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Coolstream Speaker Review| Speaker Authority

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Coolstream Speaker Review


The Coolstream portable Bluetooth speaker is a great option when looking for a lightweight portable and cheap speaker. This new speaker by Coolstream is able to offer quality sound in a convenient little package. This speaker has Bluetooth capabilities meaning it can be wirelessly connected to any of your Bluetooth devices such as iPhones,Androids or tablets. It also features a SD and USB which allows users to load songs on to the speaker to play without being connected to any device. This portable speaker is reasonably priced has received quite positive consumer reviews and has become increasingly popular amongst audiophiles and casual music lovers.

Price Level : Inexpensive – Check current price


  • Bluetooth/wireless capabilities
  • Hands-Free calling
  • SD/USB port for pre-loaded music
  • 4 Hour battery length
  • 30 feet Bluetooth range

Coolstream portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Public Opinion

This speaker has been quite well received by its users with an average of 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon. In fact 66% of the reviews rated this product five out of five stars while another 16% rated it four out of five stars.  We at Speaker Authority weigh this section of the review quite heavily into our rating process as ultimately these reviews are for the consumers, so who better than the consumers themselves to tell us their thoughts on the products. We analyzed hundreds of verified purchase reviews of this portable speaker to show our readers what the users really think.


The Good

  • Usability – Many reviews mentioned how easy it is to use this product even without being too tech savvy.
  • Compatibility – This product is able to be connected through Auxillary cords, Bluetooth , USBs or SD cards meaning that you can play music through this speaker with just about any device. Many users commented on the helpfulness of this feature especially those who don’t own smartphones but still wanted a quality portable speaker.
  • Sound Quality – Quite a few users mentioned the great sound quality this inexpensive device was able to create. Many users commenting specifically on the speakers ability to play bass made possible by it’s concave shape.
  • Crystal Clear Speakerphone – The users of this speaker were quite pleased with this speaker’s hands-free calling feature, stating the sound quality of the calls were incredibly clear.
  • Visually Pleasing Design – Several users commented on the visual appeal of this product stating its superior aesthetics compared to other portable speakers.

The Bad

  • Battery Length – A few users commented that they would have preferred a longer wireless battery life than the four-hour battery offered by this model

All in all consumer seemed to be quite pleased with this speaker with very few negative reviews written on this model. Most users seemed to be most impressed with the sound quality and the multitude of different features offered by this portable Bluetooth speaker. The vast majority of consumers reviewed the Coolstream portable Bluetooth speaker positively and highly recommended it to other shoppers looking for an inexpensive Bluetooth speaker.

Coolstream portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Bang for your buck:

This Coolstream speaker offers some great value for its cheap price point.  For its cheap price point you are able to receive a quality portable speaker with a multitude of features and sound solid sound quality. This speaker’s sound won’t rival several hundred dollar Bose speakers but still emits some quality sound for a great price.

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In conclusion, we found the Coolstream portable Bluetooth speaker to be a great choice if what you are looking for is a compact, portable, quality and cheap. At this price point you will struggle to find a speaker that offers equivalent features and this sound quality whilst still remaining portable.



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