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Health Benefits of Music

The majority of us listen to music because of our love of the sound but what most of us don’t know is there is a multitude of health benefits of listening to leisure activity. Through numerous studies scientists have found that there are several positives listening to music has on your health. We have but together a neat little infographic you can share to show the health benefits when listening to music.


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Health Benefits of music

The first health benefit we will cover is the reduction of chronic pain due to music. Reduction of chronic pain was tested through a U.S study which compared two focus groups. One group listened to music for at least an hour a day the other group listened to none at all. The study found that those who listen to music for at least an hour a day reported improved physical and psychological symptoms compared to those who didn’t listen to music.

The effects of music on one’s music has been a heavily studied object in the science community. Recently a review of over 400 scientific papers found that the results showed music can increase the immune system potentially even better than many prescription drugs. Along with producing antibodies it can be shown that music can greatly reduce stress levels especially when listening to calming music.

A British medical journal has found that one’s blood pressure can be lowered by listening to music. Though it does state that the type of music you are listening to plays a large role in the effects it will have on your blood pressure. The study showed that if one listens to heavy metal or dubstep it can in fact have the opposite effect and raise one’s blood pressure so choose your playlist wisely!

A UK-based journal of advanced nursing conducted a focus group test to determine the effects of music on depression. The study found that the group listening to music had their depression reduced by 19 to 25 compared to the group which did not listen to music.

A decrease in headaches and migraines was found by a European study which compared the effects of music on migraines compared to herbal supplements and placebo. The study compared three groups of children that were prone to migraines, one group took placebo pills, one taking herbal supplements and one group receiving music. The group that listened to musics showed the greatest reduction in headaches and migraine severity.

Another health benefit offered by music is the enhancement of exercise. A study at the Brunel University found that listening to music can increase one’s endurance by up to fifteen percent. The study also found that the type of music you listen to while exercising is important. The results show that ideally your music of choice should sit somewhere between 120 and 140 beats per minute.

Many music lovers have no idea of all the positive health benefits that are offered by listening to music. All these facts are supported by scientific studies and offer real health benefits. Make to sure to share our infographic in order to ensure everyone knows the health benefits of music!

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