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Fugoo Style Review

Throughout our Fugoo Style Review, we found this device to be a great option for those looking for a stylish speaker that is durable and portable. Fugoo is notorious for creating some of the most durable speakers and the style is no different. Its fairly compact size and durable features allows it to survive just about anything. If you are looking for a speaker that can be brought along to the beach or used in the shower the Fugoo Style is a great option.

Price Level: Upscale –


Built in Speakerphone – This speaker comes with a built in microphone which can be used to make hands-free calls. The microphone is also able to be used for Siri and Google now features so users can check things like weather or sports updates.

360 Degree Sound – The Fugoo style has six drivers located within the speaker allowing it to project sound evenly in all directions.

40 Hour Battery Life – Playing at fifty percent volume this device can last for up to forty hours which is extremely long for a Bluetooth speaker of this size.

Portability – Weighing only 2.25 pounds this speaker is easily portable and come be carried around for the day without a hassle.

Durability – This device is sand-proof, snow-proof, and waterproof making it one of the most durable Bluetooth speakers available to consumers.

Covers – This speaker has the option of purchasing different covers of this speaker so users can match it to their surroundings.

Public Opinion

In this portion of our review we attempt to gain a better understanding of the products quality through the eyes of the consumer. We believe that by understanding how the average consumer received the product we can get a good grasp of how our readers will as well. To do this we read through hundreds of consumer reviews from all across the web and summarize their thoughts. Here is what the user of the Fugoo Style had to say.


The Good

Sound Quality

  • The most common theme we saw throughout our review analysis were comments on this speakers sound quality. Users tended to describe this sound of this speaker as clean, loud, and accurate. The consumers were extremely impressed with the sound this speaker offered for its price and size. They stated they speaker sound quite accurate as if the artist was right there. Often times companies like Bose may modify songs and overemphasize things like bass which may sound good at first but ultimately makes some songs sound out of place. The Fugoo Style did a great job offering real room filling sound.


  • Another common theme we noticed throughout our analysis was this device’s durability. Users stated they could bring this speaker just about anywhere without worrying about causing damage to the speaker. Often times with less durable speakers just throwing them into a backpack for the day could cause potential damage, this is not an issue with the Fugoo Style. Even some of the more durable speakers that state they are waterproof are not on the same level as this speaker. The majority of waterproof speakers are IPX4 meaning they can be splashed in any way without harm. The Fugoo Style IP67 meaning it can be fully submerged underwater for up to thirty minutes at a depth of three feet. User reviews often said they have never seen a speaker as durable as the Fugoo Style.

Battery Life

  • Users were happy to state that this speaker’s rechargeable battery lasted the advertised lifetime. Many consumers stated they didn’t realize the importance of a good battery life until they started using this speaker for days trips. A full day at the beach would not be an issue for this speaker to play throughout the whole day something not many speakers could do.


  • Consumer reviews often stated that they really enjoyed the visual aspects of this speaker. Its sleek designed was appreciated by consumers and the users were quite pleased they had the ability to buy different color casings for this speaker.

360 Degree Sound

  • Another common theme we saw throughout our reviews was this speaker’s undirectional sound. The users were surprised at how evenly this speaker could disperse sound. If sitting in a circle of friends placing the speaker in the middle will result in all users hearing the same quality of sound.


The Bad

Volume Output

  • One negative we saw in our review analysis was the volume output of this speaker. We found that due to these complaints Fugoo completed an update that increased the sound output of this speaker. If seeing issues fo volume output in this speaker make sure they are referencing the updated model as the volume has considerably increased.


Overall, we found the reviews of the Fugoo Style to be incredibly positive. Consumers were incredibly impressed by this Bluetooth speakers ability to output loud and quality sound. The durability offered with this speaker was also quite well received by consumers. The only flaw we saw throughout our review analysis was the speakers volume output. That flaw has since been fixed and is no longer an issue for users. In conclusion, we found consumers would gladly recommend this speaker to anyone looking for a portable and durable Bluetooth speaker that can put out some quality sound.

Bang For Your Buck

Throughout all our research we found that this speaker is a great option if you are willing to pay for its quality. There are a lot of cheaper options out there but none of those have the quality that is offered with the Fugoo Style. This speakers sound quality and durability are unrivaled by any non-Fugoo product. This speaker is higher priced but we believe with its quality it is well worth its price tag. This speaker is a still a solid value purchase as when you buy the Fugoo Style you’re buying it too last and that is exactly what it will do.


Fugoo Style FAQ’s

Does this speaker float?

No, it does not float but there are accessories that can be purchased for this speaker so it can float here.


Can I connect this to my desktop without Bluetooth?

Yes, this speaker has an auxiliary port in which you can connect via a wired connection.


The Verdict

In conclusion, we found this speaker to be a great option for consumers looking for a high-quality durable option. The high quality that is offered with this speaker is well worth it price tags and enables owners of this speaker to use it just about anywhere. The sound quality of this speaker is as good as it gets for a speaker of this portability and durability. If you are an active user and want a high-quality speaker for day trips than the Fugoo is a great option. If you want a great sound and ultra-durable speaker then look no further than the Fugoo Style.

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