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iHome IM60 Review

The iHome IM60 is undoubtedly one of the most convenient, well-engineered, and aesthetically-pleasing speakers available today. While the initial appearance may be modest, the speaker’s functionality and smooth interface are solid considering the price range, and the stellar performance this product offers only cements its spot as a quality product.


Price Level: Inexpensive – Check Current Price Here



  • Exceptional Compatibility- The speaker’s universal 3.5 mm headphone jack makes it easy-to-pair with a multitude of electronic devices—portable or otherwise.


  • Innovative Space-Saving, Bass-Boosting Design- By implementing a tubular, vacuum-based design within, the sound and bass are able to resonate clearly without the need for a clunky foundation.


  • Internal, Compact, Rechargeable Battery- No need to hunt down AA, AAA, 9-Volts or any other types of batteries and hope they fit. Thanks to the power-packing and simultaneously space-friendly battery within the speaker, you can listen to plenty of music without having to run to the store for a recharge.


  • Dual-Level Collapsible Setup- Not only does the ability to collapse the speaker make it much more portable and the ideal travel speaker, but it also packs quite a volume boost and allows the speaker user to decide from stereo or mono settings.


  • Variety of Colors to Choose From– While most speakers sacrifice the aesthetic for efficiency, this speaker keeps both by offering 10+ color combinations to choose from.


  • Audio Plug Creates Simultaneous Charging and Usage Possibilities – Never again feel the pain of waiting for a charge before you can listen to your favorite song.



  • Durable Construction Maintains Condition Through Use- Unlike some of the market’s more fragile speakers, the iHome stands up to constant use remarkably.

 iHome IM60 portable speaker Review

Public Opinion

This portion of the review will delve deeply into a composite of user reviews referencing and dealing with the iHome IM60 Portable Speaker. By undergoing this research and analytics process, the goal is to better understand the overall societal response to the product. By breaking down sincere user reviews, the belief is that a sense of market truth and actual value will be more–easily ascertained.


The Good

Volume Level and Sound Quality

  • The general consensus among consumers is that not only does the iHome IM60 pack some of the most-underrated sound levels into a portable speaker, but they do so without high levels of sound distortion—effectively creating an ideal experience in terms of volume and quality. Regardless of location—indoor use, outdoor use, bathroom use, etc…—owners have spoken, and they are supremely enamored with the sound excellence.

Perfect Size

  • While many reviewers commented on the clunky-ness and bricklike qualities of their past speakers, the positive praise has been near-unanimous as it deal with the iHome’s build and weight. Despite the twist-out ability opening up a second level of listening possibilities, the speaker remains compact and perfect for squeezing into backpacks, luggage, or larger pockets on the run.


  • Perhaps the most surprising facts evident in the online reviews for this speaker is the frequency of compliments pertaining to the life of the speaker itself. Many reviews cite using the speaker for more than 5 years before having to purchase another. Even better, some have even re-gifted the speaker to others so they could purchase a new color—and the recipient enjoyed the gift well into the future as well! If the swarms of reviews are accurate, this won’t be a speaker in need of a quick replacement.

Colorful Aesthetic

  • While many of the other speakers available within this price range devote their focus towards creating a quality product—ignoring the design aspects altogether—the iHome thrives as a pleasant-to-behold piece of technology. A variety of colors ensure that customers aren’t stuck with a speaker in their least favorite color (usually gun metal grey it seems), and some of the combos have inspired cult-like followings among reviewers.


  • Comparative reviewers often cite speakers $15-35 more expensive that are unable to perform as well as this version, and cite the affordable price as the perfect reason to purchase a backup speaker for the future. Very rarely do you find consumers so quick to double up on a speaker, but reviews have proven that (thanks in part to the color choice) this is the speaker to double up on this summer.



The Bad


Durability of Accessories

  • The only knock on the speaker evident in the reviews (besides the stray malfunctioning speaker in need of replacement) was the lack of sturdiness of the cords provided with the speaker. Some reviewers state that after only a few months of use a new charging cord or audio cord was necessary to ensure proper sound quality and stereo performance. Due to the affordable cost of the speakers (touched upon during the positive aspect of this review) the cost of the necessary cord replacement comes across as even steeper to many of the reviewers.

After deep delving, considerate research, and an immersion into the review data made available, it is safe to say that the iHome IM60 is one of the more well-regarded portable speakers on the market. If they aren’t praising the sleek design, the surprising volume, or the long-lasting experience provided by the speaker, reviewers are cheering for the color combinations offered.

iHome IM60 speaker Review

Bang for Your Buck

This speaker is undoubtedly one of the best options available in the inexpensive affordable range of portable speakers, and it should not be overlooked in a sea of underperforming competitors. It has proven difficult to find good-looking speakers with quality sound foundations, but that is precisely what this speaker represents.


iHome IM60 Portable Speaker FAQs

Does this speaker need batteries?

  • No, the iHome IM60 has an internal, rechargeable battery that is hassle-free.

Which color should I buy?

  • That all depends on your personal tastes. You could try something different, or just rely on your favorite color if you’re still uncertain.



Overall, it is hard to argue with the quality of the product the iHome IM60 truly is. The unique dual-leveled design allows for volume and quality simultaneously, all while allowing bass to flow freely throughout the speaker.

Consumers seem to agree with this assessment of the speaker as purchasing multiple speakers in varying colors seems to be rather common in the review trends. If this many people get behind a product, it is tough to argue with. So if you’re looking for a speaker that looks good, sounds great, and is priced even better—maybe the iHome IM60LT should be your next purchase.



 ihome portable speaker review



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