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Infinity One Review

Throughout our Infinity One Review, we found this to be an incredibly impressive little device. This is a speaker with Bluetooth wireless capabilities and full, rich sound. If you need a speaker that will fill up a large space with quality bass and treble, this is the perfect pick. It is often rated as the best in its price range, delivering on its promises of durability, well-rounded sound, and portability. The Infinity One Premium Wireless Portable speaker is an outstanding product for those who want a speaker that can survive accidents, fill an area with 360 degree sound, and can be carried wherever you want to take it.

Price Level: Upscale –


  • Rechargeable lithium battery—Up to 10 hours of playtime!
  • Room filling sound from a compact package—Perfect for parties and large rooms. It works well for travel since it has a relatively small size.
  • Portable—Use it at home, in the office, or on vacation.
  • Pairs Bluetooth with NFC—Easily and quickly connects to Bluetooth.
  • Easy to use—Has only a few buttons. These illuminate to help you see them better. The light also reduces confusion over what functions are being used and which are not.
  • Will charge smart phones and devices with the USB port—Useful when your phone is low on battery.
  • Simple look—Sleek, attractive and contemporary appearance. The design is both practical and modern.
  • Crisp, clear sound—Produces crystal clear noise. Music is full, rich, and appealing. This speaker functions well on both low and high volume, providing usefulness in many different kinds of situations and settings.
  • High quality drivers produce great bass and treble—Great range allows you to fully experience music. The 25 watt amplifier sends audio signals to the drivers.
  • Can be charged two ways—The device can connect to both USB and micro USB.

Public Opinion

In this section of our review, we look to the consumers to get a better understanding of the product.  We believe that by reading through customer reviews we can achieve a better grasp of the products quality. By analyzing these reviews we can better help our readers understand what is expected with the product. To do this analysis we read through hundreds of consumer reviews and summarize their thoughts. Here is what the Infinity One reviewers had to say.

The good


Quality Sound


  • Reviewers praise how the speaker delivers quality bass and treble. It has a good range that helps fully bring out music depth. This is highly rated for overall sound quality compared to similar products. Many said it delivers from every direction, helping to fill up a room. The crisp, clear sound travels well, making this speaker great for family or friend gatherings. The bass is not muddy, but sharp, and the Infinity One can also reach high treble notes.




  • Water resistance helps to protect the speaker if spills happen. This is especially a beneficial trait if one desires to place it on a counter where drinks could be knocked over. It also makes it safer to put it on the poolside when you want to enjoy your favorite songs during the hot summer months. Lastly, this speaker can survive a fair amount of weather. That would make it perfect for places that are subjected to sudden weather changes, such as Hawaii.




  • Users consistently noticed that the Infinity One Premium Wireless Portable Speaker holds up well to wear and tear. It can survive a good amount of abuse, including accidental drops. The hard outer case protects against cracks or dents. This speaker shell is made from aluminum that is coated in ceramic. Because of this, users can worry less about their device being damaged.


Battery life


  • The device has an extensive battery life that makes it immensely useful for long uses. This comes in handy for parties, afternoon cleaning sessions, and homework times.


The bad



  • Some criticized the amount of time this product takes to charge. Usually it takes around 2-3 hours, but a few said it took longer.




  • Users disliked the high price, although they did admit it was worth the money. It does take some financial sacrifice to obtain one of these speakers, unfortunately, but most decided that the price was worth the results. In the end it is well worth the cost.




  • A few reviewers had issues with the exterior scratching. To keep the paint intact, you must take careful care of it.



Overall, this product was highly rated and praised. Users seem to be extremely pleased with its level of excellence. It possesses many positive attributes and qualities that make it well rounded and a worthy investment. With its long battery life, durability, and sound performance, it is no surprise that the majority of reviewers are satisfied.

Bang for Your Buck


The number of reviews declaring this speaker as best in its class were numerous. Positive merits outweigh the minor negative setbacks, showing it is a well-made device and well worth the price. Outranking competitors, this is the speaker you want to purchase if you are searching for a speaker within that usually sits within the $200-$300 range. It is consistently rated better than similar products. Not only that, but the compact size makes it easy to take places. It works well at the beach, in living rooms, or by the pool.


Infinity One Premium Wireless Portable Speaker FAQ’s

Does the speaker have an input jack?

  • Yes


How long does the Infinity One take to charge?

  • Approximately 2-3 hours.

What are the speaker specs?

  • It possesses two passive radiators and four 45 mm drivers. It delivers 25 watts.


How much does the speaker weight?

  • 5.05 pounds.


Must I connect to Bluetooth or can I connect with an auxiliary cord?

  • It is possible to connect with both Bluetooth and auxiliary cords, giving more versatility.


Is it waterproof?

  • This device is water resistant, since it has silicone sealants. It can handle small splashes. However, it should not be immersed.


Is there a remote?

  • No, all control is directly on the speaker buttons.




This high-quality speaker by Infinity One is well worth the cost, providing users with a strong performance. Purchasers often declare it outmatches similar merchandise, resulting in a better experience. Most focused on how the sound was crisp, clear, and had a large range. There is no distortion at high, medium, or low volume. The great durability is also a strong plus for those who do not want a fragile device.  In the end, it is an outstanding speaker and perhaps the best in its class with its great abilities and strong shell.


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