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iFrogz Headphones Review | Speaker Authority

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iFrogz Headphones Review

Throughout our iFrogz Headphones review, we will be analyzing the Audio Coda Forte Bluetooth model. This review will cover the features this device offers to its users as well as the consensus public opinion on these headphones. We found through the course of our research that these headphones from iFrogz are a  great option if you are looking for high-quality headphones at a mid-ranged price.


Price Level: Mid Range – Check Current Price Here


12 Hour Battery Life – These iFrogz headphones have a rechargeable battery that lasts up to twelve hours on a single charge. In the wireless headphone market, this battery life is extremely long even for higher end headphones that cost as much as three hundred dollars.

Built in microphone – Users are able to make hand free calls through these headphones via the built in microphone.

Lightweight – These headphones are easily portable due to their lightweight. weighing only 11.2 ounces users will have no trouble carrying these headphones around for the day.

Auxiliary Input – These headphones feature a 3.5mm auxiliary input. This means users can use an auxiliary cord to attach non-Bluetooth compatible devices to these iFrogz Headphones.

Multiple Color Options – There are several different color variations of this speaker, all of which can be seen here.

ifrogz Bluetooth headphones review

Build and Fit

These iFrogz headphones are built for comfort and a tight seal in order to stay in position despite rigorous movement. These headphones are over the ear fit though some users stated that they fit more like an on ear build. We found these speakers to be quite comfortable as did many of the consumer reviews we came across when researching these headphones. Some users stated that they felt the headphones quite comfortable now but took some time to break in.


Public Opinion

In this portion of our review, we look to gain a better understanding of the consumer thoughts of this product. We feel that to truly get the best understanding of the product we should understand how the average consumer received it. To do this we analyzed hundred of consumer reviews both good and bad to find out more about these headphones. We have summarized the thoughts of consumers into the major themes we saw throughout our research. Here is what the consumers had to say.


The Good

Battery Length

  • The was one of the most common statements throughout our research into the reviews. Users of these headphones were very pleased with their ability to hold a charge. Reviews stated that the battery life lived up to the advertised 10-12 hour lifetime. This battery length is extremely long for wireless headphones and it was not taken for granted by consumers as they found this to be one of the major benefits of these headphones.

Visually Pleasing

  • Reviewers seemed to be quite happy with the visual aspect of these speakers. With a sleek and simple design, these headphones and their multiple color options had users receiving plenty of compliments.

High Durability

  • One of the major themes we noticed throughout our analysis of reviews were the comments about this device’s durability. Many reviews stated they had multiple wireless headphones in the past that could not hold up to their rigorous usage. That was until they purchased the iFrogz Coda Fortes. The seal of these over ear headphones allow for users to complete workouts, runs, and other activities without having to worry about damaging the headphones. These headphones do not slip and therefore allow users to use them for just about any activity.

Sound Quality

  • Users were quite impressed with the sound quality that the Coda Forte Bluetooth headphones offer. Though the sound quality is not quite as a good a three hundred dollar bose headphones, these headphones still offer some good sound quality. The users commented that the music through these headphones sounds realistic and didn’t overdue the bass, something that is often done with speakers and headphones today.

Bluetooth Connectivity

  • Many reviews mentioned the great signal strength between their Bluetooth devices and these headphones. A common issue with wireless headphones is their tendency to disconnect from the music. This wasn’t an issue with the iFrogz Coda Forte headphones and user reviews stated the connection was quite dependable.

Simple Pairing Process

  • Users of these headphones stated that the process of pairing their Bluetooth devices to the headphones was quick and easy.


The Bad


On-Ear/Over Ear

  • Some user reviews stated that these headphones were a smaller fit and felt more like on ear fit rather than an over ear fit.



All in all, users were quite positive in their consumer reviews of this product. With the major benefits of this product coming from theses headphones durability, sound quality, and battery length. If you want a pair of headphones that will sit comfortably on your head all day without losing its charge than these iFrogz Coda Forte headphones are a great option.  The Bluetooth connection of these speakers was another factor users seemed quite pleased with. This is important as Bluetooth connectivity is a large issue faced by many wireless speakers. There were very few flaws we noticed throughout our research as the only issue we saw multiple times was due to a fit preference.

iFrogz Headphones Review

Bang For Your Buck

These headphones by iFrogz are a great value purchase for anyone looking for a mid-range priced pair of wireless headphones. The sound quality and durability of these speakers are quite good and worth much more than this devices pricetag. Though there are some headphones that will offer a higher quality of sound they are priced more by several hundred dollars. With these iFrogz headphones you will not be paying for the brand name like you would with some luxury brands. The Coda Forte headphones by iFrogz are a great value purchase and we believe they are a steal for their inexpensive.


iFrogz Headphones FAQ’s

Could I use these headphones running?

Yes, due to the snug fit offered with these headphones they will fit snug on your head making them perfect for jogging or running.

Can I pair these iFrogz headphones with my tablet?

Yes, so long as the tablet is Bluetooth compatible it will easily be able to pair with these headphones


The Verdict

In conclusion we highly recommend these Bluetooth headphones from iFrogz. With great durability and sound quality, it’s hard to go wrong with these headphones. Though there are cheaper headphones and there are higher quality headphones the Audio Coda Forte headphones by iFrogz offer a good quality product for a mid-tier price. If you are shopping for a quality and durable pair of Headphones offered at a fair price than the Audio Coda Forte wireless headphones are a great choice.


Audio Coda Forte headphones

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