The Loudest Portable Speakers of 2017

The Loudest Portable Speakers of 2017

The Loudest Portable Speakers of 2017
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Looking to purchase the loudest portable speakers?

At we are going to help you turn the volume up to 11 by ranking the loudest Bluetooth speaker on the market. Our rankings consist of not only the loudest but also the highest quality and most positively reviewed portable speakers on the market. Bluetooth speakers are being integrated into just about every part of society including speakers designed for motorcycle helmets and showers. And as the types of Bluetooth speakers increase so does their quality.

We ensure the capabilities of the speakers will be easy to understand as we aim to make our reviews user-friendly by avoiding confusing technical terms such as hertz, drivers, watts of amplification and others.

We realize most people buying speakers are music fans not sound engineers, so we looked over thousands of reviews and reached out to manufacturers in order to create the list of the most powerful speakers that our readers could actually understand.

Our Loudest Portable speakers are split into four categories

  1. Loudest Large Portable Speakers

  2.  Loudest Compact Portable Speakers

  3.  Loudest Handheld Portable Speakers

  4.  Loudest Budget speakers

  5. Loudest Big Ticket Speakers

Loudest Portable Speakers Category:Large

Speakers in this category weigh anywhere from 8 to 13 pounds these are speakers that can be moved around the house with ease but are not something you would want to lug around in a backpack all day. The Large speakers tend to be the most expensive of the categories but are the loudest available and offer the highest quality of sound.


Winner: Aiwa Exos 9 Wireless Speaker

 Aiwa Exos 9 Portable Speaker

Overview: The Aiwa exos 9 Bluetooth speaker is our number one selection for the loudest Bluetooth speakers in the large category. This 13-pound speaker is a beautiful piece of equipment, this is shown through their numerous positive reviews and the virtual nonexistence of negative ratings on this product. Offering extremely high sound quality and great volume makes it the perfect speaker for tailgates, BBQ’s or your next house party.


Price Level: Upscale – Check current price here



  • Great Sound Quality
  • 8 hour Battery life – This is rechargeable battle that allows for the speaker to be used wirelessly
  • 50ft Bluetooth range
  • 1 Year limited warranty
  • Link Play – This allows for users to purchase multiple Aiwa Exos and have them linked together which allows for simultaneous play through your house, campsite or backyard.
  • Loud, carries sound well

Public Opinion – This is the section we at weigh the most heavily. Speaker manufacturers can display their measurements and features all they want but to get a real unbiased opinion you need to ask the consumers that have experience with the product.

When analyzing the reviews for this model we were astounded to find there was not a single bad review out there. A ridiculous 93% of consumers on amazon rated this speaker 5/5 stars. The lowest rating this model has received at the time of writing this post is 3/5 stars. It is also important to mention this isn’t only a couple reviews either, this product has currently been reviewed 121 times on amazon. With 97% of consumers rating this product 4/5 stars and up it was an easy decision to choose this as our number one loudest portable speaker.

The good

  • High quality Sound
  • Sound Carries Well
  • High volume levels

The Bad

  • No strap to carry – The only negative comment we could find stated they wished it had a strap to help carry it around. I guess this just speaks to how high quality of a speaker this really is.

Overall throughout our consumer reviews we found that virtually every single consumer who purchased this model of speaker was extremely happy with the product and raved about the quality of sound as well as the surprisingly large amount of sound output.

Bang for your buck – We have concluded that this product is an absolute steal at this price. This is one of the many reasons we choose it to be our number one loudest portable speaker. It offers a ridiculously high level of audio quality that is only rivaled by speakers that costs several more hundreds of dollars.

Verdict – If you can’t tell already we are very high on the Aiwa Exos 9 speaker as it offers phenomenal sound quality even at the highest volumes and distances making it perfect for your next house party or gathering. Click the link below to check out the amazon reviews yourself and see how much everyone loves this speaker!

Check it out on Amazon

Bluetooth speaker amazon

 Best Budget Option: Marshall ActonMarshall Acton Portable Speaker

Overview: The Marshall Acton is your next best option if you’re looking for the loudest portable bluetooth speakers but want something cheaper than the Aiwa Exos. This speaker weighing in at 8.82 pounds is very similar in size and is still able to kick out some great sound music while remain about significantly cheaper than our previous option. Though it doesn’t have quite the same quality to match our best-reviewed model it is still definitely loud enough to rock a house party. Also, this product also has a very unique design as it looks identical to a Marshall guitar amp something we noticed was quite positively received by consumers.

