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Mass Fidelity Core Review

Throughout our Mass Fidelity core review, we found this Bluetooth speaker to be one of the most innovative and impressive speakers on the market. We have yet to see a portable speaker of this size produce the sound quality that is offered by this speaker. This speaker was funded through I and has been receiving extremely positive recommendations from its users.


Price Level: High End –


12 Hour Battery Life – This device comes with a built in rechargeable battery that last for up to twelve hours of music playtime.

Portability – Weighing only 3.3 pounds and small enough to fit in both hands this speaker is easily portable.

Multiple Device Connectivity – This speaker has the ability to connect to up to eight other Mass Fidelity speakers to be placed amongst your house.

Built in Microphone – Owners of this speaker can use it to make hands-free voice calls through the Bluetooth connection of their phone.

NFC Technology – If you have a device with NFC technology you can connect to this speaker by tapping your device to it.

USB Charge Bank – The USB port in this speaker can be used to charge your phones or tablets.

Auxiliary Input – The auxiliary input of this speaker allows users to connect non-Bluetooth devices to the speaker via wired connection.

Compatible with Apple TV- Users can connect this speaker to Apple TV to be used as a portable soundbar for your television.

Public Opinion

In this section of the review, we look to gain a better understanding of the quality of this speaker through the eyes of the consumers. We believe that by looking at the end consumer thoughts of the product we can get a better grasp of how our readers will receive this speaker. To do this analysis we read through hundreds of consumer reviews from all over the web and summarize their thoughts. Here is what users of the Mass Fidelity Core Bluetooth speaker had to say.


The Good

Holographic Sound

  • The major theme was saw throughout our review analysis were mentions of this speaker’s holographic sound. The makers of the Mass Fidelity Core used innovative technology to create impressive sound dispersion. This single speaker is able to project the sound and fill a room as if there were multiple speakers. This feature was greatly appreciated by users as they stated they had never heard a sound like this from a Bluetooth speaker.

Quality Build

  • Users often commented on the quality build this speaker offered. The reviews stated they felt the speaker was built of quality materials and believed that it would stand the test of time.

Volume Output

  • Users of this speaker were incredibly impressed with the volume output offered by a speaker of this size. Traditionally portable Bluetooth speakers of this size are not able to reach high volume levels. This was not the case with the Mass Fidelity Core and this was greatly appreciated by its users. Many consumer reviews stated that the Mass Fidelity Core was the loudest and best sounding portable speaker they had ever heard.

Bluetooth Connection

  • Reviewers were quite pleased with this speaker’s Bluetooth connection. Often with Bluetooth speakers users find the sound quality and connection tend to drop out from time to time. This was not the case with the Mass Fidelity Core as users stated the connection remained steady throughout use.

Battery Life

  • Users were pleased to see that the speaker lasted the advertised 12 hour battery life.

Multi-Room Use

  • Another common theme we saw through our review analysis was the multi connectivity feature offered with this speaker. Users could use several of these speakers and placed them throughout the house for simaltenous use. The speakers run on a 5G network so once you connect with your Bluetooth device to the speaker all the speakers will automatically sync with your phone.

The Bad

Volume Issues

  • Some users stated they had issues raising this speakers volume. This issue was easily fixed as the majority of the volume issues we coming from the users end. Either the user had increased the volume on their phone, the speaker itself or the speaker was at a low volume level.


Overall, users were incredibly impressed this speakers quality. They spoke highly of this speakers incredible sound quality and volume output for its small size. There were very few complaints about this speaker and the majority of those complaints were due to user error. The multitiude of features on this speaker were appreciated by users especially the multiple device connectivity. Consumers of this speaker were quite pleased with its ability produce a high quality sound and recommended it to users looking for the highest quality of Bluetooth speakers.


Bang For Your Buck

Though this speaker is quite expensive we believe that it is worth its high price point. There are better value options out there if that is what you are looking for in a speaker. But if what you are looking for in a speaker is the highest quality then this speaker is a good value option. If you value the high quality of this speaker then it is easily worth the high price point. If what you are looking for is the highest quality of portable speaker for home use then we believe that this speaker is a great value option as high quality is exactly what you get with the Mass Fidelity Core speaker.



Mass Fidelity Core

Can this speaker connect with a Laptop?

Yes, this speaker can connect with laptop either through Bluetooth or Airplay.

Can I play this speaker while it is charging?

Yes, playing this speaker while charging will not cause any damage to the speaker.



The Verdict

In conclusion of our Mass Fidelity Core review we have this speaker to be one of the highest quality sounding Bluetooth speakers avaialble to consumers. At this size you will not find a better sounding or louder Bluetooth speaker. The level of portability in this speaker and its sound quality is not offered by any other pseaker on the market. The holographic sound this speaker produces fills rooms with sounds as if there were multiple speakers. If you are looking for the highest quality Bluetooth speaker in a small package then you should look no further than the Mass Fidelity Core.


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