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Big Blue Party Indoor/Outdoor Speaker Review

Not opting for the cheapest Bluetooth speaker may seem like the easiest choice but in the case of the Big Blue portable speaker it is most definitely worth its price tag. This speaker is one of the larger models that we have reviewed weighing in at 14.7 pounds. This speakers large size makes room for four full range speaker drivers which allow it to produce an even 360 degree sound.  This speakers durability and sound quality make it the perfect party and around the house speaker for those looking for a durable speaker.


Price Level: Upscale –


  • Water Resistant  This speaker can withstand rain and any splash damage that comes its way making it perfect for beach days or poolside parties.


  • Easy to grip handle The handle feature enhances the portability of this speaker as it makes it quite easy to carry around


  • 4.5-hour battery life – Allows for almost five hours of wireless play at full volume


  • 360 degree sound – The design of this speaker creates a unique 360-degree sound experience for its users. Place the speaker in the center of the room and notice the sound will spread equally


Public Opinion

This point of the review consists of an exhaustive analysis of all the consumer reviews we can find. We at Speaker Authority weigh this section of the review heavily as we believe it is the best way to gauge the quality of the product. Who is better equipped to create an accurate review of the product than the consumers themselves? To find the consensus public opinion of this model we read through hundreds of reviews both good and bad in order to determine what the consumers really think.


The Good

Extraordinary Sound Quality

  • This sound quality of this speaker is absolutely phenomenal and this was reflected in the reviews. Nearly every review spoke of the great quality of sound this device outputs. The only speaker which has comparable sound quality would be the Aiwa Exos-9 which usually has a higher price tag.

Extremely loud

  • Nearly every review talked up the incredibly high volume level this speaker could reach. With some reviewers going as far to say this speaker is equivalent to having a club speaker in your home. The users also stated that even at max volume this speaker was crystal clear.

Pounding Bass

  • The subwoofer built into this powerful speaker is able to create a pounding bass that will have your room shaking.

Auxiliary port

  • This device also contains an auxiliary port meaning that by using any old auxiliary cord you can connect this speaker with your home tv or even your old iPod models.

Well Built

  • Quite a few reviews mentioned the quality and professional feel of these speakers, users tended to state the speakers felt sturdy and well built

Water proof

  • Users were quite pleased with the water resistant feature offered by this speaker. I myself have been the victim of leaving a speaker out in the rain, with the Big Blue party speaker you don’t have to worry. The water resistant feature allows for increased durability and makes it great for beach and poolside use.


The Bad

Battery Length

  • Though reviewers conceded that the battery life was the 4.5 hours that was advertised some users felt that this was not long enough and water a longer lasting speaker.

Bluetooth Connectivity

  • Though users stated that the connecting process was quite easy some reviewers stated that moving too far away from the speaker caused connectivity issues


Overall the reviews for the Big Blue party indoor/outdoor party speaker were overwhelmingly positive with the average rating of this speaker sitting around 4.7 out of 5 stars. Users constantly commented on the phenomenal quality of sound this portable speaker creates and was often referred to as the best Bluetooth speaker they have ever bought. Time and time again the reviewers recommended this wireless speaker to anyone looking to purchase a quality outdoor speaker.


Bang for your Buck

Though this device is more expensive than the majority of Bluetooth speakers it is worth every dollar. You will find no portable Bluetooth speaker cheaper than this model that has a higher quality of sound. The Big Blue party speaker is able to produce some incredible sound without breaking the bank. The high-quality materials used in this product allow it to last longer than your traditional Bluetooth speaker and comes with a 1-year free warranty just to be safe. You can check the current Amazon price here!


Big Blue Party Indoor/ Outdoor Speaker FAQ’s


Does it sound better than the big Jambox by Jawbone?

Yes, and by a large margin, the sound quality between these two models is not even close.


Can I use the Big Blue Party Indoor/ Outdoor speaker while charging?

Yes, using this speaker while charging will not cause any damage to the speaker


Can I control the Bass or Treble on this speaker?

Yes, there are controls on the speaker that allows you to adjust both the bass and treble.


The Verdict

We at Speaker Authority believe that this speaker is a great option if you are looking for a high-quality portable speaker. Though this speaker is larger than the majority of Bluetooth speakers its easy carry handle makes it perfect for portability. The sound quality in this speaker is unmatched by anything in its price range and has extremely high volume levels for a wireless speaker. If you are looking to buy a great sounding high quality Bluetooth speaker that will last, the Big Blue Party Indoor Outdoor speaker is the best choice for you.


Check it out on Amazon!

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