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Jaybird Freedom Sprint Review | Speaker Authority

Jaybird Freedom Sprint Review | Speaker Authority
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Jaybird Freedom Sprint Review

Throughout our Jaybird Freedom Sprint Review we found these in-ear headphones are some of the first in their class, with their Bluetooth technology and on-ear call/music control. However, these are just the beginning of the features these headphones offer. It’s safe to say that these are the perfect headphones for on-the-go individuals, or anyone looking for quality sound at an affordable price.

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Secure Fit- These headphones are designed specifically with active lifestyle people in mind. Listening to music while on the go has never been easier with the secure fit feature, and you’ll never have to fumble to put your headphone back in again.

Bluetooth- Listening to music and making calls is much easier with these headphones because of their Bluetooth feature. Don’t worry about lugging around your phone and having it bounce around in your pocket when you’re on the go, because you can leave it in your bag with these.

Sweat Proof- Worry that your intense workouts will damage your headphones? You can be worry free with the Jaybird Freedom Sprint headphones because these babies are guaranteed sweat-proof, with a lifetime warranty.

Small and Portable- These headphones are 40 percent smaller the last set of headphones Jaybird released, making them that much easier to take everywhere with you.

Battery Time- With a play time just under five hours, these headphones are sure to last through any activity or phone call you may need them for.

Compatibility- You can rest assured that these headphones can play your music and take any calls you need, no matter what device you’re connecting them to.

Great sound- The premium audio quality that these headphones provide are the topping on the cake, and will keep you satisfied, no matter what music you listen to.

On-ear Controls- You don’t even need your phone to change the song or pick up a call- you can do all of that from your headphones, and listening has never been easier.

Jaybird freedom sprint earbuds


Design and Fit

The Jaybird Freedom Sprint headphones are made specifically to fit in your ear and stay in your ear, no matter how active you are. They have a piece that wraps comfortably around the ear the prevent them from falling out, and the tips will secure comfortably inside your ear for the duration of their use.



Customer Reviews

To provide a completely accurate review of the Jaybird Freedom Sprint headphones, we review hundreds of online reviews of actual consumers who have bought and used these headphones. We want our readers to know exactly what they’re getting when they buy products, and exactly what to expect after using their headphones daily.


The Good

Great Fit

  • Many customers agreed that the earbuds fit perfectly in their ear and didn’t come out, even when exercising. This was something consumers were quite pleased with as snug fitting exercise earbuds are tough to find.


Light Neck Strap

  • People loved that the cord connecting the headphones can be put around the back of the neck, and many said it was so light they couldn’t even feel it. The neck strap also makes it ideal for many exercises. Consumers often stated that traditional headphone wires could get in the way through their use and these around the neck wires eliminated that hassle.


Great Sound Quality

  • Customers were saying that these affordable headphones performed at the same level as top tier headphones that cost nearly double.


Battery Life

  • People agreed that the battery life was the perfect amount of time for them to get through their workout and daily activities before needing a charge.


The Bad


  • A few customers complained that their headphones stopped charging correctly after a few months.


The overwhelming majority of customers who bought these headphones enjoyed them immensely. They performed exactly how they were meant to- to be compatible with busy and active people who need a simple headphone that will stay in. Time and again, customers raved about their quality sound and Bluetooth accessibility, and it seems like most were very impressed.

Jaybird freedom sprint workout earbuds

Bang For Your Buck

While most top-brand headphones will run you well over 100 dollars these days, let alone Bluetooth headphones, it is simple to say that these are affordable headphones. Their much less than most headphones of their kind in the market, and with so many amazing features and reviews, you’re really getting great quality for the price you pay.


Jaybird Freedom Sprint FAQ’s

Do they have a built in mic?

  • Yes, you can take and make calls with perfect connection and ease.


Does it come with over-ear hooks?

  • Yes, to make the headphones even more convenient and easy to use while being active, the over-ear hooks help the headphones stay on, but are not necessary.



Overall, the Jaybird Freedom Sprint headphones are the perfect match for any active person in the busy world today. There are many headphones out there, but these are particularly wonderful for the man or woman on the go. Not only will they hold up to heavy activity- even all that sweat- they will produce amazing sound to keep you entertained throughout any activity. If you’re looking for an affordable option for your activity entertainment, these headphones are the ones for you.

Jaybird freedom sprint earbuds review

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