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Bowers and Wilkins C5  Review | Speaker Authority

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Bowers and Wilkins C5  Review

Our Bowers and Wilkins C5 review will take a close up look at the features, style and performance of these mid-range in ear headphones. We will cover buyer reactions both good and bad, as well as what it is about this model that attracts buyers most. These Bowers & Wilkins C5 S2 in-ear headphones have a loyal following and with good reason. These headphones have earned their place among the top of the mid-range in ear headphone category. If you’re are looking for a quality pair of headphones that can output some quality sound than the Bowers and Wilkins C5 earbuds are a great option.

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Redesigned High-Definition Drive Units – C5 Series 2 include a 9.2mm dynamic driver, which deliver powerful but controlled bass, which allows for a more free, clear and life like sound.

Secure Loop design  –  These headphones are designed with an in ear loop which adjusts to the circumference of the inner ridge of the ear, securing the headphones. In ear headphones rely on a perfect fit in order to deliver the best sound. A loose fitting ear piece will ruin the sound, so it is important that the headphone be secured in place. The loops are detachable if you would like to remove them.

Comfort-fit ear buds- These headphones include three different size silicone buds so you can try each size to find the best fit and gain the highest level of noise reduction, as well as the most secure fit for your ear shape.

Micro Porous Filter –  The C5 Series 2’s feature a Micro Porous filter that uses microscopic steel balls to diffuse sound sonically, adding clarity and reproducing audio that has a open, rich and life like sound.

Tungsten Balanced Design – These headphones are weighted and balanced using tungsten metal. The tungsten balances the headphone toward the ear, not away, so the headphones will stay in place during jogging and other vigorous activities.

Bowers & Wilkins C5 S2 In-Ear Headphones

Build and Fit

While in ear headphones can be known for inconsistent sound quality due to incorrect fit, these Bowers & Wilkins C5 S2 in-ear headphones have overcome this problem with the clever design of the in ear loop, the balance and stability provided by the tungsten weight and the custom fit achieved using your choice of three soft silicone tips.


Public Opinion

In the public opinion section we will give an overview and the highlights of public opinion regarding the Bowers and Wilkins C5 S2 in-ear headphones. Opinion is based on the ratings of real buyers of these headphones. As the online electronics market grows, detailed, truthful and helpful buyer reviews become that much more important. Online buyers rely on the honest opinions of others to make their final choice. Despite a few individual complaints about the left ear bud failing in under a year, the overall rating given by consumers is very favorable.

The Good

Sound Quality – The Bowers & Wilkins C5 S2 in-ear headphones have the most dynamic sound, great analog quality and a detailed upper range. The bass is enhanced and complements the low and high range. The lower range is enhanced; Upper mid-range has great clarity, giving a true to life vocal reproduction. The treble is even and not rough. All the tones and distinctions in each recording can be heard clearly. The acoustics and equilibrium of the headphones are impressive.


Great Bass – The bass on these headphones is above par. The bass is balanced and has an analog flavor that is smooth, tight and well controlled. This model has more bass then the previous model, without being overdone.

Noise blocking – the superb fit these headphones offer make them great at blocking ambient noise. They block out surrounding sound, making them great for the gym or your commute.

Secure fit – The intelligent loop design secures these headphones in the ear very well. This design allows you to feel as if you are not wearing earphones. Be sure to use the correct side with each ear for the best fit.


The Bad

The cord – The cord is thin and looks inexpensive. The cord is prone to tangling which can be an annoyance. The cord could be a bit longer as it may not be stowed in the pockets of taller users.

Overall the excellent sound quality far outweighs the possible defects. The headphones are virtually best in class for mid-range headphones. These headphones are not the least expensive in this class, but because they are high quality, fit securely and have near perfect sound they are the go to headphones of this class.

Bang for Your Buck

Bowers and Wilkins are known for sound quality and these headphones are no exception. This is where these in ear headphones shine. They are not the least expensive in the range, but if sound quality is what you are after, these headphones will not let you down.

Bowers & Wilkins C5 S2 review

Bowers And Wilkins C5 S2 in-ear headphones FAQ


Do these headphones plug the ears to the point where you hear too much of your own voice while taking a phone call?


They do block noise very well and this can be a problem on a call. Some users simply pop the bud out of one ear to relieve this issue. Most users would rather have the noise block and put up with this minor annoyance.


Does this model have an active noise cancellation feature?


These headphones have no active noise cancellation. Instead the design of the earpiece creates such a snug fit that it can mechanically block noise quite effectively.

 The Verdict

After extensively researching this model we heartily recommend these headphones which will please the most selective consumers. The focus on sound quality makes them a great choice for those who value excellence in this area. These headphones live up to the high standards Bowen and Wilkins are famous for.


Bowers and Wilkins C5 Earbuds Review


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