Price Level: Upscale – Check current price here


  • 1 Year warranty
  • Very Good Sound Quality
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Quite loud
  • Three control knobs– bass, treble, volume


Public Opinion

The Marshall Acton Bluetooth speaker is another consistently positively reviewed speaker. Though the ratings aren’t quite as high as the Aiwa they still received a vast majority of users of this speaker rated it 5/5 . Users were quite high on this speaker mainly mentioning its sound output and quality build.

The good

  • Big Sound – Users often remarked on the surprisingly loud sound settings offered by a speaker that small
  • Great look – Reviews often commented on how visually pleasing the speaker was
  • Plays large range of sound – Users talked up this speakers versatility by saying things like “ It plays everything from “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins to Calvin Harris’s “Summer” there are no qualms on my end.
  • Solid high quality build
  • Great for rock music


The Bad

  • Bluetooth Range – A few users commented on the lack of range offered with the Bluetooth. You are best off keeping your Bluetooth device in the same room as the speaker to ensure solid connectivity
  • No Portable battery – This unit has to be plugged into a socket to be powered.


Overall consumers were quite satisfied with this product and often commented on the surprising amount of sound this relatively small speaker offered. Many spoke on how this speaker lived up to the quality products the Marshall brand has produced over the years.

Bang for your Buck: This is the main reason this speaker has made our list, it offers great value for its price. It was heavily relayed throughout reviews that this speaker was the loudest portable speaker and produced highest quality sound in its price range. This product is lesser known than it’s similar sized and priced competitors such as the Bose mini series but is a considerably louder Bluetooth speaker. To reiterate there are better sounding portable speakers available if you’re willing to dish out a large sum of money but if your price range is around $200 then this speaker is for you.

Verdict: This great Bluetooth speaker lives off the Marshall quality that is expected with this brand. Great sound and surprisingly loud, this speaker offers a great listening experience for a fair price. Not quite as high quality as the Aiwa speaker but still offers a great audio experience while remaining about $100 cheaper.

Check it out on amazon!

large portable speakers


Loudest Portable Speakers Category: Compact

This category of speakers is primarily for smaller speakers that weigh anywhere from 1-5 pounds. These portable Bluetooth speakers are something you can throw in your bag and carry around throughout the day with little hassle. Perfect for bringing to friends houses, campsites or the beach these speakers are great for portability while still offering loud and quality sound.


Winner: UE Boom 

Ue Boom portable speaker

Overview: This high quality portable Bluetooth speaker is as good as it gets when looking for volume on a compact Bluetooth speaker. Of all the wireless speakers this size, the UE Boom offers the clearest and loudest sound. It’s largest competitor would likely be either the Bose mini or the Fugoo which both have review sections filled with users stating how they switched over to the UE BOOM due to its superior volume output(It’s louder). This speaker weighs 1.2 pounds and is available in several different colors which can be seen here.

Price Level: Mid-range – Check current Price here


  • 360 Degree speaker
  • Easily portable
  • Water and stain Resistant
  • 50 Foot Bluetooth range
  • Multiple speaker syncing capabilities
  • 15 Hour Battery Life


Public Opinion

            The public review for this speaker was very interesting as the vast majority of the reviewers had previously owned or currently owned a different Bluetooth speaker but were looking for an upgrade. The majority of those that bought this model stumble upon it after purchasing one of the more common brands such as Bose. This ended up with the consumer having the unique opportunity to compare and contrasts models. As you can see by our rankings its pretty clear which came out on top. Now lets see what exactly the consumers liked better.


The Good

  • Very Loud – When running sounds test between the UE Boom and competitors it consistently held its own in not only being a louder speaker but also less distorted speaker at high volumes
  • Sturdy/Well Made – Many reviewers commented on the quality materials used to make this product as it is quite sturdy.
  • PortabilitySmall size allows for great portability, several users remarked on how it fit almost perfectly into water bottles cages for use when biking

The Bad

  • Long Term Battery – A Few users complained that after a few good years of use the battery began to die out

Overall the consumers of the product heavily reviewed it in a positive manner with the vast majority choosing a 5/5 star rating. The community seemed quite impressed especially with the level of volume and the quality of sound produced by this speaker.

