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Dknight Magicbox Review | SpeakerAuthority

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Dknight Magic box Review




If you are looking for the cheapest portable speaker that can still output some quality sound the Dknight Magicbox is your choice. This speaker is one of the highest selling speakers on Amazon with over eleven thousand reviews on the product and a solid sixty percent giving it five out of five stars. The sound on this speaker will not rival higher end speakers like the Aaiwa Exos but will offer the best sound at this price point. Now let us get into the details of our Dknight Magic box Review.

Price Level: Inexpensive – Check current here


  • Great sound quality value
  • Hands-free calling built in
  • 10 hour battery life
  • Portable, Lightweight only 8.3 ounces

Dknight Magic box Review

Public opinion

The quality of this product is easy to determine due to the massive amounts of reviews on this. As previously mentioned on Amazon there are over eleven thousand reviews on this product making our job of reviewing the product a lot easier. Through all the reviews the DKnight Magicbox received an average 4.3 stars out of 5. This is a very strong rating as far as portable speakers go especially in this price range.  A perfect of five out of five stars was given to this speaker roughly sixty percent of time. Now what exactly did the consumers like about this product?

The good

  • Great sound output for its size – This was far and away the most common review of this speaker. The reviews time and timeagain commented on how surprised they were with this small speakers audio output.
  • Portable and Durable – Users states their happiness with the durability of the product, many carried it around in their bag every day with no damage to the speaker.
  • Easy to use – Reviews often mentioned the relatively simple setup process as well as the ease with which they could use the product.
  • Aesthetics – Users talked about the visually pleasing aspect of this speaker as it comes in multiple colours which can be seen here.


The Bad

  • Pairing Issues – Multiple users talked about the issue of pairing up their iPhones with the speaker though it can’t be determined if this is a problem with speakers or the phone itself.
  • Volume control issues – A couple users stated they had issues using the volume control to choose the volume setting of their liking
  • Lack of Bass – A few reviews spoke of the lack of Bass offered by this speaker. Though this is true when compared to other speakers we found that at this price range the bass is of solid value


Overall this speakers review consisted of the mainly positive reviews. With the typically review commenting on the surprisingly large amount of sound output and quality for this cheap device. There is a reason this device was featured on our list of best portable Bluetooth speakers under $100. Users of this speaker didn’t have many quips with the product and the vast majority seemed quite pleased with the product.

Bang for Your Buck: 

This section is where this little portable speaker shines. As far as value goes you will have trouble finding a speaker that emits the value and sound quality at this price. As we have previously mentioned there are better speakers out there but at this price you are receiving some incredible value. There is a reason this portable speaker is the 15th most sold Bluetooth speaker on Amazon. With a cheap price tag and a quality build we believe this product is a great deal.

Check the current price here


The Verdict: 

If you can’t tell already we at Speaker Authority are quite high on the Dknight Magicbox. This is the perfect speaker when shopping on a budget. Great durability and sound output makes it a perfect option for those who are on the move. This speaker also is cheap enough to buy a few for use around the house since you can get about five of these for the price of one Bose. If you’re looking for quality output but looking for the cheapest option possible the Dknight Magicbox is the speaker for you.

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