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ICE Orb Levitating Speaker Review | Speaker Authority

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ICE Orb Levitating Speaker Review

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s super sound! Not only does the new ICE Orb levitating speaker employ magnetic technology allowing it to hover in the air over its base, but it produces some great sound quality for a product in this price range. You should definitely consider it if you’re looking for a new speaker and you want something more than just a boring black box.


Price Level: Mid Range – Check Current Price Here


  • Levitating Technology – ICE Orb uses magnetic technology and a dynamic stabilization mechanism licensed from Levitation Arts Inc. in order to gain its signature ability to hover over its base. Not only does this make it look really impressive and stylish, but it allows the orb to freely spin which helps to improve sound quality.


  • 360 Degree sound – The design of ICE orb’s special sound guide cone combined with its ability to spin on its axis insures that no matter where you are in the room, you will receive equal exposure to the sound pouring from your speaker.


  • Bluetooth and NFC connectivity – No cord? No problem! This speaker is Bluetooth and NFC capable meaning you can connect wirelessly and play music from your PC, tablet, or smart device.


  • Portable sphere – Want to go listen to music in the next room over but don’t feel like unplugging and replugging your speaker? No problem! The sphere is portable, only weighs only about half a pound, and can fit comfortably in your pocket. Just grab the floating speaker from over the base and take it and your music with you.


  • USB Charging station – While you’re grooving with the mobile speaker in the next room over, why not charge your tablet or smartphone? ICE orb’s base comes equipped with a USB port that will let you to charge your devices.


  • 10-hour battery life – The speaker is equipped with a battery that will allow it to play music for about ten hours at a decent volume before it needs to be recharged.


Ice Orb Bluetooth Speaker


Public Opinion

The customer is always right. In this section, we analyze dozens of consumer reviews for the ICE Orb Levitating Speaker in order to abstract some common praises and complaints for you, the potential buyer. We believe this helps us get a better understanding of how the consumers received the product and adds a little more weight to our assessment. By looking at real consumer reviews we can understand what exactly consumers thought and we can give our readers an idea of what they should expect. Here is what they had to say.



The cool factor

  • Most users were continually and enduringly impressed by ICE orb’s look and its ability to hover in midair. They remarked how the little floating speaker never failed to invite comment from visiting friend and family, and most house visits quickly evolved into music listening sessions as guests insist on hearing the speaker perform. For most consumers, the orb very quickly became a cherished part of their home décor.

Good sound quality for its size

  • Users were very pleased with the amount of sound they were able to get out of such a small device, and quality remained constant even as the decibel count increased.


  • Users were impressed by how far the Bluetooth and NFC connection stretched. The connection will last over 15 meters in distance, meaning that you can comfortably walk around your house or apartment with the connected device without having to worry about the music cutting out.



Poor bass

  • Users were pretty unanimous in thinking that while the speaker produced the high pitches perfectly, there was a lot to be desired in the production of bass sounds. The ICE orb has no room for a dedicated subwoofer, so bass notes are soft and will start to get a little grainy as the volume goes up.

Difficult to balance

  • Users did report that it took a little practice to learn how to balance the orb over its base initially. Eventually getting the orb to balance just becomes second nature, but some users have reported that they weren’t able to make it through the learning period without scuffing the orb a bit.



For most consumers, the thing which really set the ICE orb levitating speaker apart was its aesthetic aspect. It’s just really cool to have a speaker that floats there like something out of Star Wars. If you’re purely just an audiophile who’s only interested in sound quality, you can find other speakers that can produce similar quality at the same price. However, if you want a really interesting conversation piece as well as a quality speaker for a bargain price, then ICE orb might be just perfect for you.

Ice Orb Portable Speaker



This speaker is it a little on the pricey side, but you get a fair sound for the cost. If you are looking for the cheapest Bluetooth speaker available this isn’t your best bet, but if you’re looking for a product at this price range, you could definitely do a lot worse. Give it a look if you’re in the market for a mid-range speaker and want something a little different.


ICE Orb Levitating Speaker FAQ’s

Does the speaker charge by levitating?

  • No, the speaker has a micro USB port that must be plugged in in order to charge it. You can plug it in while it’s levitating though.

Does the speaker glow in the dark?

  • Yes, the speaker glows a cool neon blue when you turn off the lights.

Does the speaker come in colors other than blue?

  • No, there is only the one color scheme currently available



In conclusion, we found the ICE orb levitating speaker to be a very interesting novelty product. Though there are a few better sounding speakers in this price range, the levitation and slick visual design really sets it apart from the rest. If you’ve got a keen eye for futurist visuals to go along with your love of music, you should definitely consider the orb. It looks cool. It sounds cool. It’s ICE.


Ice Orb

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