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Doss Wireless Speaker Review | Speaker Authority
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Doss Wireless Speaker Review

This compact Bluetooth speaker from Doss is one of the hottest new wireless speakers on the market. With an incredibly low price, quality sound output, and a ton of features consumers are consistently raving about this speaker. This light weight portable device is a great option for anyone looking for a compact speaker for an inexpensive price. Throughout this Doss Wireless Speaker review, we will summarize this speakers features, public opinion, and value.


Price Level: Inexpensive –



12 Hour Battery – This Bluetooth speaker comes with a built in rechargeable lithium battery. The battery takes roughly 3-4 hours to fully charge but will last for 12 hours of music playtime.

Easy Portability – Weighing only 1.2 pounds this device is easily portable and can be carried around for the day without hassle.

Solid Sound Quality – This device has dual high performance drivers built into the speaker as well as a unique bass passive radiator which results in some serious sound quality.

Thirty Three Feet Bluetooth Range – This allows users of this speaker to wirelessly connect to this speaker from up to thirty-three feet away.

Auxiliary Port – This wireless speaker contains a 3.5mm auxiliary input. This allows consumers to connect non-Bluetooth compatible devices such as old iPods via a wired connection.

Built in Microphone – The Doss wireless speaker has a built in microphone which allows its users to make hands-free phone calls through the speaker.

1 Year Warranty – This Doss wireless speaker comes with a free one-year warranty so users will  not have to worry about causing damage to the speaker.

Touch Control Buttons – This Bluetooth speaker has touch sensitivity buttons that allow users to change the volume and songs through a simple touch.



Public Opinion

In this section of the review, we look to the thoughts of the consumers to determine what they think of the Doss wireless speaker. We analyze hundreds of consumers reviews of this speaker to get the best understanding of what this product has to offer. We find that by looking into consumer reviews we are able to best understand how our readers will receive this speaker. Here is what the users of the Doss wireless speaker had to say.


The Good


Sturdy and Well Made

  • Consumer reviews often mentioned the sturdy and well-made feel that was present in this speaker. For such a low price many users were expecting a cheap plastic speaker but instead found this speaker to be made of quality materials.

Easy Connection Process

  • Sometimes when purchasing Bluetooth speakers, users find they have trouble pairing up their Bluetooth devices with the speaker. This was not the case with the Doss wireless speaker as users often commented on the ease with which they connected to the device.

Great Sound Quality 

  • Many consumer reviews commented on their surprise of this speaker’s sound quality. Though this speaker’s sound quality will not rival high-quality expensive brands like Bose it can still produce some serious sound. For it’s inexpensive price tag you will have trouble finding a better sounding speaker at this price range.


  • A few of the users reviews we came across mentioned the Doss Bluetooth Speaker durability. Some users told their stories of dropping their speaker of a countertop and the speaker didn’t receive as much as a scratch from the fall.

Touch Controls

  • Consumer reviews seemed quite impressed with this device’s touch controls. The Doss wireless speaker’s light up touch sensitive buttons users were pleased with both the buttons visual appeal as well as functionality.


The Bad

Volume Output

  • The only issue we came across when analyzing consumer reviews of this speaker were complaints regarding the speakers volume output. Some consumers purchasing this were displeased that this speaker was not loud enough to host a house party. This complaint we found to be fairly unimportant as to get a Bluetooth speaker that could play over the sound of a house party you will need a much larger price tag than the price of the Doss wireless speaker.


Overall, the consumers reviews of this product were incredibly positive. With nearly all the reviews giving this speaker a five-star rating, it is hard for us to say anything negative about this little device. Users were incredibly impressed with the sound quality that was displayed with this speaker. The multitude of features that this speaker contained was heavily appreciated by consumers especially due to its low price. There were very few negative reviews on this speaker and in the few that we found it tended to be due to the misuse of this speaker. This speaker is for single use or for small gatherings. It can be used indoors and out but if there is a large crowd it will not overcome the noise. If you are looking for a speaker for casual use, the consumer reviews and public opinion of the Doss Bluetooth speaker overwhelmingly suggest this device.

Bang for Your Buck

Throughout our Doss wireless speaker review we have found that the speaker is a great value purchase for its incredibly low price. With tons of features and some serious sound output, we believe it is easily worth its price tag. Though its sound quality and features on quite on par with the luxury brands that will cost you several hundred dollars, we can assure you that this speaker is about as good as you can get in it’s price range. We strongly suggest this speaker for anyone looking to buy a wireless Bluetooth speaker in this price range.


Doss Wireless Speaker FAQ’s

Does this speaker come with a wall charger?

No, the charger that comes with this speaker is a USB charger.


Can I use this speaker with a tablet?

Yes, so long as the tablet is Bluetooth compatible it can connect to the Doss Bluetooth Speaker.


The Verdict

In conclusion we have found the Doss wireless speaker to be a great Bluetooth speaker that we highly suggest to our readers. With tons of features, quality sound output, and easy portability there is a ton to like about this speaker. The consumer reviews of this product were incredibly positive which leads us to believe that our readers will also enjoy their use of this speaker. For its inexpensive price this speaker is able to offer its users a quality product. If what you are looking for in your Bluetooth speaker is quality sound, portability and tons of features all for an inexpensive price then we suggest you look no further than the Doss Wireless speaker.

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