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LG Tone Pro HBS-750 Review | Speaker Authority
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LG Tone Pro HBS-750 Review

 Our LG Tone Pro HBS-750 Review will take a look at the features and functionality  of the headphones, reveal why these ear bugs are such a popular model, and highlight the consumer reaction to the product. While compiling the review for the LG Electronics Tone Pro HBS-750 we came to realize that the headphones are quite popular due to a few unique features, and are a good buy in the mid range in ear headphone market.


Price Level: Inexpensive – 




Ergonomic 3D NeckBehind – LG TONE PRO features a unique fit because the controls wrap around the back of the neck and hang there. The controls are very light and powerful. They are comfortable enough to wear all day. The clean and simplified shape make it easy to receive a call or change a song  on the go with all call and music controls conveniently positioned on the outer sides of the neck piece.


Call Alerts and Features – This LG Electronics Tone Pro HBS-750 has several features that make the model stand ahead of the pack as the headset for making, taking and managing calls. It features a vibrating call alert that can be felt as the unit is cradled around the back of your neck. The headset also has voice activations, Can read SMS texts, has HD voice support, gives an audible signal once paired and an audible battery alert. This headset gives ample sensory information via vibrating and audible alerts.


Easy controls – This headset has the controls on the outside edge of the neck piece. They have been simplified to make them intuitive to use. In addition, the on off switch has a vibration indicator so you can be sure the unit is off.


Long-Lasting Battery – The battery on this wireless headset provides 10 hours of talk time, 15 hours of music and up to 21 day standby. The headphone can be charged in under 2 hours with a mini USB cable.

Magnetic Earbud Return Cradle – When you return the ear buds to their cradle located at each end on the neck unit they are pulled into place by magnets that hold the earbuds in place.


Adjustable Ear gels – each package contains two extra sets of ear gels so you can try them out and get the best fit.



Build and Fit

These earbuds have a unique design which has made a lot of fans and a few detractors as well. These headphones are great for those wanting to pair them with a phone, and especially those who spend an extended time on calls. Because they sit around the neck they are comfortable. Because they are light you forget about them. In spite of some mic problems due to a Wi-Fi setting, they still remain popular and well loved, even by those experiencing the mic glitch.  The around neck design, plentiful sensory alerts and comfortable use make them a winner in this category.



Public Opinion

We will give the highlights from the reviews to give you a well rounded idea of what the public thinks of these earbuds.  Because shopping online has become so common consumers need a way to easily evaluate a product without being able to pick it up and inspect it first. They rely on their peers for accurate and important information. We found that this LG product has won a solid market share and a considerable number of fans. With the exception of quality-control issues citing disruption during strong movements the overall sentiment was in favor of LG.


The Good

CONVINENCE –  not having to keep a bud in your ear at all times is a popular feature of these earbuds. You can pop them out and store them using the magnetic cradle at the tip of the neck piece. There is no need to keep the ear bud in at all times because if you do receive a call these headphones vibrate to alert you of the incoming call.
Light weight – Users have reported that these headphones are so light that you may forget you are even wearing them. The placement around the neck is convenient and unobtrusive.


Controls and features – This headset has many features including the ability to mute right from the neckpiece by holding the up and down volume until you hear a beep. The unit has an auditory notification when powering on or off, so you can be sure the unit was powered off. The user can get battery life info by alerts given by the headset, or manually by pressing the volume down for 3 seconds.
Two device capability – These pair very easily and can be paired with two devices at the same time via Bluetooth.


Sound Quality – The sound is very good. Voices on phone calls are clean and clear Music sounds wonderful with these ear buds. The bass is strong and the treble superb. The sound quality has been said to be superior to other ear buds, according to users, who also say that the earbuds have a higher volume then other earbuds.



The Bad

Problem with Mic due to Wi-Fi/Software issue – a handful of users experience the mic muting intermittently when the WI-FI is switched on. They discovered it is a software issue and that switching the WI-FI off resolves the issue.


Limited range – a few users have said they wish the range was longer and that the signal cuts out if they are too far away from their phone.



Bang for Your Buck

These headphones are a windfall for the cell phone users. With so many convenient and handy features, numerous vibrating and audible alerts, a great design with easy to access controls make these headphones a favorite for those wanting to make hands fee calls and listen to music. Despite not being the best workout headphones due to the headphones moving too easily, these are a great choice for users and a good value.


LG Electronics Tone Pro Headphones FAQ


Are these headphones good for the gym/jogging/sports?


Yes and no. the headphones are OK, if the movement is not too intense, but can be knocked off with vigorous movement. They are quite convenient to use because they are wireless and the cord stays out of the way.


What are the main differences between Tone HBS 750 and HBS 700?


The ability to connect to two devices at once is the biggest difference. Both headsets have audible talking control.


The Verdict

These earbuds are a perfect fit for the cell phone users. With so many great call features, mute, call disregard, battery indicator and incoming call vibrating alert, the cell phone users will be pleased with the ease and hands free control these headphones give. They are also great for music listeners with convenient controls, comfortable all day wear design and great sound quality.

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