Coolest Speakers That Anyone Can Afford | Speaker Authority

Coolest Speakers That Anyone Can Afford | Speaker Authority

Coolest Speakers That Anyone Can Afford | Speaker Authority
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Coolest Speakers That Anyone Can Afford

There are hundreds of speakers available online that can put out some quality sound but we decided to list out some of the coolest speakers that our readers could buy. New interesting speakers are being released every day as technology advances, with some companies go as far as placing them in motorcycle helmets. All these speakers can be found on Amazon and for the most part are quite affordable. Now without further adieu here are the coolest Bluetooth speakers on the market today!



Music Angel Levitating Speaker

cool speakers

Yeah, you read that write this speaker actually levitates. Believe it or not, this speaker isn’t actually too expensive you can check current price here. This speaker is definitely one of the standouts we’ve found online and is definitely one of the most aesthetically pleasing speakers available to consumers. This device comes with built in LED lights as well as special sound guide cone that allows for 3D sound projection.


Sound Soul Fountain Dancing Speakers

These speakers can be best shown in action in the video above. They really are a unique set of speakers which look amazing especially when in a dark room. The water and light show correspond to the music being played through the speaker to create an awesome light show! They are also surprisingly cheap when purchased online you can check the current price here!


Smart Bulb Bluetooth Speaker

Light Bulb speaker

This little bulb doubles as a Bluetooth speaker and also contains a customizable LED light. Screw it into your lamp or use the free attachment offered here and start blasting your favourite tunes. These little speakers are also pretty inexpensive despite their features, you can check the current price here.


ShineHome Portable Speaker


Shinehome speaker



Though this speaker isn’t unique as the others is still is quite a cool looking little device. It doesn’t offer any crazy features but looks great and is a great little piece of decor to put in any room. It puts out some quality sound and like many other options mentioned on this list is quite inexpensive you can Check the current price here!

DeathStar Speaker

Starwars Speaker

This speaker is great for all you Starwars fanboys and fangirls out there. Step up your fan manship by playing some tunes via the Deathstar. This Bluetooth speaker allows you to control your music wirelessly through your phone. It puts out some decent sound and usually sits at a relatively low price You can check out the current price here!

Rubix Cube Speaker

Cool rubix cube speaker

A new twist on an old classic, this speaker has turned your old Rubix cube into a Light-up Bluetooth speaker. Great little portable speaker that actually puts out some surprisingly good base while looking pretty good visually, especially with the lights off. This speaker is quite cheap you can check the current price here!


We hope you enjoyed our list of the coolest and most affordable speakers online. If your are looking to find some of our in-depth reviews be sure to check out our review section in the menu above. As well as our lists for loudest Bluetooth speakers as well as our list for the best portable speakers under $100.


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