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Best Speakers For Parties

With tons of new speakers being released every year it can be tough to figure out which speakers are the best for you. We here at Speaker Authority have decided to compile the list of the best speakers for parties. We have set up a list of speakers that are best for you depending on your needs. Whether it be sound quality, durability or just volume output we have the best party speakers available for you.



Aiwa Exos – 9

This is the best Bluetooth speaker if you are looking for a high-quality sound for your parties. This speaker can get incredibly loud for a Bluetooth speaker which makes it perfect for you next house party. It is on the higher end in terms of price though it will be worth every penny. The Aiwa Exos is our highest ever speaker we have reviewed here at speaker authority and it is with good reason. This sound output this speaker offers is of the clearest and highest quality you will find in Bluetooth speakers. The Aiwa Exos also offer the ability for pairing. This means you can connect your Bluetooth device to multiple Aiwa Exos speakers and have them play in unison.  This is great for partying as it allows users to place multiple speakers throughout the house for a full surround sound experience for the party goers.  Another benefit of the Aiwa Exos is their portability they come with a silicon handle so users are easily able to moved around. This speaker has quite a large Bluetooth range of up to fifty feet meaning you can stay connected with your phone and Dj from fairly large distance. This Bluetooth speaker also comes equipped with an eight-hour battery life meaning you can use it for more remote parties such as a beach or in the backyard.

Big Blue party indoor/outdoor speaker

This speaker is a great option for anyone looking for a durable and portable party speaker. This speaker is fully Bluetooth compatible meaning it can be wirelessly connected to your phones and tablets. This speaker was built specifically with parties in mind as its portable design and durable exterior make it perfect for any get-together. This speaker’s unique design allows it to project a 360 degree sound. If you place this speaker in the middle of the party it is designed to project sound equally in all directions. Its durable outside casing allows for little wear and tear and is water resistant meaning it can spilled on, splashed and rained on without receiving any damage making it the perfect party speaker. This device has a four to five hour battery length making it perfect for outdoor parties in which you can not use a wired speaker. It also has a 3.5mm auxiliary input so if you have a non-Bluetooth compatible device it can still connected through an auxiliary cord. This speaker is also quite loud and offers its user some quality sound. Sitting at a fair price on amazon this speaker is a great value purchase. You will have trouble finding a speaker that offers this durability as well as this sound quality in this price range.

Ion Party Rocker

This is another Bluetooth speaker that was specifically built with party use in mind. This speaker offers a ton of features that make it one of the best party speakers on the market.  Firstly would be the four color LED light dome placed on the top of this speaker which creates an awesome light effect. This fifty-watt speaker is also able to get quite loud, and with it’s built in battery can last up to four to five hours per charge. Much like the other speakers on this list the Ion Party Rocker is also Bluetooth compatible meaning it can wirelessly connect to other Bluetooth devices.  The major feature that separates the Ion Party  Rocker from the rest of the speakers on this list is its instrument/microphone input. This speaker offers a 1/4 inch input that can be used to attach an instrument that will be projected through the speaker. This comes in handy with parties as the microphone can be used for announcements as well as karaoke. The volume can be controlled on the both the music as well as the instrument so users can set the instrument volumes to a comfortable level. It also comes with an auxiliary input in order to ensure compatibility with older devices. We believe this speaker is a great value purchase for the versatility that is offered. If the party speaker you are looking for needs to be loud and unique then the Ion Part Rocker is a great choice.


UE Boom

This device is the ultimate party speaker for durability, no matter what you throw at the UE Boom this speaker will make it through the night. Its exterior and design allow for it to be completely water proof including be fully submerged. This speaker’s small size and shape also allow for easy portability. Though don’t be fooled by its small size this speaker can produce some serious sound. As the other devices on this list the UE Boom is Bluetooth compatible though this speaker has several extra Bluetooth features. Firstly this speaker allows for up to eight connected Bluetooth devices, this means you and seven party guests can be connected to the UE Boom via Bluetooth and easily rotate Dj’ing duties.  This speaker also contains a pairing feature that allows multiple UE Booms to connect to a single Bluetooth device in order to play music simultaneously. This speaker and is well worth its price, this is mainly due to the fact that if you buy the UE boom you will not have to worry about purchasing another speaker for a while. If what you are looking for in your Party speaker is durability and sound quality then look no further the Ultimate Ears Boom.



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