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JBL Charge 2 Plus Review | Speaker Authority

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JBL Charge 2 Plus Review


This new and improved version of the highly rated JBL charge now offers users another level of durability. This JBL Charge 2 Plus Review  The JBL Charge 2 plus is now splash-proof making it the perfect device for your next poolside barbecue or day trip to the beach. The upgrades allow for this speaker to be used in the rain and even washed under that tap.  This device also comes with all the features that were present on the previous models. The JBL Charge 2 Plus wireless speaker is available in a multitude of colors that can be seen here.

 Price Level: Mid Range – Check price here


  • 12 Hour Battery – This device can operate wirelessly for 12 hours of music playtime
  • Multiple device Bluetooth connection – Up to three different devices can connect to this speaker wirelessly making it easier than ever to switch up DJ’ing duties with amongst your friends
  • Built in Mic – Allows users the ability to take calls through the speaker
  • USB Charging port – This speaker can be used to charge other devices through its USB port making it perfect for travel
  • Splash Proof – As stated earlier this speaker is splash proof which adds another level of durability.
  • Auxiliary Input – Allows for conneciton on non-Bluetooth devices

JBL Charge Two + review

Public opinion

This section of the review focuses of the consumers thoughts of the products. We here at Speaker Authority believe that to best display the quality of speakers we should understand what the consumers think of the product. To get this information we read through hundreds of verified purchase reviews to see what the users of the JBL Charge 2 Plus really thought. Overall the reviewers averaged out to a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars which is an incredibly high. Consumers were quite positive in their reviews here are a few of their most common thoughts and concerns.

The Good

Phenomenal Sound Quality

The most common and what we believed to be the most important part of the reviews were the users reviews of the sound quality. Throughout the reviews we saw time and time again that the users were blown away by the quality and volume level that this speaker possesses. With many users conducting comparison tests between other portable speakers including Bose and other reputable brands the JBL Charge Two Plus always came out on top.

USB Charging Port 

– Many users were quite pleased with the device charging feature offered by this speaker. The handiness of having a portable charger for their phones that could also play music was a positive for many reviewers.

Multiple Device Bluetooth Connection  

– Quite a few of the reviews talked about handiness of the multiple Bluetooth connectivity feature of this portable speaker.  Reviewers talked about how helpful this feature was when listening to music to friends as each connected device can share music from their library.

Great Bass 

– Many reviewers were quite pleased with the speakers bass capabilities with many surprised by how full the bass was for such a small speaker.

Easy to Clean

– A few reviews commented on the benefit the splash proof feature has for cleaning the speaker. This is especially relevant for campers and hikers who will likely get their speakers fairly dirty throughout their use.

JBL Charge 2 +


The Bad

Water Proof Seal Potentially Affects Sound Quality – A couple reviews stated that the addition of the splash-proof feature affected the sound quality. Other commenters were quick to dispute this statement saying that the sound was identical to the previous model without the splash proof feature.  Though most users agreed that this feature had no effect on the sound quality users who have no intention of utilizing the splash proof feature can opt for the JBL Charge 2 just to be safe.


In conclusion, the reviewers of this wireless speaker were quite pleased with its overall performance. The major pro of this speaker would be its sound quality, users raved about the quality of sound this speaker emits. Users were also quite pleased with the multitude of features offered by the features with many saying this speaker is as good as it gets in its price range.


Bang For Your Buck

Though the JBL Charge 2 Plus is more expensive than most the compact Bluetooth speakers we review we believe that it is definitely worth the price. Though it is at a higher price point than other options we believe it is worth it as the sound quality is uncomparable to cheaper models. This speaker is the highest quality compact speaker we have reviewed and is still relatively inexpensive . This most similar speaker to this model quality wise is the Bose Sound link and that tends to be more expensive than the JBL Charge Two Plus. This speaker is a great value purchase and is one the best options when purchasing a speaker at its price point.


JBL Charge Two Plus FAQ’s

Can this speaker survive a day at the beach being covered in sand?

This speaker is quite durable and likely would not be damaged but to be safe you would be better off placing the speaker on a towel or cooler and not directly in the sand.

Can I use the JBL Charge while it is charging?

Yes this speaker can be used while charging

My iPod doesn’t have Bluetooth can I still use this speaker?

Yes just attach your iPod using an auxiliary cord through the auxiliary port on the speaker.

Does the JBL Charge work in the rain?

Yep any sort of rain or splashing will not damage will not harm this speaker just be sure not to completely submerge it in water.



All in all we at Speaker Authority found throughout our JBL Charge 2 Plus Review that this is a great model and encourage consumers looking to purchase a compact Bluetooth speaker to look at this speaker. At its fair price point it offers some phenomenal sound quality as well as a multitude of features that leaves you with a durable and reliable speaker perfect for at home use as well as on the road.

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