Celtic Blu tallboy speaker Review | Speaker Authority

Celtic Blu tallboy speaker Review | Speaker Authority

Celtic Blu tallboy speaker Review | Speaker Authority
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Celtic Blu Tallboy Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Celtic Blu Tallboy Bluetooth speaker is the most versatile speaker we have ever reviewed here at Speaker Authority. This device has just about everything you could ever want in a Bluetooth speaker. If you’re looking for a versatile speaker that can be used in just about any situation then the Celtic Blu is definitely an option you should look into.


Price level: Mid range – check current price here


  • 360 Degree sound – This speaker’s unique design allows for it to project sound equally in all directions.


  • 30 Hour Battery Life – This speaker is perfect for multi-day use as its battery last for 3o hours of music play time.


  • USB Charging station – This speaker has a built-in power bank that can be used to charge phones, tablets, and other accessories.


  • Splashproof/ Rainproof- This speaker can be left out in the rain and even used in the shower and will not receive any damage. Though be sure to not fully submerge the speaker underwater as that will cause damage.


  • Built in Microphone – This allows users to use this speaker for hands-free calling.


  • TF memory cards slot – Music playlists can be downloaded onto a TF card and inserted into the speaker for non-Bluetooth use.


  • Auxiliary port – This speaker has a 3.5mm Auxillary port, this means you can even connect your non-Bluetooth devices like a TV or an old iPod and have its audio projected through the speaker.


  • Built in Antenna – This speaker has a built in Radio antenna which allows users to access FM radio through the speaker.


  • Shock Proof, Stain Resistant


  • Ultra- portable – This speaker has a water bottle shape and only weighs 1.3 pounds making it very portable.


  • Bike handle attachment – The bike handle attachment that comes with this speaker allows users to control the volume of the speaker as well as use the horn feature from a clip placed on the Bicycles handlebars.


Celtic Blu Tallboy speaker review


Public Opinion

In this part of the review we analyzed hundred of consumer reviews on the Celtic Blu portable speaker. We believe this helps us get a better understanding of how the consumers received the product. By looking at real consumer reviews we can understand what exactly the consumers think of the product both good and bad in hopes of showing our readers what they should expect. Here is what they had to say.

The Good


  • Users often remarked on the durability of this speaker, mainly its ability to withstand the outdoors and heavy usage. Bikers, camper, hikers are just a few examples we saw of consumers that enjoyed the durability offered with this speaker.

Loud and quality sound

  • Users were quite surprised at the amount of sound this speaker could create with it only being the size of a water bottle. Also commenting that the speaker remained nice and clear at all volume levels.

Battery Life and Power Bank

  • Users that used the speaker for multiple day trips were especially appreciative of this feature. This speaker’s long battery life and USB charge port were repeated mentioned in positive reviews by users that used the speaker for multiple days before charging.


  • Reviews of this speaker often mentioned the usefulness of this devices versatility. From at home use to the beach and on your next bike ride this speaker can be used for just about everything.

Bike attachment

  • Many reviewers of this speaker were cyclists and often commented on the usefulness of the handle bar attachment. This allowed users to skip tracks control volume and even use a horn feature which users stated was very loud. They went on to say how this device helps the safety of cycling. Headphones cancel out the noise of surround dangers but with this speaker you can listen to your favourite songs while still remaining safe.

Celtic Blue portable Bluetooth speaker review

The Bad

Radio Frequency

  • Some user reviews stated they had trouble achieving clear radio broadcasts with this speaker’s built in antenna.


In conclusion, the consumers were extremely positive in their reviews of the Celtic Blu Tallboy speaker. This is arguably the highest rated speaker we have ever reviewed as nearly each and every review we came across only had positive things to say. Users were especially pleased with the multitude of features that this device offered. Usually, when reviewing a speaker the positive reviews tend to come from a single type of user such as a casual at home listener or a camper. The consumer reviews of these product were positive from just about every demographic you can think of which says a lot for this speakers versatility.


Bang for Your Buck

We believe that this speaker is great a great value purchase for its price tag. This speaker has some quality sound as and volume output for a speaker of its size. Not to mention the sheer amount of features this speaker offers makes it a worth every penny. No other speakers offer this amount of features let alone for a speaker of this price. For its price tag we believe you are getting great value on your dollar.


Celtic Blue Portable Bluetooth Speaker FAQ’s

Is this speaker waterproof enough to be used in the shower?

  • Yes, this speaker can be used in the speaker though it is loud enough that just placing in the bathroom itself should be sufficiently loud.

Does this speaker come in colors other than Blue?



Overall we found the Celtic Blu Tallboy speaker to be an outstanding portable speaker and have given it a rating of five out of five stars. A great value purchase loaded with features and quality sound this device has just about everything you could ask for in a Bluetooth speaker. Consumers were extremely approving when reviewing the product as we saw only positive reviews when conducting our market research. The Celtic Blu Tallboy offers versatility and durability which extends its use to many different users. If you plan on buying a speaker for home use, shower use or your next bike ride the Celtic Blu Tallboy would make a great choice.


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Celtic Blu portable speaker review


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