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Jaybird Bluebuds X Review | Speaker Authority

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Jaybird Bluebuds X Review


Throughout our Jaybird Bluebuds X review we found these Headphones are some of the best of its kind. With Bluetooth built-in to comfortably small earbuds, Jaybird Bluebuds X are sure to make listening and talking easier while doing physical activity. For years, people have been struggling with the tangled up mess that occurs every time they try to listen to music at the gym- this will be a problem of the past with these wonderful headphones that allow hands-free listening. Offering great sound quality for a fair price, these headphones are sure to please anyone.


Price Level: Mid Range – Check Current Price Here


  • Quality Sound- The sound that these headphones produce are like any other, because the Bluetooth was designed specifically for it. Nothing was compromised in the sound department for these headphones.


  • Built to fit- These headphones were designed specifically to fit in your ears and stay in place, no matter what you’re doing. They’re perfect for those who are constantly on the go, working out at the gym, or going for a morning walk.


  • Bluetooth- Jaybird Bluebuds X are some of the first headphones in their generation. It’s not everyday that you find quality earbuds like these, let alone earbuds that are completely hassle free. No more having to store your music-playing device somewhere in your pocket, because the Bluetooth connection works close up and far away.


  • Adjustable Cord- No one wants cords tangling up in front of them and getting in the way of them having a great workout, and with these headphones, you’ll never have to worry about that ever again. You can place the cord in front of you when it’s convenient, but you can also rest it against the back of your neck, where it will stay out of your way and remain worry free.


  • Long Battery Life- These essential headphones would be nothing without being able to play your favorite music for as long as you need- and trust us, they won’t let you down. With 8 hours of play time on a full charge, the Jaybird Bluebuds X will get you through multiple workouts, or allow you to listen to music all day.


  • Small and Portable- You’ll never have to deal with bulky headphones ever again with these, because they are the smallest Bluetooth headphones out on the market. This makes them extremely portable and versatile- not to mention you might even forget they’re there as you go about your activities.


  • Sweat Proof Guaranteed- The Jaybird Bluebuds X are completely sweat proof, so you can work out as intensely as you want and never have to worry about your headphones getting damaged in the process. If this isn’t convincing enough, they even have a lifetime warranty guaranteeing this.


Jaybird Bluebuds X Earbuds Review

Public Opinion


To ensure we get all the information on this product, we’ve read over countless customer reviews, of real people who have experienced these earbuds. We want to show our readers the good and the bad, so just about everyone will know exactly what to expect when purchasing them.


The Good


Easy to Use

  • Time and time again, people remarked at how amazing these headphones were, due to their hassle free, hands free, ease of use. People loved that they could work out and not have to worry about cords and music devices getting in the way.


Amazing Sound Quality

  • People often remarked that these headphones were great for blocking out white noise, especially in a crowded gym. They also commented that they sounded amazing, and even offered quite a large amount of bass, which is a large bonus for these already amazing headphones.


They Stay Put

  • Just as advertised, these earbuds aren’t going anywhere once you put them in. Even people who normally have a difficult time finding earbuds that fit their ears were commenting that the headphones were a perfect fit, which is essential when being active while listening.



The Bad


Uncomfortable Ear Tips

  • While the fit was great, some customers complained that the tips of the earbuds were uncomfortable, which most people fixed by buying different ear tips.



While some customers did have minor complaints about the headphones, the Jaybird Bluebuds X Bluetooth headphones had an overwhelming amount of five star reviews, which reflects their overall performance. People just couldn’t get enough of their wonderful sound quality, and their easy to use, hassle free Bluetooth connection. Most said they would recommend them to a friend, which is telling enough.

Jaybird Bluebuds X Review

Bang for your Buck

These headphones come in at about a mid price range, and are an extremely fair price for all that they offer. You really are paying for excellent quality, and high class design when you buy these headphones. All things considered, these headphones could definitely be on the market at a much higher price, and they would still be selling like crazy.


Jaybird Bluebuds X Bluetooth Headphones FAQ


Can you charge them?

  • Yes, these headphones are charged using a USB charging cable.


Can I control the music with them?

  • Yes, with these headphones, there’s no need to have your music device on you. They can go forwards and back, play, pause, answer and end calls, and adjust the volume.



Overall, these portable Bluetooth headphones are a wonderful, quality buy. With their hands-free ease of use, they’re extremely versatile, and can be taken and used practically anywhere. You’ll never have to give up great quality sound for the convenience of Bluetooth ever again, and your workouts and daily life will be more entertaining than ever with these pumping music into your ear the entire time. They’re a great deal for all that they offer, and they’re the next headphones you should look into if you’re looking for amazing quality, portability, and usability.

Jaybirds bluebuds x in ar headphones review

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