Best Tailgating speakers 2017 | Speaker Authority

Best Tailgating speakers 2017 | Speaker Authority

Best Tailgating speakers 2017 | Speaker Authority
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Best Tailgating speakers 2017

No tailgate party is complete without some blasting music to set the mood for the big game. We at Speaker Authority have compiled a list of the best tailgating speakers our readers can buy in order have the best tailgating experience. These speakers range from the best sounding, most durable and the least expensive in hopes that we include the best speaker for you.

Ion Tailgating speaker

Ion Audio iPA77 Tailgater Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This is a great option when looking for a loud tailgating speaker with some interesting features. This speaker has a 50-hour rechargeable battery meaning it can last multiple tailgating session without ever having to leave your car. This speaker also features FM and AM radio connections so even listening to a some pre-game sports radio is an option with this device. It has Bluetooth technology but also contains an auxiliary port so connecting older iPods or even hooking up to your TV is still a possibility. Another interesting feature offered by this speaker is its microphone input, users can attach a microphone to and sing or make announcements through the speaker while still playing music.

The Best tailgate speaker

UE Mega Boom

This Bluetooth speaker is the newest in the Ultimate Ears line as it is the larger and more powerful upgrade from the UE boom. This speaker though fairly small can kick out some BIG noise. It offers a 20-hour battery life and a 100 foot Bluetooth range. The Mega boom’s unique design allows for 360 degree sound which means the sound is sent equally in each direction. A major bonus of this speaker is it’s splash proof exterior. Any spilt drinks will cause no damage to this speaker meaning that you won’t have to worry about spilling your drinks or shotgunning a beer too close to this handy piece of hardware.  This speaker has a high-quality sound but is also quite durable making it a great option for tailgating.

Aiwa Exos 9 Bluetooth Speaker

Aiwa Exos – 9

The Aiwa Exos is a higher end speaker that has been featured on many of our best of lists due to its exceptional sound quality. This speaker is our highest rated Bluetooth speaker due to its portability and incredible sound output. Though this speaker has many uses it can definitely be used to liven up your next tailgate. It is a higher priced speaker but definitely lives up to its price with its ability to produce some high-end sound. The speaker also has the unique ability to use a feature called Link pairing which allows users to play music through multiple Aiwa Exos at the same time. A single Aiwa Exos is loud but pairing up with another would be enough to rock the parking lot. This portable speaker comes with an 8-hour battery, 50 foot Bluetooth range and a silicon handle for easy portability. If your choice of Bluetooth speaker is high-quality sound than we suggest you look no further than the Aiwa Exos-9.

Best tailgate portable speaker

Fugoo Tough

This is the ultimate Bluetooth speaker for a rowdy tailgate party. Though the sound quality isn’t as high or quite as loud as the other models this speaker is far and away the leader in durability. Even the craziest tailgate parties will not be able to damage this speaker. It is dust-proof, shock-proof ,water-proof and snow-proof which basically translates to invincible. The speaker is built with a tough rubber exterior so dropping this speaker will cause minimal damage. This device also boasts a forty hour battery life of music playtime which extremely long for a Bluetooth speaker. Consumer reviews of this product are quite positive and has seen the Fugoo Tough being widely accepted as the most durable Bluetooth speaker on the makret. This speaker is not the cheapest on the market but trust us when we say your won’t have to worry about buying another Bluetooth speaker after you purchase the Fugoo Tough. If what you are looking for in a tailgate speaker is durability than the Fugoo Tough is the best option for you.



Discount Option

We realized that this list of the best tailgate speakers has been higher priced options so we thought we should include a discount option. Obviously, this speaker won’t be as of high quality as the previous options but it is still serviceable and it is the best option you will find for under fifty dollars.

Speaker for Tailgate party

Dknight Magic box II

This is the second edition of the Dknight magic box which has been one the most successful portable Bluetooth speakers on the market. Although this device was now designed for tailgating use like some of the other speaker on this list it still works quite well , especially for a discount option. Though this speaker isn’t quite as good as the other options it is still able to produce some quality sound and has a low price tag. Its volume levels will be loud enough to hear if sitting close to the car but it could be over powered by other speakers in the area.  This speaker offers a 10-hour battery length and weighing only 0.65 pounds this speaker is very portable. If you’re looking for a discount speaker that can offer some decent sound for your next tailgate than the DKnight Magicbox is your best bet.


This concludes our list of the best Tailgate Speakers we hope that are options have helped our readers to find the speaker they were looking for. If you have any questions regarding any speakers above or about speakers in general be sure to comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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