 Bang for your Buck: This speaker is a steal at this price. Your initial reaction may be to assume this to be expensive due to its small size but the sound that comes out of the UE boom speaks for itself.

The Verdict: The UE Boom is one of the loudest wireless speakers you will find and definitely the loudest for its size. Offering ridiculous levels of volume for its small frame you will not be disappointed with this product. If your are looking a small portable Bluetooth speaker with BIG sound look no further than the UE Boom.

Check it out here!

the loudest speakers

Loudest Portable Speakers Category: HandHeld

This category refers to the ultimate portable Bluetooth speaker. A lightweight small speaker that can be brought with you just about anywhere. Many of these speakers can clip onto your belt or fit right into the palm of your hand. These speakers are less for parties or large groups but work well for personal use as well as small groups.

Winner: UE Roll

Ue Roll Portable speaker

Overview: This is tiny speaker is the cream of the crop for handheld Bluetooth speakers. This is the loudest portable speaker of its size. Weighing only 11.7 ounces this speaker is perfect for carrying around for just about any activity. It comes with a small bungee cord which allows users to attach to their bike, backpack or really any practical object. This makes this the ideal speaker for active music lovers who are looking for a hassle-free way of bringing music along for their adventures.

Price Level: Mid Range – Check current price here 


  • Waterproof up to one meter
  • 65ft Bluetooth range
  • Marine grade Bungee cord
  • 360 Degree sound
  • 9-hour battery life
  • Parable with any other UE speaker
  • Alarm clock feature


Public Opinion

Much like our other reviews of UE products were found the customers thoroughly enjoy the product. The customer reviews are weighed quite heavily in our reviews and was one of the major reasons why we choose the UE roll as our loudest handheld Bluetooth speaker.

The good

  • Very loud– Reviewers stated that they could not hold this tiny speaker near their face at full volume as It was uncomfortably loud. They also commented on the non-existence of distortion even at high volume levels.
  • Bungee Cord– This feature allows it to be the most portable speaker we have reviewed. The clip-able bungee cord allows you to bring this speaker anywhere with ease and it is reflected in the reviews.
  • Water Proof– Users of this speaker told their stories of taking this speaker tubing and it holding up to the elements. Also allows for you to wash the speaker at home if it happens to get dirty. Also great for showers!
  • 360 Degree Sound – Reviewers comments on the ease of listening to this speaker due to its ability to emit sound in every direction.
  •  App – The UE roll allows the users to control the music and volume through the app be it on their smartphone or computer. Several reviewers commented on how helpful this was to not have to manually change it on the speaker.

The bad

  • No real negative comments for this model

The consumers who purchased this product found all seemed to have very positive experiences with it. The most common pros mentioned were by far the amount of volume this handheld speaker could emit as well as the great portability. We thought one user said it best “ You might find better sound at higher price ranges, but those speakers will not be able to go where this one does. My Bose can stay on my desk this one comes with me”

Bang for your Buck: This handheld portable speaker is the best value you are going to get if your looking for a speaker for under one hundred dollars. Its sound is comparable to many speakers twice its cost and is shockingly loud for its size.

The Verdict: If you couldn’t tell already we love the UE boom as it packs so much noise into a small package while also offering portability that cannot be matched. Active readers who are looking for a fairly cheap option to bring along on their adventures the UE roll is the speaker for you.

Check it out here!

wireless speakers

Best Budget Option

This Section of our post focuses on inexpensive speakers that are still serviceable. We realize not everyone is able to spend hundreds of dollars on a speaker so we analyzed cheaper options for our readers. Our choice is a serviceable option that will not break your bank. These speakers won’t produce the volume levels of the other options on this list but can still get the job done.

Winner: Omaker M4

Omaker 4 Portable Speaker

Overview: The Omaker wireless Bluetooth speaker is a great little piece of equipment that offering some great value for its cheap price. This cheap model has managed to offer some quality sound which has resulted in it becoming the number one selling outdoor speaker on amazon. Though this speaker is not exclusively for outdoor use as its waterproof capabilities allow for it to be a great shower companion. The Omaker is one of the few speakers online that managers to excel in multiple features while still remaining at an incredibly low cost. Don’t get me wrong this little guy isn’t going to be used for your home surround sound system but has surprisingly good sound quality and sound output for a speaker that has price tag that will keep your wallet happy.

