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Marshall Acton Review | Speaker Authority

Marshall Acton Review | Speaker Authority
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Marshall Acton Review


Throughout our Marshall Acton review, we have determined this speaker is a great option for consumers looking for a loud and portable Bluetooth speaker. This speaker weighing in at 8.82 pounds is size yet is still able to kick out some great sounding music while remaining about $100 cheaper than speakers of similar quality. This speaker isn’t the highest quality of on the market but has found itself as one of the best at its price point.  With quality sound and a very unique design as this speaker is a great choice for consumers looking for something different.


Price Level: Mid Range – Check Current Price Here




  • 1 Year warranty
  • Very Good Sound Quality
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Quite loud
  • Three control knobs– bass, treble, volume


Public Opinion

In this section of the review we look to consumer reviews to get a better understanding of the speakers quality. We believe that by understanding how the final consumer receives the product we get the best understanding of how our readers will recieve the product themselves. To do this we read through hundreds of consumer reviews form all over the web and summarize their thoughts. In our research, we found the Marshall Acton Bluetooth speaker is a consistently positively reviewed speaker. Users were quite pleased with the overall performance of this speaker here is what they had to say.

The good

  • Big Sound – Users often remarked on the surprisingly loud sound volume output this speaker had. With 40 watts of power built into this Bluetooth speaker it is one of the more powerful Bluetooth speakers on the market.
  • Great look – Reviews often commented on how visually pleasing the speaker was. With this speaker designed based off the  Marshall Amp its visual appeal was appreciated by rock lovers.
  • Plays large range of sound – Users talked up this speakers versatility by saying things like “ It plays everything from “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins to Calvin Harris’s “Summer” there are no qualms on my end.
  • Solid High Quality Build


The Bad

  • Bluetooth Range – A few users commented on the lack of range offered with the Bluetooth. You are best off keeping your Bluetooth device in the same room as the speaker to ensure solid connectivity
  • No Portable battery – This unit has to be plugged into a socket to be powered.

 Marshall acton review

Overall consumers were quite satisfied with this product and often commented on the surprising amount of sound this relatively small speaker offered. Many spoke on how this speaker lived up to the quality products the Marshall brand has produced over the years.


Bang for your Buck: This is the main reason this speaker has made our list, it offers great value for its price. It was heavily relayed throughout reviews that this speaker was louder and produced high quality sound than any competitors in its price range. This product is lesser known than its similar sized and priced competitors such as the Bose mini series but is a considerably louder Bluetooth speaker. To reiterate this model is not the best Bluetooth speaker on the market but if your price range is around $200 then this speaker is your best option.


Verdict: This great Bluetooth speaker lives off the Marshall quality that musicians have come to know with this brand. Great sound and surprisingly loud, this speaker offers a great listening experience for a fair price. Not quite as high quality as the Aiwa speaker but still offers a great audio experience while remaining about $100 cheaper.


Check it our for yourself here!

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Here is a quick video review of the Marshall Acton speaker so our readers can see it in action.

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