Fugoo Tough portable Speaker Review | Speaker authority

Fugoo Tough portable Speaker Review | Speaker authority

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Fugoo Tough portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

If you’re looking for a rugged and durable speaker then you’ve come to the right place because the Fugoo Tough is the most durable speaker we here at Speaker Authority have ever reviewed. The Fugoo Tough portable Bluetooth speaker is as good as it gets for outdoor and wear and use. With multiple features and accessories this speaker is your best bet if you’re looking for a sturdy speaker for your next daily excursion, be it kayaking, hiking, or surfing this portable speaker will always make it through the day.

Price Level: Mid Range – Check current price here


  • 100% Mud proof, Shock proof, Snow proof, Water proof – Yeah, we told you it was durable


  • 40 Hour Battery life – One of the longest battery lives available in any portable speaker.


  • Bluetooth connectivity – Any device with Bluetooth technology can connect to this speaker wirelessly.


  • Built in Microphone – Allows for hands-free calling through the speaker.


  • 360 degree sound – The Fugoo Tough’s six built-in speakers allows for it to produce sound equally in every direction.


  • Weighs only 2 pounds


  • Tons of accessories

The major separating factor that the Fugoo Tough has against its competitors is it’s durability. It has great use for portability and excels in any environment that would typically end up with some broken hardware. To further drive home this point of versatility and durability of the speaker Fugoo has released a series of accessories that can be used to further your use of this speaker. These accessories include straps,clips and bike mounts all of which can be seen here.

Fugoo Speaker review

Public Opinion

In this section of our review, we analyze what consumers are saying about the product in hopes of gaining a better understanding of the speaker itself. We believe that there is no better way to grasp the quality of the product than to talk to the users themselves. To do this we read over hundreds of reviews from all over the web the gauge the public opinion. Here are their thoughts.


The good


Sound quality

  • The majority of the reviewers stated that the quality of sound in this speaker was quite good and surpirsing for such a small speaker


  • This is where this speaker excels, the durability of the Fugoo Tough Bluetooth speaker is something we noticed right away and was further solidified by reading reviews. Users of this speaker took it biking, surfing, snowmobiling, you name it and throughout our research we did not see a single instance of this speaker malfunctioning. Though many speakers often label themselves as portable and durable the everyday wear and tear of being thrown into a backpack takes its toll and often ends in a broken speaker. This is not the case with the Fugoo as it is the most durable speaker we have reviewed.

Design Aesthetics

  • Reviewers seemed to be quite pleased with the visual aspects of this product as many liked it’s sleek design.

Tons of Accessories

  • As mentioned earlier, the Fugoo brand offers many accessories that pair up with this speaker to ensure you can bring it along for your favorite activities.

Solid and sturdy

  • Many reviews mentioned the solid and sturdy feel of the speaker.


Fugoo Tough portable speaker review

The bad

Volume levels

  • Some users stated that this product did not reach the a volume level they were happy with stating some competing speakers were louder.


All in all the users were overwhelmingly positive in their reviews of this product with nearly every review we came across being  positive one. The reviewers who utilized this product for its intended purpose of rugged use seemed to be the most pleased. If you plan on finding Bluetooth speakers for high wear and tear activities users overwhelming suggested this product.


Bang For Your Buck

This speaker is worth its higher price tag based on durability alone. Though there are a lot of cheaper options available in the portable speaker market, you will have trouble finding one that can compete with the Fugoo Tough’s durability. If you plan on using this speaker for activities such as biking, surfing, etcetera this device will pay for itself in no time based on the fact that you won’t need to replace it. High usage of portable speakers often ends with another broken or malfunctioning piece of hardware, that’s something that won’t happen with the Fugoo sport. The high-quality materials used to make the Fugoo make it a good value purchase at its fair price tag because when you’re buying the Fugoo tough you’re buying it to last.


Fugoo Tough portable Bluetooth Speaker FAQ’s

Does the battery actually last 40 hours?

Yes through our tests and our read-throughs of customer reviews the battery life is as advertised.

Does this speaker float?

No, the Fugoo tough doesn’t float but submerging it won’t cause any damage

Can you connect two Fugoo speakers to play at the same time?

No, currently the Fugoo speakers do not have this feature but they do plan on adding it with a future software update which can be updated on the speaker by plugging it into your computer.


The Verdict

Throughout our Fugoo Tough portable speaker review we have concluded that this speaker is an incredible piece of hardware and one of the best on the market so long as it is used for its intended purpose. This speaker is nearly indestructible and has one of the longest battery lives of any Bluetooth speaker available. This speaker is the perfect travel companion and excels in any rough environment but if you are looking for a more casual use of the speaker there are better options. If you are looking for a portable speaker that will be moved around your house and maybe backyard use we recommend the Big Blue party speaker. The Fugoo’s volume level and sound quality are quite good and the best you will find for a speaker with its level of durability but a less rugged speaker like the big blue will produce a slightly better sound for its price.  If you plan on purchasing a high-quality speaker that will survive your daily adventures and still put out some quality sound the Fugoo Tough is your best choice.


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Fugoo durable review

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