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Devialet Phantom Review | Speaker Authority

Devialet Phantom Review | Speaker Authority
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Devialet Phantom Review

Throughout our Devialet Phantom review, we have concluded that this speaker is of the highest quality we have ever seen from a Bluetooth device. The incredible sound the speaker offers is not just impressive for a Bluetooth speaker but for any piece of audio equipment. The geniuses at Devialet used over eighty unique patented designs to put this speaker together and it is displayed through this devices sound quality. If you are looking for the highest quality of Bluetooth speakers than the Devialet phantom is a great option.


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3000 Watts of power – This speaker offers an incredible amount of power. For reference, the Aiwa Exos 9 which is one of the highest rated large Bluetooth speakers only has 200 watts of power.

Bluetooth and Wifi Compatible – This speaker wirelessly connect to Bluetooth-compatible devices as well as wifi. Consumers can use this feature to connect this speaker to music streaming apps such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal.

Multiple Device Pairing – Users of this speaker can purchase multiple units in order to create a surround sound feel. As well as place them throughout the house so you do not have to worry about moving the speaker throughout your house.

Optical Input for TV – This speaker can be used as a portable sound bar as users can connect their TV’s or DVD players to this speaker through the optical input located on the back of the device.

45 Day Return Policy – The creators of the Devialet Phantom are so confident in this speaker’s sound quality that they give all consumers a forty-five day period in which they can return the speaker if they are not satisfied with its quality.


Devialet Phantom Speaker Review

Public Opinion

In this section of our Devialet Phantom Review, we look to the consumers to get a better understanding of how the average consumer received the product. We believe that by analyzing consumer reviews we can get a better grasp of how our readers will receive and enjoy the product themselves. To do this analysis we read over hundreds of consumer reviews from all of the web and summarize their thoughts. Here is what the users of the Devialet Phantom had to say.


The Good

No distortion

  • Many user reviews commented on the fact that this speaker did not distort it sound regardless of the volume levels. A common issue with many speakers especially Bluetooth, is the distortion and background noise tends to increase as the volume levels go up. This was not the case with the Devialet Phantom as users stated time and time again that the sound remained crisp and clear.

Easy Setup

  • Often time consumers can have troubles setting up their speakers or connecting their Bluetooth devices. These did not seem to be an issue with the consumer of the Devialet Phantom. Many reviews stated that the setup process was quite easy and they were able to connect their devices with ease. They also stated that the speaker was quite intuitive to use as many were able to operate the speaker without even taking a look at the manual.

Visual Pleasing

  • Many users of this speaker were quite pleased with the sleek exterior this speaker offers. Reviewers stated that the futuristic look of this speaker often times worked as a conversational piece when entertaining guests.

Sound Output

  • A common theme we saw throughout our review analysis was the surprise users had when they saw how much sound this little device could produce. Despite knowing that it has three thousand watts of power users still could not believe how much sound this speaker could produce. Reviews often stated the speaker was loud enough the garner a physical response as you could quite literally feel the sound coming out of the speaker.

All in One Audio Experience

  • Another theme we noticed throughout our review analysis was the convenience this product offered in terms of versatility. Many users stated that prior to their purchase of the Devialet Phantom they had a multitude of other audio devices to fill their needs. These tended to include bookshelf speakers, sound bars, and portable speakers. With this speaker, users could enjoy a high quality sound in all these areas as the phantom can be used for any of those purposes.

Sound Quality

  • The by far and away most common comment we saw in our public opinion analysis was this speakers incredible sound quality. For its small and wireless capabilities, this speaker absolutely blows their competition out of the water.  Statements claiming this speaker is the best sounding Bluetooth speaker ever made were incredibly common as users could not say enough about this speakers sound quality.


The Bad

No real concerns with this speaker. Throughout our research of the Devialet phantom we found that there were no common negative themes throughout the consumer reviews.


Throughout our analysis, we found users of these speakers to be incredibly positively received by consumers. With virtually no negative reviews of this speaker we are quite confident in the high quality of this device. Users were especially impressed with the incredible sound quality of this speaker. For a Bluetooth speaker it can be hard to find high fidelity sound but it seems the minds at Devialet have made it possible. Overall the consumer reviews suggest this speaker as the highest quality and best sounding Bluetooth speaker ever made.

Devialet Phantom Bluetooth speaker Review

Bang For Your Buck

At this speaker’s high price point we can’t tell you that this is the best value purchase but we can tell you that you are getting exactly what you pay for. You could spend a lot less money and still receive a good sounding speaker, but if you want the best then you are going to have to pay the high price tag. If you are looking for the highest of quality in Bluetooth speakers than this speaker is well worth its high price point.



Devialet Phantom FAQ’s

Does this speaker come in multiple colors?

The 3000 Watt model of this speaker is only offered in silver but there is a 750 Watt white model which can be seen here.


The Verdict

In conclusion of our Devialet Phantom Review, we have found this speaker to be a great option for audiophiles looking for the highest quality Bluetooth speaker. This speaker is priced quite high but throughout our research, we found this speaker to be well worth it. The users of this speaker could not be more positive with many stating it is the best sounding speaker they have ever heard. If you are looking for the highest quality of Bluetooth speaker we suggest you look no further than the Devialet Phantom.


Phantom speaker Review



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