is a great option when looking for a cheap speaker that can still put out some quality sound.



Cheapest Yet Serviceable


DKnight Magicbox

 DKnight Cheap Bluetooth Speaker

Looking for the cheapest option that can still play some decent music? The DKnight may not have the quality of the aforementioned speakers but it still able to emit some quality sound despite usually being priced at a ridiculously low prices (Check current price here).




  • Great sound quality for price
  • Built it hands free calling
  • 10 hour battery
  • Lightweight, portable


This little speaker is one of the top selling Bluetooth speakers with over eleven thousand reviews on amazon with over sixty percent giving it five out of five stars. Customers are quite pleased with the product and often remarked on the surprisingly good quality for such a cheap Bluetooth speaker. You can check out the reviews for yourself here.


In Conclusion, if you want the highest quality sound from a Bluetooth speaker you are going to have to dish out more than one hundred dollars. But with the increasing amount of competition in the market some models such as the ones mentioned above are forced to be priced lower despite being quality products.  This leaves us with a unique opportunity of purchasing some great Bluetooth speakers at excellent value.

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