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Ion Block Rocker Bluetooth Speaker Review | Speaker Authority
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Ion Block Rocker Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review


The Ion Block Rocker Bluetooth speaker a unique and portable Bluetooth speaker that can produce some serious sound. This speaker’s built-in microphone, radio, and massive battery life make it an interesting option when looking to purchase your next Bluetooth speaker. It’s fairly large weighing in at twenty-five pounds but still quite modestly priced for a speaker of this size.

Price Level: Mid Range –


  • Bluetooth compatible – This means that any device with Bluetooth technology can connect to this speaker wirelessly


  • 50-Hour Battery Life – This is an extremely long battery life for a speaker with 50 hours of music playtime be over ten times as long as traditional Bluetooth speaker batteries


  • AM/FM Radio – This speaker can access radio and play through the speaker with up to six preset frequencies


  • Microphone – This speaker comes with a handheld mic which is played through the speaker


  • Auxiliary input – Devices without Bluetooth capabilities can also be connected through and auxiliary cord and will play through the speaker


  • USB Charge Port – There a charging port which can be used to charge phones or other devices


  • Telescoping handle and built-in wheels – The wheels and handle of this speaker act like a suitcase and allow for increased portability


Public Opinion

In this section of the review, we look into the overall reviews of the product by the average consumer. We want to get a better understanding of how the average user of this speaker receives the product and the best way to do this is by talking to the users themselves. We do this by reading through hundreds of user reviews in order to gauge what the consumers thoughts are on the product. We then summarize all the reviews into an easy to read structure so our readers can understand the general feelings of consumers towards the Ion Block Rocker.


The Good

Great volume output

  • Many of the reviews talked about the surprisingly high level of volume this speaker could produce. To get a grasp on how loud it was reviewers mostly talked about events such as small weddings or parties hosting groups of around forty people. If you were looking to host a larger group say one hundred you would likely need  a larger more expensive speaker.

Sturdy and Durable

  • Since the device is often purchased to be moved around users often bought this device in hopes that it could withstand the transportation. The users were quite pleased with this products durability and sturdiness stating that it held up with daily use.

Clear Radio Reception

  • Some users commented on the clear frequency of the radio channels through this speaker.

Microphone works great for Karaoke or leading classes

  • Many users commented on the usefulness of the attached microphone of the speaker. With knobs to control both the music and the microphone volume levels, users found this speaker was great for karaoke night. Fitness class leaders also posted reviews mentioning how helpful this speaker was in leading group classes.

Wheels and handle attachment

  • Reviewers often talked about the usefulness of the handle and wheels on this speaker. Especially when looking to purchase a speaker of this size the portability can be a major issue, this is not the case with the Ion Block Roker Bluetooth speaker.

Battery Length

  • Users were very positive about the speakers battery length especially noting its usefulness on multiple day trips where charging is unavailable like camping.


The Bad

Heavy Bass

  • Some users complained that the bass in this speaker was too heavy and overpowered other parts of the speaker.



Overall consumers were quite pleased with this speaker, nearly every review we read about the Ion Block Rocker was a positive one. The major approvals came from the volume output that this speaker could produce as well as its durability. Many users commented that they had been searching for some time for a portable speaker that could get loud, it seemed that this speaker was their answer. Another thing to note is that many reviews came from those that lead presentations or classes. The wireless capabilities and the portability were greatly appreciated by its users and led to many positive reviews.



Bang for your Buck

Though there are many cheaper options available when looking to purchase a portable Bluetooth speaker this speaker is well worth its fair price tag.  There are some higher quality Bluetooth speakers out there but those will come at a much higher price tag. The Ion Block Rocker is the best available speaker in this price range. A speaker of this size and volume output will be very difficult to find at a cheaper price. Though at face value this may seem like a steep price to pay for a portable speaker we believe that this is a great value purchase.


Ion Block Rocker FAQ’s


Can you use a wireless Microphone with this speaker?

Yes as long as it has Bluetooth you can connect it to the speaker


How Long does it take to charge this speaker?

Roughly two hours to charge this speaker fully


The Verdict

In conclusion, we found the Ion Block Rocker to be a great option for those looking for a loud speaker with great battery length. This device’s portability and durability making it a great option for anyone looking for a speaker that can travel with. There is a multitude of features that this speaker contains which sets it apart from the competition. The FM/AM capabilities of this speaker allow for unlimited music selection over this speakers 50 hour battery life. The microphone attachment also makes it a great device for plenty of professional including entertainers and fitness class instructors. If you are looking for a highly durable, loud, and long lasting speaker then the Ion Block Rocker is a great choice for you.


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