Bluedio H Plus Turbine Review | Speaker Authority

Bluedio H Plus Turbine Review | Speaker Authority

Bluedio H Plus Turbine Review | Speaker Authority
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Bluedio H Plus Turbine Review

This Bluedio H Plus Turbine Review will take a look at the feature rich headphones that we have determined to be one of the top in their class. We will cover all the functions these headphones have and give our opinion of the sound quality, comfort and convenience. We will give a summary of public opinion based on what other consumers of this model said about their set. We discovered during our research and testing of this model that for the price range and considering these are Bluetooth, they are a great value purchase. If you are looking for many special features in one set of headphones at a great price, these have it.


Price Level: Inexpensive – Check Current Price Here



Bluetooth Capability + Simultaneously connect to 2 devices – This unique feature allows you to connect 2 devices at the same time. Only found with Bluetooth 4.1 technology.

40 Hour Battery Life – 40 hours of listing time because of an excellent battery life on these wireless headphones and much higher than the industry average.

Mini SD Card Slot for MP3 and WAV files- Listen to your favorite music no matter where you are, without a connection, simply put music files on the mini SD card and plug the card into the headphones.

FM Radio – These headphones have an FM radio tuner to pick up FM stations.

Charge with Mini USB – Conveniently charge these headphones using a mini USB cable.

Built in microphone – Users are able to make hand free calls through these headphones via the built in microphone.

Auxiliary cable Jack – These headphones feature a 3.5mm auxiliary input. This means users can use an auxiliary cord to attach non-Bluetooth compatible devices to these Bluedio Headphones.


bluedio headphones review

Build and Fit

These Bluedio headphones are on the ear fit, with soft synthetic leather pads for comfort and moisture resistance. The fit is tight and great for smaller frames. The band does have some adjustment as well so users can cusotmize the fit to their liking.


Public Opinion

In this portion of our review, we look to gain a better understanding of the consumer thoughts of this product. We feel that to truly get the best understanding of the product we should know how the average consumer received it. To do this we analyzed hundred of consumer reviews both good and bad to find out more about these headphones. We have summarized the thoughts of consumers into the major themes we saw throughout our research. Here is what the consumers had to say.


The Good

Sound Quality – For the price of the headphones the sound quality is better than expected. Sound is clear and detailed.  The headphones had decent bass and great volume level as well. Although they do not compare to very expensive and high end headphones, in this class and at this price they are excellent.

Bluetooth Connectivity + 4.1 Simultaneous connections – These headphones have a very special feature. They can connect, via Bluetooth to 2 devices at the same time. In order to do this the headphones must have Bluetooth 4.1, which these headphones do. This means that you can listen to music on your computer and take a call from your mobile phone.


Battery life – This wireless headphone knocks it out of the park with their battery life which exceeds others in the same class. They have 40 hours listening time and 45 hour talk time and have been tested and the reviews verify this. In addition, some phones are able to tell you how much charge remains on the headset.


Price – Reviewers continually raved about the price and specifically how many features are included for the price. Many are impressed with all that these headphones can do while costing so little.


The Bad

Soundproofing – The headphones are not soundproof, so whatever you are listening to can be heard somewhat by those around you which can invade privacy or annoy others. The leakage of the audio can make these headphones seem like speakers at higher volumes.

Construction –  The headphones are made mostly of plastic. There are a few pieces that look like metal but are actually painted plastic. Consumers complained that the headband would snap when they tried to adjust the band and were quite dissatisfied with that.

Overall many will find that the features these headphones have will outweigh the headphones weak points. It is challenging to find a Bluetooth with the 4.1 technology, and can not be found in another set at this price. With all the other functionality like the SD card, being wireless, having an FM radio, having excellent battery life some can overlook the inexpensive construction.

Bluedio H turbine headphones review

Bang For Your Buck

These headphones by Bluedio are an excellent value for anyone looking for a mid-range priced pair of wireless headphones with Bluetooth 4.1 technology. The sound quality is good for the price range. The other features such as built in mic, phone controls, SD card, extended battery life and FM radio just add to the value. You would need to spend 200 to 300 dollars to find another set of headphones with all these features. They are a great buy for their price class.



Bluedio Headphones FAQ’s

Are there controls for the SD card?

No, the SD card plays audio in the order it is layed out on the SD card.

How to I activate the Bluetooth feature?

You need to hold down the silver button next to the FM button for 3 or 4 seconds. The blue light will begin to flash. Then you must turn on your phone and go to the Bluetooth menu and select connect to device from your phone.


The Verdict

In conclusion we highly recommend these Bluetooth 401 headphones from Bluedio. With the ability to connect to 2 devices at once, great sound quality and long battery life, it’s hard to go wrong with these headphones. There are headphones out there with higher quality construction, but if you need all these features, you will need to pay several hundred dollars more to get them.

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