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CB3 Ultra Slim Bluetooth Speaker

This ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker is a great option for users looking for a low cost wireless speaker that can kick out some serious sound. The CB3 Ultra Slim Bluetooth Speaker is able to pack a lot of power into its tiny frame and is offered for an inexpensive cost. Throughout our review of this speaker we were quite surprised with its ability to produce great highs and quality lows. The CB3 ultra slim portable speaker comes in three different colors silver, gold, and gray all of which look great on its aluminum exterior.

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  • Lightweight and portable – This speaker only weighs 0.8 ounces which makes it incredibly easy to carry around. It is also the worlds slimmest 12-watt wireless speaker, great for those who are looking to take their music where ever they go.
  • Bluetooth Compatible – This device can connect to any device with Bluetooth technology making for easy use from your smartphone, laptop or tablet.
  • Auxillary input – This device has a built in 3.5mm auxiliary input which allows users to connect non Bluetooth devices such as an old iPod to this speaker.
  • Carrying Pouch – This speaker comes with a carrying pouch consumers can use when travelling with this wireless speaker.
  • 8 – hour battery life – When fully charged this speaker can last up to eight hours of music playtime.
  • 1-year warranty – The CB3 Ultra Slim Bluetooth speaker comes with a hassle free 1 year warranty.
  • Sd card slot – Users can load playlists on micro SD cards and put it into the speaker for future use.

CB3 ultra slim portable speaker review

Public Opinion: CB3 Ultra Slim

This section of our review brings the consumer thoughts of this product into focus. We feel that in order to get the best understanding of how our readers will enjoy the speakers we should reach out to real consumers and see how they felt about the product. To do this we read hundreds of verified purchase reviews and found the major positives and negatives consumers found with the CB3 Ultra slim Bluetooth speaker.


The Good

Loud for its size

  • This was our number most common benefit when came across when reading the consumer reviews of the CB3 ultra slim. Reviews mentioned time and time again that this speaker could produce some serious volume output for its small size. Though this speaker will not produce enough volume to host a large party, users seemed quite content with its volume levels stating it was loud enough to be used personal use or small gatherings.

Great Bluetooth connection

  • A common issue faced by many wireless speaker users is the lack of reliability in Bluetooth connections. This is not something we saw in this model as many users spoke of the ease with which they could connect to their devices and the consistency this speaker had with remaining connected.

Visually Pleasing

  • Reviewers were also quite content with the sleek design this speaker offered. This comment was most commonly seen in gift purchases as reviewers stated the gift recipient were often quite happy with the visual aspects of the speaker.

Value Purchase

  • Many reviews commented on the great value this speaker had to offer at its inexpensive online price. For its price this speaker is a great bargain for everything its brings to the table.

Easy to operate

  • Many reviews commented on how easy and simple it was to operate this speaker. From the setup to the volume control reviewers stated that this device was very easy to control some going as far to label in “Grandma Proof”.

Ultra Portable

  • They this may seem like an obvious benefit many users of this speaker mentioned its portability in their reviews. Weighing only 0.8 ounces and incredibly thin this speaker is built for easy transportation. Not to mention its aluminum exterior makes it ideal for sliding in and out of pockets.

CB3 Ultra Slim wireless speaker review

The Bad


Lack of Bass

  • Some users seemed displeased with the heaviness of the bass featured in this speaker. Though it is true that this speaker’s bass isn’t overwhelming it should be noted that in Bluetooth speakers in general especially ones of this size the bass capabilities will always not be up to par with wired speakers.


Overall reviewers of the CB3 Ultra Slim Bluetooth speaker were very happy with the product. With very few negative reviews we have concluded that the public opinion on this portable speaker is quite positive. The major pros of this speaker were its sound output and its easy to operate features. We here at Speaker Authority would also like to add that we felt the consumer reviews were quite accurate in their comment regarding the speakers pros and cons.


Bang for your Buck

For its price, we mark the CB3 wireless speaker as a great value purchase. With its good sound quality, portability, and durability we believe users are getting great value on their dollar. Though there are many cheaper Bluetooth speaker options the majority are built with the cheapest materials available, this is not the case with this model. The speakers aluminum exterior allows for durability that isn’t often seen with speakers in this price range. Not to mention the 1 year warranty that comes along with this speaker, we believe that purchasing this speaker will pay off not just in the quality of sound but the quality of the speaker itself.


CB3 Ultra Slim Bluetooth Speaker FAQ’s

Does the battery last the advertised 8 hours?

Yes, through our own personal use as well as our analysis of consumer reviews we found the battery did last for the advertised 8 hours.


How large of an SD card can I use in this speaker?

This speaker accepts micro SD cards up to 32 GB.


Can I use this speaker while its charging?

Yes, using this speaker while it charges will have no negative effects.



The Verdict

In conclusion, we have found that the CB3 Ultra slim Bluetooth speaker is a great option for consumers looking to purchase an inexpensive portable speaker. With good sound quality and large volume output for its small size we are quite impressed with this portable speaker. Its major benefits were it durable and stylish design and its the value it presents for its fair price. We have given this speaker a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. If you are looking for a speaker that is durable, portable, inexpensive, and loud than the CB3 Ultra slim wireless speaker is a great option for you.


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