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Most Rugged Bluetooth Speakers | Speaker Authority

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Most Rugged Bluetooth Speakers

The majority of Bluetooth speakers we review here at Speaker Authority tend to be for at home use, or for small gatherings with friends.  We realize that some of our readers aren’t looking to sit at home and listen to music but rather take their music with them regardless of the circumstances. So we decided with these readers in mind to make a list of the most rugged Bluetooth speakers on the market.

Most Rugged Bluetooth speaker

Fugoo Tough XL

This is the best and most durable speaker that money can buy and surprisingly it is not too expensive. Weighing roughly seven pounds there are more portable speakers out there but none will match the Fugoo’s durability. This speaker is built with Polycarbonate Composite, Aluminum Cladding, and Stainless Steel which allows for this speaker to survive just about anything you throw its way. The Fugoo Tough XL is fully waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, mud-proof, and it even floats. Not to mention this speaker is jam packed with tons of useful features. It offers an incredible battery life of 35 hours, meaning this speaker could last for nearly an entire weekend of music playtime without charging. The Fugoo Tough XL also comes with a built in power bank, this allows users to charge their smartphone or tablets through a USB port in the speaker. Another interesting feature of this Fugoo speaker is its Siri and Google now control, users can use the built in microphone in this speaker for internet searching as well hands-free calling. Another section in which this speaker excels is its sound quality. The Fugoo Tough XL features  8 drivers 4 tweeters, 2 mid/sub drivers, 2 passive radiators and a 97 db sound pressure level. For those of you who aren’t audiophiles, this means this speaker can get loud, and maintains its sound quality while it does so. This speaker is on the higher end of the price range though can it is well worth the price. If what you are looking for is an extremely durable speaker with quality sound, then look no further than the Fugoo Tough XL because this speaker is built to last.

Ue Boom portable bluetooth speaker

UE Boom

The Ultimate Ears Boom is one of the top selling portable Bluetooth speakers on the market and it is with good reason. This water bottle shaped speaker is incredibly durable as well as portable. Though its sound quality is not quite as good as the previously mentioned Fugoo Tough XL this device is roughly half the price. This Bluetooth speakers plasma coating allows for it to be both water and stain resistant. The UE Boom’s battery life is roughly fifteen hours and takes only about three and half hours to fully charge. Much like the Fugoo Tough this speaker has some pretty interesting features. The UE Boom has Multiple Host technology which allows users to connect more than one Bluetooth devices giving you access to multiple music libraries as well as making it much easier to rotate DJ’ing duties. Another interesting feature offered with the UE Boom is the double up feature which allows users to simultaneously play their music through two UE Booms at the same time. It also comes equipped with a built in microphone so users can make hands free calls. This speaker weighs roughly two and a half pounds and with its unique shape is easily portable.  Users of this speaker can download the Ultimate Ears app in order to control the volume or sound from up to fifty feet away. It also comes with a built in 3.5 mm Auxiliary input so users can attach their older devices without Bluetooth capabilities to the speaker. If you’re looking for a strong, durable, and reliable Bluetooth speaker but aren’t willing to pay the large price tag on the Fugoo Tough XL than the UE Boom is a great option for you.


Ultra Portable Option

Omaker 4 Bluetooth Speaker

OMaker M4

If the previous options on the list are too large or bulky for you, we have found the most rugged and ultra portable Bluetooth Speaker for our readers. The OMaker M4 is a great option for users looking for portability and durability in their next Bluetooth speaker. This Bluetooth speaker offers a twelve-hour battery length which is great for a device of its size. Speaking of size this speaker is able to produce some serious noise for its small proportions. Nearly every user review we have read regarding the OMaker M4 commented on this small speaker’s incredible sound output for its small stature. Now don’t get us wrong this speaker is not nearly as loud as the previously mentioned UE Boom and Fugoo Tough XL but for its cheap price this tiny speaker is a great value purchase. The Omaker M4’s rugged design makes it splash proof, shock proof, and dustproof making it perfect speaker for outdoor as well as shower use. This Bluetooth compatible speaker can connect to your device from up to thirty-three feet away. It also features a 3.5mm auxiliary input which allows users to connect with non-Bluetooth compatible device such as old iPods. And just to ensure you don’t have to worry about this device’s durability, if purchased online the Omaker M4 comes with a year-long hassle free warranty. All of this for an extremely inexpensive price. If what you’re looking for in your next Bluetooth speaker is a ultra portable, rugged and inexpensive speaker then the Omaker M4 is a great choice.


Best Budget Option

Rocktech Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

RockTech Bluetooth Speaker

Our top choices on this list are quite expense so we decided to offer our readers another budget option. The most rugged wireless speaker we could find on a budget was the Rocktech Bluetooth Speaker. Though this speaker is not up to par with our top options this speaker is still a quality device. But don’t get us wrong is just as durable and rugged as the previously mentioned speakers. The Rocktech speaker like many speakers on this list offers great durability as its sand-proof and water-proof design: Safeguards the speaker from water submersion, as well as dust and other small particles, so you can listen to music both indoors and outdoors. All of this and this speaker quite inexpensive if purchased online. This speaker also offers a ton of features for its small price. It has a built in microphone so users can use this speaker to complete hands free calls. It also features a carabiner clip so users can easily attach this speaker to their bag or backpack. The Rocktech also contains a 3.5mm auxiliary input so uses can input their older devices which are not Bluetooth compatible. If you are looking for a rugged speaker that will last without breaking the bank the Rocktech Bluetooth speaker is a great option. 


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