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Coolest Star Wars Speakers | Speaker Authority
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Coolest Star Wars Speakers

Star Wars has found its way into just about every single type of product, and as you’ll see through this article portable speakers are no different. Amongst the many options, we picked what we found to be the five coolest Star Wars speakers we could find. All of these speakers are available for purchase on Amazon and for the most part are quite affordable. Let’s get started!


Levitating Death Star

The speaker is extremely unique and one of the coolest speakers we have ever come across. This device quite literally levitates while it plays your favourite songs. Though this levitating feature isn’t just for looks, the floating speaker is able to project sound equally in all directions making it perfect for gatherings of friends. If you’re looking for a speaker that be a great conversational piece than there is no better choice than this levitating speaker. You can check its current price on Amazon here.


Millenium Falcon Speaker

Pay homage to your favourite heroes by playing some tunes through their classic Spaceship. Though this speaker doesn’t have any levitating features like the death star it still looks great and can kick out some decent sound. It can connect wirelessly through Bluetooth and also contains a built-in microphone so users can make hands-free voice calls. Check out the current price of this speaker here.


Darth Vader CD Boombox

This speaker despite looking pretty awesome also allows users to play music through CDs. Now I’m not quite sure when playing CDs became a unique feature but looking for speakers these days this is one of the few remaining that does so. And don’t worry this speaker has an auxiliary port so you can still attach your Ipod or phone to this speaker through a wired connection. It also has AM/FM radio and LED light up eyes! You can check out its current price on Amazon here.


Tie Fighter Speaker

This speaker comes from the same line as the previously mentioned millennium falcon speaker. It offers all the same features including the thirty foot Bluetooth range and built in mic. Only major difference being the looks, the choice between these speakers comes down to your personal preference. Check out the current price of this Tie Fighter speaker on Amazon here.


Stormtrooper Helmet Speaker

This unique little speaker is a great addition to any Star Wars themed room. Looks great on a shelf or desk, this device is both Bluetooth compatible and contains an auxiliary input. With 5 watts of power, this speaker can produce some quality sound for its size. If you are looking for a novelty speaker that can still play some quality music this speaker is a great option. You can check this speaker’s current price on Amazon here.



If you have any other recommendations or interesting Starwars speakers be sure to comment and let us know!




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