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Marshall Stanmore Review | Speaker Authority

Marshall Stanmore Review | Speaker Authority
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Marshall Stanmore Review

A beautiful living room piece, the Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker is not only gorgeous in appearance, but also in sound. Throughout our Marshall Stanmore review we found this speaker to contain some serious power for its compact size. The speaker brings back the feel of the past with its vintage looks, but gives crisp, clear, modern sound. It has the capability to connect with laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Amazingly, it also can connect with record players. This is the perfect function for a throwback party. This is a great product for all generations. Older generations can experience a sweet nostalgia, and younger generations can benefit from the technological advancements. With its compact size, this product does not take too much space, yet still delivers a statement.


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  • Compact—Doesn’t take up a lot of room.


  • Sound—For its small size, this speaker can project far distances with high standard sound. It does not distort, no matter the volume. The benefits include clarity, crispness, and dynamicness.


  • Stream capabilities—You can wirelessly connect a laptop, tablet, or smartphone with Bluetooth.


  • Vintage look—classic speaker appearance with modern technology.


  • Analog interaction—simple knobs control sound.


  • Able to connect to record players—use the RCA input to connect the record player to the speaker.


  • Two ways to connect—Use Bluetooth or the RCA input.


Marshall Speaker Review

Public Opinion


After analyzing hundreds of reviews, we took what we thought to be the most commonly mentioned pros and cons of this speaker. We look at both the positives and the negatives to give a fair, balanced look at how the product performs. This way, purchasers will have no unexpected surprises when they buy the Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker. It is one thing to read a product description, but a more helpful thing to know how other’s experiences were. The truth is that it is always better to have an informed, realistic outlook before one buys a product.


The Good



  • The speaker is small enough to fit in tight spaces. With dimensions of 17 x 10.6 x 11.8 inches, this product is easy to place.


  • Sound was definitely the most mentioned quality. Not only that, but the aspect buyers were most satisfied with. It was an all around winner for people of all types. Reviewers were pleased that the product provided deep, rich, room filling sound. There is beautiful, crisp clarity. It is able to deliver low, medium, and high tones, no matter what the volume is. The compact nature did not subtract from sound quality. In fact, reviewers consistently were impressed with how the small package delivered such a major, big punch.


  • Users noted that it pairs easily with smartphones. Most did not seem to notice any disturbances in connection, even from a large distance. Some reported that connectivity worked well even 25’ away from the speaker.


  • Another of the star features, the appearance left a strong positive impression on buyers. Reviewers loved the speaker’s looks. The classic, retro brass details, replica analog knobs and front fret make the Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth speaker look like it is from the 1940s or 50s, the days of rock and roll. Although the outside appears vintage, there can be no doubt the sound is modern. The pleasing aesthetic no doubt satisfied customers.


  • This product worked well in anywhere from apartments, to large halls, to outdoors. It was able to play all sorts of genres of music. From rock and roll to jazz to pop to heavy metal to classic, this speaker was able to play them all with vibrant sound. Some speakers can only play certain types of music well, but this particular one does all types quite well. Not only that, but the ability to connect both smart devices and record players is a wonderful bonus. That is what makes this such an excellent speaker for all generations.


The Bad



  • This speaker is rather expensive, but many were confident that it was worth the high price. Buyers were often wary of purchasing it because of the price tag, but when they used it, fell in love. Those looking for a speaker within this price category should definitely consider the Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker.


  • Some had issues with spottiness, or the Bluetooth function ceasing to work a few days after they purchased it. Most negative reviews fixated on this problem, which is interesting because many positive reviews focused on good connection.


This product received a high number of reviewers praising it for the quality of sound. They declared it produces sharp, vibrant, and clean tones, and could reach all the low, medium, and soft pitches. It worked well the entire volume range. Also, versatility wise it functioned phenomenally in many different settings. Common settings included personal home use and use for large party gatherings.

Marshall stanmore Speaker Review

Bang For Your Buck


Although at first glance the Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker seems to be overpriced, a deeper, comprehensive look tells a different story. Some reviewers were frightened by the price, but once they used their product, were confident it was worth every penny.

Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker FAQs


How do you charge the speaker?


  • You must plug it into a power outlet


Can you change the speaker’s volume from your device?


  • Yes, the volume can be controlled from both your device (tablet, smartphone, laptop, etc.) and from the knobs on the speaker


How much does this speaker weight?


  • It weighs 14.7 pounds.


What is the power source?


  • The power source is AC



This product provides a beautiful fusion between the glory days past and modern technology. With its stunning retro appearance and high grade sound, it is no doubt a lovely combination. The beauty of this speaker is it’s unbelievable capacity to connect to both modern products and record players. It can be a delight to all sorts of age ranges. Classic charm plus room filling music was definitely a winner. It goes without saying that the compact nature is also a major positive quality. Another great attribute is its ability to fill rooms of all sizes, from tiny to enormous. In the end, most customers were extremely satisfied.


Marshall Bluetooth Speaker

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