Price Level: Inexpensive – Check current price here


  • 12-hour battery
  • Splashproof , Shockproof , dustproof
  • 33 feet Bluetooth Range
  • Easily Portable

Public Opinion

The Omaker four has received extremely positive reviews which has been a major reason it has become the number one selling wireless speaker on amazon. The product  has received a five-star rating 69% of the time and received a rating four stars or higher 89% of the time. Due to the large volume of orders there was over three thousand reviews for us to go over to get a great understanding of how the consumers felt about the product.

Omaker M4 portability

The Good

  • BIG Sound – Reviewers often stated the surprisingly loud sound this little speaker could emit. The shower was often referenced as they found this speaker was easily able to overpower the sound of the residual noise made when taking a shower.
  • Easy Setup – Quite a few owners of this speaker stated the ease to which they were able to set this speaker up
  • “Bass is Crazy” – This quote came from one of the many users that were high on the bass capabilities of this speaker. A few even went as far to say this model’s bass played as loud as their Bose speaker.

The bad

  • No volume control on app – The majority of higher end speakers have volume control capabilities through their apps, something the Omaker doesn’t have.

Overall consumers seem to be very pleased with this ultra-portable speaker. The most common comments were by far and away referencing the sound quality and output offered by this speaker. Virtually every positive review (which was the vast majority) referenced the great output this speaker produced.

Bang for your Buck – This section is where the Omaker M4 truly excels. There is not a better speaker at this price that offers this level of sound quality and portability. This isn’t the choice if you are for the loudest wireless speakers at any cost, but at this price, the Omaker M4 offers some truly great value.

Verdict: Overall we found this Omaker M4 Bluetooth to be an excellent option for those looking for one of the loudest portable speakers available for a cheap price. There is a reason that this is the number one selling wireless speaker on amazon and it comes down to the phenomenal value it offers. As we have repeated many times throughout this review the sound quality that this cheap device emits is really quite incredible. If what you are looking for in a portable speaker is CHEAP, LOUD, and PORTABLE then this is the speaker for you.

Check the reviews out for yourself here!

Loudest Bluetooth speakers

Loudest Big Ticket Option

The big ticket section is for true audiophiles willing to spend a large amount of money on high-quality speakers. The speakers in this category offer users the largest volume output and the highest quality of sound. These can fetch prices of thousands of dollars but are well worth the price. If you are looking for the highest quality Bluetooth speakers and are willing to spare no expense then this is the category for you.

Winner:Devialet Phantom

Loudest Portable Speakers

Overview:This speaker is bar none the highest quality Bluetooth speaker on the market. If you are looking for massive sound that can fill even the biggest of rooms then the Devialet Phantom is a great option. These speakers are incredibly accurate and sound as if the instruments are being played in the room with you.

Price Level: Upscale – Check Current Price Here




  • 3000 Watts of power
  • Bluetooth and Wifi Compatible
  • Multiple Device Pairing
  • Optical Input for TV
  • 45 Day Return Policy

Public Opinion

We found the public opinion of this product to being incredibly positive. The reviews of this product were quite in-depth and meticulous as the majority of owners of these speakers were audiophiles or sound engineers. The major common themes we saw throughout the consumer reviews were based on two key factors, the volume output and the sound quality. Users could not believe that this sound quality was possible with a Bluetooth speaker. If you are looking for one of the loudest Bluetooth speakers available than this speaker is a great choice.


Bang for your Buck

With this speaker’s large price tag consumers may think that this speaker is not a good value purchase but we beg to differ. Though this speaker is quite expensive the quality that users will receive is well worth the price tag. They also offer a slightly cheaper version which is still an incredibly high-quality speaker and can be seen here.



In conclusion, we found these speakers to be an incredible speaker for any audiophile looking for the highest quality Bluetooth speaker. Though the price tag is much larger than any of the other options on this list the volume output and incredible features offered by this speaker are unrivaled by any other Bluetooth speaker. If you would like a full analysis on the Devialet phantom than you can check out our full review here.


loudest portable bluetooth speakers

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  • BlueIvy says:

    In my own view, with some research and in some cases, I have personally used the speakers.

    For the Large Portable Speakers Category, I go with the
    – Aiwa Exos 9 Portable Speaker

    For the Compact Portable Speakers Category, I go with the
    – UE Boom

    For the Handheld Portable Speakers Category, I go with the
    – Omaker M4

    I not used the UE Roll before, but have heard good things being said about it.

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